I noticed yesterday on my way to go to my doctor’s appointment across town that the apartment complex office here was inhabited. Someone had turned the sign to Open.

What I learned later was that they moved a young woman from another apartment property to this one for a couple of weeks. They temporarily had a maintenance man here to take care of open maintenance tickets, I heard.

I don’t know what will happen next. But at least there’s that.

Removing Cyst In My Mouth:

The doctor I saw cut the cyst out of my mouth. First he numbed it. Then he asked an intern getting a degree from a medical college to come in.

They had me sit on something to “ground” what they were using. The intern stood to my left and held a prong to the side of my mouth while the doctor cut the cyst out.

Suddenly I felt this shock on my left side and unconsciously jumped in my seat. The intern had let the prong slip. Since my mouth was not numbed on that side, I got shocked. This reverberated through my left side for some time.

The doctor said this was probably phantom symptoms, but they seemed pretty darn real to me.

When I left I was still sporadically shaking on that side from time to time. As well as all the way home.

After Getting Accidentally Shocked:

The right side of my face is swollen. The right side of my lip is twice its normal size.

Every 6 hours I take Tylenol for the pain. My first dose yesterday didn’t begin to alleviate the pain. But after that it’s helped some.

I’m wondering if when I jumped due to the shock if the doctor hit my lower bottom teeth with what he was using, because they are sore.

I feel and look like something the cat dragged in.

The doctor told me he didn’t think I could get shingles inside my mouth, and wasn’t sure the dentist who told me that was correct. Still he gave me a prescription for an anti-viral medication.

When I got home I stopped at the office and that’s where I got my information above about the apartment complex. The young woman temporarily in the office said that residents here had been calling the owner in Florida.

There must have been a number they found online. I’m sure he wasn’t at all happy about that.

Talking To A Resident:

I saw an elderly man with a cane walking along the sidewalk as I drove to my apartment. So I stopped to see what he knew about what was going on.

He said he was disgusted by the whole apartment complex problems and was looking to move when his lease is up.

And he also told me that he called the health department because the pool water is green. His worry was that kids would climb over the fence to get in there. I don’t know how likely that would be.

He said he begged the lady he talked to at the health department not to divulge his name. Then he quickly got a phone call from the regional manager, the same one who hung up on me this past week.

She told him kids weren’t climbing over the fence to get in there and to shut up about it.

Rental Resident Retaliation:

The reader who commented that there are no anti-retaliation laws in Oklahoma was correct. Which is why I’m trying to stay out of it.

A concerned 75-year-old man who was afraid to have his name mentioned begged someone not to give it out. And they did it anyway. That seems way over the line to me.

I’m going to take it easy this weekend. The doctor said the stitches inside my mouth would dissolve in about a week. And to put Vaseline on the corner of the other side of my mouth where I got shocked.

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  1. Dear Brenda, Try to Relax and de-stress this weekend. Take as good care of yourself as you would your fur babies and treat yourself to something special. I’ll be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. Sometimes we just have to be grateful for the good things in our life. ?

  2. Was just wondering … how are you going to manage getting the heavy fireplace box inside when it arrives? Please be careful and don’t risk re-injuring yourself.

  3. That dentist’s intern and the dentist should both have apologized to you. That just infuriates me that doctors act so cavalier when they screw up. That office manager who was rude to you and now has told that elderly gentleman to shut up needs to be severely reprimanded.Her having a bad day is no excuse. She’s beyond rude and needs a come uppance… a severe one. Praying you have a restful weekend and that the rude office manager does not !

  4. You can get shingles in your mouth, it’s called herpes stomatitis. My opinion is that dentists/oral surgeons handle mouth issues the best and they always have assistants to help. It’s too bad that you had such a poor experience.

  5. OMG on your mouth situation at the doctor – of course you got shocked if that prong slipped! They just don’t want to take accountability for anything because if they admit they screwed up, they could get sued. Makes my blood boil. And yes, of course you can get shingles in your mouth. This dr. sounds like a real idiot. I hope you don’t ever go back to him again.

  6. Sorry to hear that your still having problems Brenda.
    That guy wasn’t much help at the dentist!
    I would try oil pulling.That’s swooshing organic coconut oil in your mouth for up to 20 mins and spitting it out, to get rid of all the toxins. Google it so you can research about it bc of the cut in your mouth first though.

    Wow, it sounds like they are trying to get everyone to move out of their apts! There was no need for that woman to be so rude to that old guy!
    I believe in karma, they’ll get it back bc it always comes back around!

    Keep warm and cuddle with your fur babies!

  7. OMG! How terrible for the elderly man. Shame on the person who gave out his name. I do not know what the world is coming to. No one has a conscience anymore, they think they are entitled to say anything to anybody and sometimes they do what ever they want no matter how it might affect others. I personally think this started when they were children and the “no spanking” regime came into popularity. Parents tried simply reasoning with their children and there were no real consequences for bad behavior. Many parents had no idea how to parent, and tried to be their kids best friend. Now we are suffering the consequences. I sure do wish you could find another place to move to, I do not trust this situation. On another note, I am so sorry for your suffering at the dentist office. I hope you get better soon!

  8. Mercy, that doc office is not very competent. I often say in these parts that we might should see a vet. Often they care more for their patients!!

    Well, the news on the apt is less than good!! At least you found out for sure that they DO retaliate!! It would be hard to move…but it might be better in the long run for you. Older bldgs do have their issues…with time at least!

  9. I feel so sorry for you Brenda, it seems as though nothing goes well for you ! Was the doctor going to biopsy the cyst that he removed from your mouth?
    I hope you heal fast and you can put this behind you so you will have one less thing to worry about !

  10. Seriously, they told that poor man to shut up. How horrible. After I became a counselor, I wished that I had become an advocacy attorney instead. I can’t stand that stuff. It really makes my blood boil. So sorry about your mouth. At the very least they should have apologized. Hope it feels better soon. xo Laura

  11. omg..I hope they at least apologized to you at the doctor office..but probably not. That would be proof they screwed up. Hope you feel better soon. Wow..unreal that apartment complex owner can get away with high rent for good paying tenant like you, and then allow such service the everyone. I wonder if the green pool is any health threat to those around who breath it in? Hope your weekend is restful and healing ..and hope that fixed your painful mouth issue. Sounds like that complex manager doesn’t care..which may mean they bought it as an investment..to flip none or minimally… and resale later for profit.. :0(

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