When I was a child, for a time I was the little girl and her newspaper. I typed up the neighborhood news on the typewriter I saved up for. And then I went around door-to-door and handed it out.

The news might be about new kittens that were born. Or that Mrs. So-And-So’s grandchildren came for a visit. 

You know. Neighborhood stuff. Nothing earth shattering.

I loved gathering facts and making sure everyone knew what was going on around them.

I remember once I took one of the newspapers (which only consisted of a few pages) and decided I would do a little time travel experiment.

I put it in a container and buried it. I wrote down instructions, pretty exact instructions, on how to find the spot should I want to dig it up. Like “back up five steps from the oak tree, take three steps to the left, and dig.”

You know, I never went back and dug it up. I wonder if it’s still there? Could be that some businessman decided to build houses in that spot. Maybe the heavy machinery they bring in to dig big holes found my little weather proof box.

The news I wrote about kittens back then would be great-great-great-(many greats) grand kittens. Grandchildren who visited are now grandparents like me.  

Another wish I had was to have a tree house. I desperately wanted a tree house so bad I tried to build one. I might have taken a board or two up there, but nothing got done.

Eventually I realized I didn’t have the materials or the know-how to build a tree house. So that wish remained a dream.

But distributing the news? I guess I’m still at it. In a round about way. I’m still gathering facts and pretty pictures and putting it out there for people to read.


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  1. What a great story!! You must have been a very smart and creative child!! I would have loved to have been your friend back then! It would be great if you could go back and dig it up!

  2. What a sweet story. I miss the simpler days. Our neighbors were all close like that, borrowing ketchup or flour or sugar did payday. That was what neighbors did then. I think since I've been married, I've only borrowed something once from a neighbor that I was close to, the phone. I say, go back and dig it up.

  3. I've often heard that whatever you enjoyed doing as a child you would be good at (and could make money at) as an adult. Writing is just in your blood!

  4. Brenda you have found your true calling. In a format none of us imagined when we were little girls that love to write. Hope this finds you feeling better and sending prayers of healing, happiness and good fortune. What a wonderful story.

  5. This is such a sweet story, Brenda. I'm glad you have a creative outlet for your writing and that we can enjoy it 🙂


  6. Awwww I love this story! I bet those neighbors enjoyed that little newspaper. I would enjoy it if my little street had a newspaper today. I have a granddaughter (9 years old) who would probably enjoy putting one together. One day a couple of weeks ago she and her sister were staying with us and she made up a little newsletter for us and hand copied 4 copies to pass out. She wrote and illustrated what everyone in the house was doing. We loved it. Maybe she'll be a writer some day. I certainly enjoy reading what you write for your readers!

  7. Oh you sound like me. I loved to write too. I wanted a tree house or a play house never got one. My cousins who lived down the street had one. Never could figure that out since my dad was a carpenter. I did dream of a horse and My Cowboy made that dream come true. Thanks for sharing your fun memories. BTW The Cowboy got me a swimming pool too! Have a great Friday.

  8. I also wrote a neighborhood newspaper but never charged any thing. I tried to build a tree house but my mom told me that the nails I drove into the tree for the rungs would kill the tree. My favorite was the neighborhood kids and I tried digging a hole for a swimming pool. Needless to say, that didn't go very far.

    1. LOL I remember I was about 4 yrs old and I had a sand box. I would dig and dig. My dad would ask me if I was digging my way to China and I would tell him I was looking for gold.

  9. Brenda, this is the sweetest story…ever!! I love it and I love that you are still at it! This is your true calling, for sure! 🙂 I'm glad to be "on your route"!!

  10. You maybe still gathering fact and beautiful pictures but your doing a wonderful job I know I enjoy them so much and so do others. You and your fur babies have a great day.

  11. You wish for a treehouse reminds me of the one my daughters tried to build in our maple tree. It never progressed beyond two boards stuck in a fork of a branch, but they proudly called it their clubhouse. I hope someone found your buried box and got all the neighbourhood news!

  12. I wrote the news for our neighborhood, many, many years ago. The newspaper was called the Journal Messenger and was in Old Town Manassas.
    I had to call neighbors to see if they had any news they wanted to share. Most of them said they didn't "want to blow their own horns" and share what they had been dong.. What I posted was mostly school, scout, and news from neighbors on my street.. I didn't make much money at it and didn't do it for a long time.. It was fun while it lasted.
    I enjoyed your "little girl" story. A tree house would be so much fun.
    I hope your feeling much better as the days go by.
    Another weekend is around the bend.. I hope yours will be a good one.

  13. Don't you love remembering things like that? Where I lived in Texas, we had rock and cement walls around our yards. I would write little messages or draw little pictures, roll them up and put them in the long, round containers that glitter comes in. I then would find a place in the wall where the cement and rock were loose, pull out the rock, push the container in and replace the rock. I did this all over our yard. It would be nice to find out if any other little girl found those containers. They were a private time capsule. Thanks for writing about this, Brenda. I hadn't thought about it in years.

  14. Such a sweet story, you have always been a creator, a thinker and spirited woman filled with such talent and inspiration.
    My son had a newspaper route when we lived in Mission Viejo many, many years ago. He tried doing the bike thing, but the hills wore him out, so naturally I got up with him and we rolled the papers, loaded them into the mini van and started our journey. Looking back now, it is a very cherished memory.
    Hope your are doing well,

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