1. Hi. I think June is my favorite of the summer months because it isn’t too hot yet. I put up with July and August in order to get around to fall again! One thing I remember about June from my childhood is that some relatives had apple trees that produced a yellowish apple that became ripe in late June. These apples were given the simple name of June apples by my grandma and other women in the family who turned them into applesauce. I think they also are called yellow transparents. As for June bugs, it makes me realize that insects were a big part of the summer months when I was a child. We thought that June bugs looked like salted peanuts. We chased after fireflies and listened to cicadas. I remember that my brother made a display of butterflies pinned into a box for a boy scout project, and I thought that was a pretty awful thing to do. Then there were misquitoes! I got bitten by them so badly as a child I had to always wear long pants and sleeves when evening came, even though all the other kids kept playing in their shorts and T-shirts. I don’t have that problem now, so I think my body chemistry has changed or something.

  2. What a nice and educational post about June. As a child, June usually meant here in the South, the end of school days, and then shortly thereafter, Vacation Bible School at our church, which meant hanging out with our friends for a more relaxing school time. After I became a Parent, I, too, looked forward to the end of school, as a working Mother, it was less stress for me, too. I think with the better weather and sunshine..we all just feel better and the days are longer for more time to relax. Have a Happy Summer everyone… !!!!

  3. The grass is so green right now – growing like crazy but I don’t really mind cutting it every five days or so. Next month the sod web worms (one of my mortal enemies) will emerge and start killing off areas of the blue grass lawn as the larvae munch on the grass roots. They are very hard to kill. I can kill them on my lawn but my neighbors have them and the little beige moths that are the adults just fly over to my lawn and lay new eggs. I love watching the fireflies at night. Some years back when I had a friend and her young daughter visiting from Las Vegas, we were sitting out on the deck after sunset one July evening at my former home and the fireflies started coming out. The daughter was shocked and amazed – she’d never seen a firefly. Her favorite part of that summer visit was the fireflies. I was amazed that she had never seen a firefly, but after thinking about it, it made sense that the Las Vegas climate wouldn’t support fireflies. Isn’t it interesting the things we take for granted and we just assume everybody sees/experiences the same things we do.

  4. That is easy! What I love most about June are the flowers blooming! Hydrangeas, crepe myrtles, lantana, zinnias, marigolds, purslane, snap dragons, and my knockout roses that bloom in June and many other months, too.

  5. Normally, June would be full of blooms here in Michigan but this year it has been so cold and so rainy that many flowers are late to show their blooms. Or, if they have they have been drowned like my poor peonies. Hopefully we’ll get some more dry, sunny days with warmer air and that will bring on more flowers.

    When I think about June in my childhood I can almost smell the earth and grasses on the farm where I used to wander. And hear the bees buzzing and feel the warm sun on my skin. I only lived on the farm until I was eight but those sights and sounds and smells are so strongly imprinted on my senses. An idyllic time.

    Nice post, Brenda. You and your patio are one of my best gardening inspirations.

  6. What do I love most about June! Besides the flowers, I love going outside without a coat! This year, in Ohio, we’ve had massive flooding. Many farmers haven’t been able to plant , and have applied for federal aid. I so enjoy your every post, Brenda. I enjoy the phots, the pet antics: just what’s going on in your life and home: the decorating, Nathan, the food, the health issues. You have a gift of making it all interesting.. I hope you never stop!

  7. Your patio garden is outstanding. The sedum has taken off! I thought mine was tall. Will you share pictures of your roses?

  8. June is one of my favorite months…the start of warm weather after an endless winter! I wish the month lasted a lot longer.

    However, we’re still in desperate need of sunshine here in northern IL! We’ve had so much rain, the poor farmers are really struggling.

  9. June is the month of flowers. Our roses are bloomed and so are the lilies.

  10. Usually my garden is at its best in June….but this year with all the rain it sure isn’t!! I remember that feeling of the last day of school….the whole summer stretching out like an eternity, to fill with books and swimming and sunshine!

  11. I love graduations,weird,I know,but there’s just something about happiness on their faces and their parents….One of my fav gifts to give is “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to me it’s so appropriate,who knows where we’ll wind up down the road when we’re 18? And,of course,a little bit of cash as well.
    Summer seems to fly by up here in the North and this has hardly been a banner year so far,seems like it’s never going to stop raining!

  12. Flowers! They seem to peak now! The colors are magnificent. June usually brings some vegetables to ear. Lightening bugs do remind me of my childhood, running after their twinkling lights! Ahhh, June. Beautiful June!

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