In the dream, I am inside a building like a shopping mall. It is huge. I somehow got in but I can’t find a door to get out.

At first I walk confidently, sure I will see a door soon.

I keep going, becoming more anxious with every step I take. Surely there is a door. I will find one soon.

But I don’t.


I begin to go faster, my steps matching the fierce beating of my heart.

Where are the people, the shoppers? There is no one to ask.

I find an elevator and go to another floor and begin again. Stores, closed apparently, with their soft fluorescent lighting seeping through locked doors.

Has this place been condemned? Then how did I get in? I know I just walked freely through a door at some point. But I have no idea where that door is now.

I have never had a good sense of direction. But whatever remnants of sense I have are failing me.


I keep trying to keep myself calm, but it is futile.

Something akin to claustrophobia takes hold. Instead of being in a small space where a person feels hemmed in, this seems just as bad. A huge building that offers no outlet.

I am probably going in circles. All the stores look alike.


“Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery
Breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that
Can’t you read the sign?

An old song by Five Man Electric Band.

But there are no signs to read. And the stores all look alike. I am probably passing the same ones again and again and the panic is about to boil over.

But I never find a door.

I wake up.

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  1. My bro bookmarked this web publication for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to help me and my classmates for our class project. By the way, I like the way you write.

  2. They are saying with the virus people are having vivid dreams. With the virus out of control no doubt is adding to that. Maybe it is guiding you and represent staying the course keep doing what you are to be safe…also feeling there is nothing you can do to fix the problem but keeping yourself safe is something you can do so if you have a dream like that again force a door to be in front of you and when you enter all you love is there and a good place to be…direct the dream if you can not always possible but try and lastly if you are dealing with stress try to relieve it as you can. This year I am going to try to do more hygge if I can…we are high risk so being home is what we have to do so I will make the space more calming candles cozy things cozy meals that sort of thing that is what I am doing here in Iowa.

  3. I read your posts everyday and so enjoy them but this one left me wondering what point you were trying to get across. What is the purpose of this post. It’s also kind of creepy but I think everyone has bad dreams occasionally, so what? Is this suppose to mean something?

  4. Brenda I know you enjoy playing with your blog themes. This theme isn’t the best. It’s slow to load and hard to read those thin title fonts. Most marketers will tell you that you should stick with a similar look and feel for quite some time for branding.

  5. Large, enclosed , empty spaces unsettle me beyond belief. I was at a resort once and opened a door that was marked “To Sauna” . Instead of the sauna, it opened directly to a large, olympic sized pool with the lights off. My knees collapsed! Absolute panic. Odd as I am an excellent swimmer, avid boater and love the water.

  6. I find this kind of dream spooky. Many times, I have had one similar to yours, where I am inside of a hotel, no doors either, and not another person around. I am lost, and it is dark inside and dark before I entered the hotel, outside. I look into the bar area, no one is there. Never see a desk at the front entry. I go to the elevator, and get on, looking for a room, but if I find a room, I see I don’t have a room key. Doesn’t matter tho, I never find a room or a door. I wander through the floors looking for a way out, but there is none. I too, panic and then wake up. Such strange dreams that are so alike to others. Really makes a person wonder what they mean, if anything.

  7. Brenda, Such an interesting dream. Don’t you wish you could figure out what spawned it? I’m always trying to interpret my dreams, but not too successful. Last week my dreams were filled with Joe Biden. Last night they had Donald Trump, my sister, babies, animals and music. Very confusing. I sometimes try to influence my dreams by concentrating on something in particular before I go to sleep. It sometimes works, but not always. My mind wanders too much I think. Tonight I want to dream about life without covid, riots, fires, elections, wayward kids, money problems………..just a life I didn’t appreciate until 2020 hit. This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. God’s mercies are new every morning. Have a peaceful, relaxing, loving day. Sandra

  8. Interesting dream for sure. I seldom dream and when I do I don’t remember them when I wake.

    Love your photos today!

  9. You are looking for a way to solve something in your mind. The door represents the way to the answer to solve your dilemma. Just my 2 cents worth.

  10. In a sweat with a racing heart no doubt?
    Had a dream similar to that a few months back only it was some kind of a hospital with no patients just huge and empty and the elevator didn’t work…

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