The Deliciousness Of Fall

Officially fall is here. There is the promise of it in the air. Edging toward a cooler season.

I’ve always loved the deliciousness of fall.

Last night I warmed up a couple of pieces of cornbread have with supper. Ivy came running. She loves cornbread more than anything.

I give her little pieces and she nibbles them right up.

Charlie likes to scratch at covers until he can get himself underneath. I guess he feels safe there.

However Ivy can’t stand it for some reason. She will jump up on the bed and paw at him until he gets mad and snaps at her.

It is so still outside. Not a leaf or branch is moving on the tree. It’s like someone has frozen this moment in time and captured a snapshot.

I walked through the garden nursery yesterday. It’s always a relaxing place to go and enjoy myself. Just strolling around, not really looking for anything. Merely enjoying the green all around me.

I saw people going to the cashiers with pansies. I’d been looking for them weeks ago.

But yesterday, I just didn’t have the motivation to go get them, stand in line and plant them once home.

Just didn’t have it in me for some reason. Kind of surprised myself. Because I do love their little pansy faces lifted toward the sun.

I still have blooms out on the patio. And I guess that may have to suffice for my fall garden.

My focus has moved to the indoors already. I’m ready to settle into another season.

Wrap my arms around fall and settle into my cozy spot for the winter.

I’d better get Charlie to his acupuncture appointment now.



  1. Lovely cozy post, Brenda! We are up in the mid 80s again, but next week will be highs in the 50s! Cozy indeed!

  2. My cat paws at our little dog under the covers too just to irritate him I think. Then you hear a growl come from the dog like get away from me and when that doesn’t work he jumps out of the covers at the cat like some yapping maniac. That makes the cat run off the bed but the dog stays on it. We laugh at their antics. Such amusement makes our days delightful.

  3. The weather here in Illinois has been absolutely gorgeous. Sunny and warm every day, but cool in the evenings are mornings. We do need rain though. This weekend is going to be in the 80’s and I’m sure that will be our last hurrah of warm weather. Next week will only be in the 50’s and 60’s during the day and down into the 30’s at night. Too cold for me! I love warm weather. And seeing all the leaves falling and the decay all around me actually makes me quite sad.

    I was at a garden center and pumpkin farm a few days ago with a friend. We saw pansies there and they were beautiful – deep, fall colors. As much as I love pansies, like you, I didn’t buy any. I’m done planting anything in pots for the year. Most of my plant pots are already washed out and put away.

  4. My daughter and I have taken our summer and spring decorations down and put them away and put up the fall decorations. As we were driving by the nursery today I noticed they had pansies. I didn’t realize that pansies were in season, I just love them. Pansies were my mother’s favorite flower. Maybe next week I might go to the nursery and buy a couple of plants. The weather in WV is up and down, the other morning it was only 35 degrees. The days have been in the 60’s and 70’s but this weekend it is supposed to get up to 80!

  5. Here in S.C. it’s changed so rapidly but we’re still having ups and downs in temps. This Saturday it’s predicted to be 80 degrees ! The fluctuations drive me crazy as my thyroid has trouble regulating body temps. I do love autumn though. I know I’ll be complaining about winter being so long but for now I’m going to choose to concentrate on this glorious season. I think I’ll plan a private outing to the NC mountains in a few weeks to enjoy the leaves and the mountain air. Like to go and buy apples and visit a favorite antique store. I’ll go in the middle of the week when there won’t be so many people about. Stay safe & be well

  6. Your purple morning glories are just like mine. Mine have planted themselves all over the yard. Some even planted themselves by the back fence and are doing wonderfully there. They are a happy flower.

  7. Her Brenda, I planted a few more mums in my pots today. Yesterday I had my childhood dresser out in the sunshine and cool fall breeze to air out. It has been in my parents basement for years and it has some mildew on the unpainted wood. I brushed it down and sprayed it with vinegar. Today is humid, warm and overcast so I will wait for sunny, cool weather to see how the vinegar worked. I have very few items from my childhood and hope I can get the mildew off the unfinished wood so I can enjoy it. Any suggestions? Have a good day.

  8. I couldn’t resist the pansies I saw at the garden Centre, the label says they are icicle pansies so I am assuming they will last for a bit even when the weather turns cold. Here in Southern Ontario we are enjoying really nice warm weather which is said to last for a while. It is so warm we have turned the air conditioning on again.
    I do like the fall and winter months though, it means that I will be indoors and I can craft to my hearts content until Hubby calls and says ‘we should go out for a walk’! I resent doing housework and cooking when I could be doing something more enjoyable!

  9. We’re just the opposite here in Lake Havasu. It’s so hot in the summer that other than going into the pool or out on the boat we hibernate inside in the air conditioning. It was still 108 here yesterday but we should soon be getting down into the 90’s and that’s when we start getting outside again, cleaning up the yard, firing up the grill and getting to enjoy dinner on the patio again. Winters can be chilly (when summers are 110-120 chilly for me is anything below 70) but we have a small greenhouse where we can sit and enjoy the warmth of the winter sun while we have lunch or spend an afternoon reading a good book.

  10. Just replanted my new houseplant I got at the garden center yesterday I. It’s a cloudy rainy day today so I am snuggled into my nice cozy apartment. XO Laura

  11. I have moved my focus indoors as well. Our weather here went from stifling hot and humid from spring until a week ago. There is a chill in the air now which to me means cozy up inside. The season has changed and I welcome it!
    Isn’t is funny how our fur kids have their quirks? One of my cats will eat animal crackers like crazy. You have to break the legs or head off into pieces small enough for her to handle. Another cat would come out of the woodwork when I would peel the foil top off the yogurt cup. One will eat cheese pieces and the others won’t. They all love temptations treats except for one. He turns his nose up at them! My small dogs also like to scratch at the covers and burrow under. Don’t know what I would do without my fur babies to entertain me during this difficult times.

  12. I, too, am ready to settle into a different season. I’ve heard others say something very similar. I find that very interesting. I’m tired of the heat – it’s been brutal this year. Hmmm – maybe subconsciously I’m hoping that a new season will improve this thing called ‘life’.

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