My garden plants went from being exposed to somewhat chilly weather to it turning downright hot.

As of June 13, 2021, I’m having to keep an eye out for wilting container plants.

My Garden:


The zinnias were buds last week. There is some progression this week.

I adore zinnias. Has to be one of my very favorite flowers.

Zinnias have a high tolerance for heat and the flowers are so beautiful. It is the perfect cut flower for a bouquet to bring indoors.

I especially like the black veins you see just before you can tell what color the flower is going to be.

Zinnias are beautiful from beginning to end.


The clematis plant is blooming again. If only I’d known back when I planted that first white clematis 6 years ago that they do better in dappled shade.

But when I planted the white one, there were still trees on the ends of the patio that helped out in this regard.

Gerbera Daisies:

More Gerbera daisies are beginning to bloom.

They look like baby fists at this stage. And then open up like a baby asleep with its hands relaxed and open.

Larger Visual Of The Patio Garden:

The blue raised bed is full to overflowing.

Now that I’ve been approved for a home loan, I’m wondering how I might get some of these plants dug up and transplanted somewhere else should I find a place to move?

Pondering A Move:

What I’ve come up with is the possibility of some of you here in town being able to help me. I will divide the huge hosta and Lamb’s Ear plants and share them with you.

And beyond that, I will need help packing if at all possible.

If someone here in the area would be kind enough to help me pack, I will give you what you fancy out of the decor I don’t wish to take with me. I don’t want to move a lot of stuff because of the painful condition my hands are in.

I’m really nervous about all this because I’m not in the best shape to take on such an endeavor. My daughters are busy with work.

And I would appreciate extra hands if anyone is kind enough to want to help me. I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.

Now back to the garden…

The Vining Plants:

The Mandevilla is so healthy and producing such lovely red flowers. In the middle is the galvanized tub of morning glories. Which some insect is eating.

Beyond that is the clematis that I so love and enjoy seeing through the French doors.

I do love my vine plants.

Shasta Daisies:

The Shasta daisies from last year are starting to bloom. They managed to make it through our rather harsh winter.

So that is the update on my container garden. I have so enjoyed creating it. Wherever I move I hope to move many of these plants with me.

Some of these plants you have gifted me over 7 years ago when I moved here. So there is sentimental value to them for me. Therefore I don’t want to leave them behind.

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  1. Wow Brenda, how exciting!! I for one am not too far away to help you with whatever I can and it would be such a pleasure. I’ve had so much help around my house from a dear friend in the last few months, it would be wonderful to be able to return the kindness. As you know I have a pickup and we can “git ‘er done”. I’ll be watching your posts and crossing my fingers that you find a place that makes your heart happy!

  2. Yea Brenda,
    I’m so excited for you! I want this opportunity for you to be a game changer. I have some words of advice for you; if at all possible, NO CONDO! I have lived in two different ones and I HATED BOTH! Not much different than apartment living; and the maintenance fees and Condo review board politics…. HIDEOUS!!! I’ve owned and lived in over 20 different homes, from California to Georgia; now on 16 plus acres in the Pacific Northwest. Small spaces with your talents will be phenomenal. I know we all want a happy outcome for you.

  3. I hope you find the house you want and helpers nearby to help you move. You always have such a nice patio garden. Take care.

  4. I am so happy that you have been approved for a home loan. Your own home is just what you need. You will be able to plant a small garden or continue to use containers. Charlie will be able to have a nice yard to roam around in and I’m sure Ivy will enjoy her new surroundings in the house! If I lived near you, I’m in WV, I would be more than happy to help you move but, you are such a wonderful person, I’m sure you will have many people who will be willing to help you!

  5. Oh Brenda I’m so happy your leaving and on to happy memoires. I would help you move but I’m here in Canada .Good luck finding that precious home for you and your babies .

  6. So glad you got approved for a loan! I’m sure someting just wonderful and perfect will show up for you. If I were closer (in AZ) I would love to help you pack — I’ve packed for friends for years; it comes second nature to me. Hopefully there will be volunteers when the actual time comes. And I hope you find just the right place for you and your babies and your plants.

  7. My hands are getting crippled with arthritis. My husband told me last week, “Your thumbs will always be green!” So, no matter what, YOUR thumbs will always be green! Wherever you move, you will always be a gardener. It will be lovely because you can make any size or space a paradise. God will bless you with many blooms for years to come. I wish you success in finding the perfect little home and garden of your dreams.

  8. Did I miss something??? Are you actually moving NOW???? I know you were considering it. It it a house? Or condo? Is near your present location???? I wish I lived closer to help with your amazing plants! Pennsylvania is more than a tad too far away!!! I wish you the very best. Once you get settled, I am sure it will be amazing!!! Keep everyone posted! You have many followers that love and care about you.

    1. Thought I’d just go ahead and start looking. My next door neighbor is moving out of state in a few weeks and no telling who that manager will put in there. I’m looking at houses and condos. Probably rather have a condo. But I can’t afford to borrow more than $150,000, so am limited because it’s a huge seller’s market here.

      1. When and if you start looking at condos please pay attention to the condo fees – they can be high.

  9. You’ve been approved – woohoo!!!! Congratulations, Brenda. Time to start searching for the next home for you and your furbabies!
    If I was closer I’d gladly help you pack but everything will fall into place.
    Incredible garden!

  10. wow..Your container patio Garden is so lush and beautiful. Love it all. Congratulations on loan exciting. I hope it all works out and know your daughter will do all she can to help you find your dream home. Its a seller’s market right now where I live..hope its better there but prob not..but it will all work out!! How exciting and you will make it another wonderful home… I know your local friends will be there to help you, as well as your Family/and Grands.. Best Wishes.

  11. Congratulations on getting approved. That is very exciting. Your patio looks lovely. I’m sure when it’s time to move it will
    all come together.

  12. Aww, if I lived there, I’d help you do anything! Unfortunately I’m in AZ, but I’m so excited for you! I hope you find something wonderful!

    1. Me too! I’m in CA…. Would absolutely help if I could! Hope there are many in the vicinity.

  13. I wish I lived near you so I could help you when you do move! Hopefully there are enough people nearby willing to volunteer to help. I worry too about myself when it comes time to move. It is just myself and my husband and neither of us are in that good of shape. By the time we can afford to move I shudder to think what kind of shape we will be in then. Should have moved long ago! I am glad you are planning on taking plants from your patio garden. Just keep it manageable in size so you can enjoy them. Wishing you all the best!

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