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  1. If the management would agree you should have the maintenance man take down the old top cabinets and put up shelves. Love your little place and fur babies.

  2. Beautiful and Cozy and Efficient.
    I love it so much! it’s just so cottagy! cottagie! am I making up this word?
    it keeps underlining in red! like a cottage for sure! 😀
    happy Thanksgiving dear bean to you and your beloved furries.

  3. The shelves look wonderful, Brenda…they will give you so much added storage! You really get the most use for your small kitchen!

  4. Brenda, thanks for sharing photos of your apartment rooms. I find inspiration each time you make changes. Your bedroom looks especially colorful and restful. What a cool gift to have. I wish you, Charlie and Ivy a good day and a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Marilynn H says:

    Your new shelves look so great. Just beautiful like the rest of your apartment. I love the way you have a knack for decorating and it always seems to come out right.

    Wishing you, Charlie and Ivy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Marilynn and Hayley

    1. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Marilyn and Hayley!

  6. Yaaay, the shelves are up! They look really nice, Brenda. Are the brackets wood? They look like they really belong with the shelves, not like those metal ones you sometimes see. Those are for garages or basement storage to me.

    I still can’t visualize the floor plan in your apartment despite having seen many photos of different parts of it. Looking from the corner of your kitchen with the washer (?) into the dining room was a new view to me. Is that a regular doorway or a wide arch? I know I sound obsessed, don’t I? I just like to get the layout in my mind for some reason. Is the wall the washer is on the same one as the sink is on?

    I don’t know if I could keep open shelves tidy and visually appealing if I had them. They look nice in pictures but I am so prone to load surfaces with all manner of things that should be out of sight! I have a small kitchen but every wall is filled with cupboards so I don’t even have a wall to put shelves up on. With my cluttering tendencies it’s probably a good thing!

    It’s so nice that you are allowed to make changes in your apartment to make it more yours without the management minding. And they don’t even mind if you use their handyman to do things. That really is an ideal set-up.

    I was thinking today how much I miss looking out my kitchen window and seeing flowers. Then I tho’t, “I even miss seeing Brenda’s flowers!” I hope you are getting more sun than we do here. I wouldn’t mind the cold so much if the sun was out some of the time instead of the grey, grey skies. But the months will go fast ’til we can be planting again because time seems to really speed lately.

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Someone inform me as to how to show you a floor plan and I’ll be glad to do it. It’s really a pretty simple floor plan. I have a tiny hall that is open to the living room and kitchen. It goes to my bedroom. You come in the door and that’s my living room, which extends to my dining space and the patio. The brackets are not wood. I think they’re plastic and I can’t recall what is underneath the plastic that actually holds up the shelf. See, you put up the part that holds the shelf up and cover it with that plastic piece. So it’s actually two pieces. I don’t have any arches. Just regular doors. Yes, the wall the washer is on is the same one the kitchen sink is on. Hope this helps.

      1. Yeah, that helps a little but I would love to see an actual floor plan when you have time–whenever. I always like to imagine people doing what they do in their living spaces. Maybe I should have been an architect! Except for all that math which I’m no good at!

  7. The shelves are wonderful! I love seeing photos of your apartment, your flair for design is delightful. I am having trouble putting together a visual of the floor plan. I wonder if you could draw out a simple map for us, because I just can’t put it together in my mind. I think the view out to the patio is my favorite, it’s beautiful and I love your new table.

    1. I’ve been asked to do this before, but I’m not sure how to go about it. How do you draw something out on a computer? Or do you just draw something on paper and take a photo?

      1. Jessica McCain says:

        I think drawing out your floor plan and then snapping a photo should work. Those of us who follow you daily would appreciate it. Thank you Brenda!

  8. Your shelving is very pretty. I love the way you have styled them as well. They are just perfect. Management should pay you to allow prospective tenants to view your apartment. I know you don’t want that…I wouldn’t either, but your apartment certainly qualifies as the showcase. I love it. I know you do.

    1. I think they’ve taken photos off my blog. I’ve told them they can do that.

  9. The shelves are great! I know how important storage is in a small home. I moved some things around this week hoping to free up some space! If my place had a little fenced patio area it would be perfect.

    1. Yeah, that was the main reason I moved here. That and the fact that it was one story.

  10. Just beautiful, Brenda…and functional! I love that.

    1. Beautiful and functional always works for me!

  11. your shelves look really good – you are very organized. Your cat should settle down when it gets a little older – the young ones are always into everything

    1. That’s good to know. Because she’s into everything. I can’t function well unless I’m organized. Chaos makes me crazy.

  12. Brenda, I love the shelves. To me, open shelving is much better than adding a cabinet to the wall because it keeps things light and open. And the added benefit is what you indicated…being able to see what you need rather than making unnecessary purchases! Love and hugs! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Benita! I wish I could do away with all cabinets and either have shelves or stand alone furniture.

  13. Your kitchen shelves turned out beautifully.
    The pitchers are so pretty on top of the one shelf and I have always loved your cup holder with all the mugs on it.
    Great job as usual!

    1. I bought that cup holder at, of all places, my local grocery store.

  14. Anonymous says:

    your home is beautiful

    1. Well thank you. It is a modest apartment. But I love it.

  15. Today, I gave my Keurig to one of my nephew’s friends for her dorm room. She was so excited and told me that she could have never afforded to buy one. I used it twice but now it has the perfect home. I have been giving many of my heavier small appliances and extra kitchen items to her also. The girls have furnished a cute communal kitchen with my “stuff.” That makes me very happy. I never think of it as purging anymore. My things are in great shape and I just think of it as paying it forward. I had absolutely nothing when I got married at sixteen. It took me many years to have TOO much stuff in my kitchen. I am a happy cook and my kitchen is NOW very functional for just the two of us. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

    1. That’s the way I guess I should look at it. Paying it forward. I had nothing for many years. Then I manage to collect too much and have to “pay it forward” like you.

  16. Lynn Mikkelson says:

    You have such a great eye for styling your home. You make even canned goods look pretty!

    1. Well thank you. I am very interested in styling my home, so I guess that drives me to be as creative with my space as I can be.

    2. I know! Cans! A stylist par excellance.

  17. You are soooo creative!!! Those shelves are perfect !!!! Your home is just gorgeous!!!

  18. Your kitchen looks great, Brenda! I love the open shelves. I want those in my kitchen in the near future. Too many other home repairs going on right now though ($$)!

    1. It was a pretty cheap kitchen project. But it will give me years of storage space.

  19. Joan Kurth says:

    The shelves really look nice! Very attractive is your kitchen. Fun to see how you change things around.
    I agree that Keurig coffee is too strong. I am glad I never bought one.

    1. It wasn’t always this way. Either my stomach is more delicate or they started making their K-cups stronger.

  20. Your landlord should love you. You’ve made improvements to the property that you won’t be able to take with you should you move at some future point, adding value (and extra $$ to the rent they’ll charge th enext tenant) to the owner’s bottom line. I hope you will soon see some drop in your utility bills now that the place has been newly insulated!

    1. I think that’s why they let me do most anything. The maintenance man told me that she held the apartment next door to me two months till she got what she thought was the perfect tenant to live next door to me. And I am pleased with her choice.

  21. Your shelves look great. So does the rest of the kitchen. The pitchers are so colorful and look good for holding flowers. Your coffee cup collection is so pretty. I notice that you have lamps on the counter and the table — we do that too because our house has pathetic lighting. The lamps on these surfaces add a cozy glow, don’t they? Right now, our cat Calvin is playing with his favorite toy, a couple of twist-ties twisted together in a spidery shape. He tends to like to play with paper scraps and milk jug tops and isn’t as interested in actual toys lately. That’s OK, as long as he’s getting some exercise.

    1. Ivy sure gets her exercise each day. I hate overhead lighting. When I had them put two new ceiling fans in the dining room and bedroom recently, I told them I didn’t want the ones with lights. They just catch dust and then I have to clean them.

  22. Looks great Brenda and very organized. I do the same thing double buy when things are not organized where I can see what I have. Looks so good.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  23. Fran Ferrari says:

    Oh what an inspiration! I was in Goodwill the other day and saw a red ceramic bowl-like item but when I picked it up, it has “POPCORN” on it. Now that I see your shelves, I wish I got it. Just realized that all I had to do was turn it around to simply see the red that attracted me to it. Love how this all worked out and like the shelf brackets too.

    1. Everything is so unlevel in this apartment. He kept having to take them down because no matter what he did, they didn’t seem level. We’ve got them about as close to level as we can get them. Yes, it only just occurred to me recently that I could turn something around, so don’t feel bad!

  24. Love your kitchen shelves! Actually, I love all your pictures of your apartment — you mix colors, textures, old and new things, furbaby things so well! And it all looks so organized.

    1. Now I’m working on changing the photos on my link at the top of the blog called My Apartment. I have taken photos this morning and updated everything but the bedroom. That is next on my list. First I must feed Ivy and Charlie. She is starting to meow at me that it is past time.

      1. I got them done! My Apartment photos in the top link.

  25. Carole Prisk says:

    Everything looks so nice. I wish I could edit my stuff and get organized. I try to go through and discard, but end up keeping more than I toss or donate.

    1. You have to get downright brutal when it comes to tossing. I have purged and purged. Each time I ask myself: Why didn’t I get rid of this or that before. It’s a process. I just don’t have room to be choosy!

      1. Isn’t funny how we can keep holding onto something, and then suddenly one day, we decide we just don’t want it around anymore? I got rid of a box of stuff at a charity yesterday, but, there are still some things around here I need to move on out also. Just need a bit more oomph to do it.

        1. I’ve done a bit of that lately. I’ve given away things I thought I would always keep. But seemed those things just stayed in my closet.

  26. I’ve been waiting patiently for you to post pictures of your new shelves! They are fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, etc. Thank you so much for posting pictures of everything! I’m preparing to move into my own small apartment so I’m living vicariously through you. I’m anxious and excited about my new home and the new chapter in my life.

    1. Well, I never thought I would want to live in an apartment. But this place is perfect for me. One level, big fenced patio. I have what I need. I’m excited for you. Keep me updated!

      1. I moved to a condo five years ago. I hated it. Generic, popcorn ceilings, no windows, only large sliding glass doors with the dreaded vertical blinds.
        I’ve just lived with it for most of these past years but then I found Cozy Little House and I’ve finally been tackling the decorating issues with my tiny budget. Brenda gives me hope that I too, can love where I live. I think my bathroom is hopeless though.

      2. I haven’t lived in an apartment in more years than I care to admit so this is going to be a huge change for me. However, I’m super excited and can hardly wait to move in. I will definitely keep you updated – I may need some decorating and/or storage tips.

  27. Organized and pretty! I hope your little friend, the Flying Wallanda, won’t be up there.

    1. If she gets up on those shelves, I’m just going to sit down and cry.

  28. I’m curious to see if little miss Ivy will be able to get up on those shelves….I can imagine she will certainly try her hardest!!! Looks great, Brenda – your apartment is lovely!

    1. The past week Ivy has been particularly stubborn and curious. Hoping it’s a phase. Uh-oh, I just noticed she’s not on the couch with us. Which means…I have no idea what she’s doing.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Looks great; colorful and organized!

    1. Thanks! I’m sure I’ll be rearranging it a lot.

  30. Melanie Wilder says:

    I love your new additions! Everything in its place. Maybe Ivy won’t be able to get up that high.
    My funny for the day, I was on the phone and the person on the other end asked me about pictures she had sent me, I told her no and …( get this) I walked around the house looking for my phone! I told her I couldn’t find my phone to check, right in that moment I realized I was on that phone!!!!! I laughed till tears were coming down my face. Dain bamage!!!

    1. Oh, that’s hilarious! I’ve done stuff like that. I’m always looking for my reading glasses when they’re on my head. I don’t have to worry about doing what you did with the phone because I use a home phone, and of course it isn’t a camera. I’m so old school about some things.

  31. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Brenda, I LOVE everything about your home, and what you have done to make it “yours”. The shelves look soooooooo good, and your wall of cutting boards is AWESOME!!!!!! I’ve always wanted a Large board, but finding one that isn’t pricey has been difficult. I have 3 smaller different sizes, but is 3 enough? Of course not, will continue my search for the big board. I’ve wondered, when you mentioned the other day, that your neighbor came over, what she must have thought when she saw your home, and probably compared it to hers. Bet there is none as cute or nicely decorated as yours, in the other units. Give your two little lovies a hug from WI. Have a great day……

    1. The large cutting boards you see on top of my kitchen cart and fridge and washer I ordered from Overstock. They were about $50 each, but the biggest I could find that were also quite thick. I use the one on my washer to keep it from shaking so much. They are quite heavy! I can’t remember why I ordered the other two, unless I got a deal or something.

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