Spring Planting Chores

I got a lot of chores done this weekend. I took all the stuff out of my kitchen cabinets. Cleaned the shelves. Washed all the dishes. Then put them back.

I repotted plants into slightly bigger pots because that was on my list of chores that needed to be done.

This little endeavor took up much of Saturday. But it was nice and warm outside. I was wearing shorts. 

We’re heading into March here with nice temps.

That big box you see behind those two plants is the periwinkle 3×6 foot raised garden I ordered from Gardener’s Supply. I’m not ready to put it up yet.

I’ve got to figure out what other changes I want to make on the patio first. And I also have to figure out where on the patio it should go, in terms of light exposure.

However, I’m deep in the throes of spring fever, as I know many of you are. Debbie, I know you’re chomping at the bit. 

I’m awaiting the day I walk outside and see tiny green leaves burgeoning on the tree branches. That is always an exciting thing to see. You know then that spring is nearing.
Above is my resident cardinal couple. They are never far from each other. He has been chirping at her all morning.
They’re both being a bit shy this morning. They will not turn their faces toward me so that I can get a better shot.
Lemon balm is sprouting up everywhere. Along with various mint varieties and sage. And mums.
Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the house plants. It is still part of nature, even if it is indoors. 
I love to examine each new shoot as it slowly opens up like a fist relaxing.
The many wonders of nature have never been lost on me. I have always enjoyed every aspect of it. The gardener in me rejoices at each new season.


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  1. I can't believe how much growth you have already on your herbs and mums out on the patio – wow!! You are miles ahead of me, for sure. What gardening zone are you in? I'm curious! Thanks for the little shout out, Brenda! Just catching up on posts now!!

  2. I once read a book that suggested a way to simplify your life is to get rid of all your houseplants. I thought that was crazy! Why not just get rid of food?
    Your plants are lovely and I'm sure, worth the effort. Can't wait to get my tomatoes in the ground!

  3. I need to do re-potting too Brenda..maybe seeing yours will get me motivated…I have a beautiful Cardinal couple here too..they do stick together..Spring is coming..it was a warm day here also…

  4. Everything is looking so good! I need to do some re-potting of house plants and think about what I want to do in the planting beds this year. We have deer that eat things so I have to plants lots and lots so some live!

  5. You have the most wonderful green thumb!! I, too, am so ready for Spring, I'm just not a cold weather person at all. Your garden is always so beautiful and I want to thank you for sharing it with us.

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