When I was in third grade the photographer was coming to take our school photos.

My Granny had put a hair net over my hair before I went to school. Which means she must have combed my hair and made it pretty, though I don’t actually recall.

Was I Told To Take It Off?

I don’t know if I was given instructions concerning my hair before I went to school or not. I’m pretty sure I was probably told to take it off at some point.

Had it been a female photographer she might have reminded me that I still had it on. And furthermore I might want to take it off. But it was always a male photographer who came to the school. And I don’t think men give much thought to little girls hair.

Of course everyone was a bit startled when they saw my third grade class photo. A grinning little girl with some of her front teeth still missing and a hair net obscuring her hair.

Had I not been grinning I might have looked less…strange. But the sight of that grin combined with the hair net made me look, well, a bit dotty.

Murky Memories:

Most of my memories from long ago are murky. Sort of like looking for something through dirty water. Make that moving dirty water. It’s always been that way.

I am always amazed when someone can recall a long ago memory and tell it in fine detail. My memories seem to be drained through a sieve.

Bringing one to the surface is like fishing. My fishing pole will get a tug and I pull up this surprise memory. I wonder why that is?

A Birthday In The Family:

My younger daughter Kasi’s birthday is today. (I rue the day I decided to end her name with an “i”.) She is 42. I sent her an Amazon gift certificate and a card in the mail. I will call her when I finish writing this.

Kendra’s birthday is two weeks from today. Her birthday often falls on Thanksgiving Day.

NOTE: I switched back to the old blog design theme. Plain; not pretty.

Oh well.

Let me know if this non-pretty theme loads the blog faster than the pretty one. I also worked on other things like minifying images to hopefully speed things up.


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  1. You made me laugh out loud today! Thank you for such a sweet and funny story. I think we all have those elementary pictures. My mother was a demon when it came to home permanents. I have super fine blond hair and when she got through with me I looked like a dandelion. And as if that weren’t bad enough then she rolled my whacked off bangs around a roller about the size of a pencil. And of course the lack of my front teeth made it completely hysterical. After having the family picture box for a few years I decided it was time for my sister to have her turn and that little snot has actually posted that picture on Facebook! Should have known she couldn’t be trusted.

  2. lol..just such a cute story. ..do you have the photo.. 🙂 .. I, a simlar school photo memory……The weekend before our school photos….Sis and I tied a jump rope across our twin beds..guess who missed the jumped , resulting in a bad busted busted lip..lol (parents were preparing for dinner guests right before the miss..lol..Mom..not happy) …following week..school photo with Brownie uniform & busted lip….:0( …Photos not purchased, but what a great laugh it would be now ..(this third grader was so sad..no pics to exchange w/clasmates….).. Sure sounds like your daughters will have a great birthday with your sweet wishes. :0) “Memories..like the Corners of my Mind”…

  3. Hi Brenda,
    a happy healthy birthday to your “Kasi!” On my birthday this year in April, my sister sent me a picture of me after an unfortunate “hair salon disaster.” It involved a permanent gone horribly wrong with a strange burgundy hair color as a further complication. I’m blonde so this mess was quite eye popping. One of my co-workers asked me if I was trying to look “black” cuz I was rocking a neon red afro!??? Honestly, what gives with some people? The salon comped me for over seven months to correct their error! I guess they were afraid of a lawsuit. They also didn’t want me to identify them as it would have harmed their business. It’s actually hysterical when I look at the photo. Apparently she was at our Mother’s house setting Mom’s hair. Our Mom is going to be 96 on the 22nd of this month. They live in Southern California and of course this was during the beginning of the lockdown. I called them and we had a video chat! Our Mother was amazed and we had a great visit; lots of laughter! Laughter is such a stress reliever!
    Your pictures are incredible! I haven’t had any issues with your blog; both formats worked great. I don’t even mind the different ad pop-ups because I understand this is a job for you and a source of revenue.
    Give the fur “babies” my regards.

  4. Brenda, we all have elementary school pictures that are to be hidden. I remember one of mine the night before my Mom decided to give me a permanent. It was pretty terrible. Life goes on. I’ve hired a lady to help me empty my house of 40 years. It’s a monumental task and it’s ongoing. Today I got a little discouraged but slowly but surely we’ll get there. So much stuff to go through. Keep… donate… throw away. It’s a struggle and makes me not want to buy one more thing. Your photographs are beautiful. I like the old blog design fine. Stay well.

  5. I posted earlier today but apparently it did not go through! Your blog is loading much faster today! Beautiful pictures ! Happy birthday to Kasi!

  6. One time when I was teaching kindergarten the teacher next door used her comb to comb all the children’s hair before their picture.
    One of them had lice so they all did later.

  7. I enjoyed your story! I think I’ve said this before, but really, I have yet to see better photographs on any of my wanderings around the Internet. You are an outstanding photographer/editor and your nature photos are especially stunning. The slightly smaller size doesn’t hurt them at all. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Brenda, I’ll bet that was the cutest picture of anyone in the class. It was sweet of your Granny to want to protect your hairdo. I hope she loved the picture. Have a blessed weekend. Sandra

  9. I’ll trade you third grade class photos. I wanted to wear a particular red and white dress my grandma had made me. This one was real silk. I’m (now) sure it was for playing dress-up and made from a tiny remnant, not for wearing out. I wanted to wear a red belt with it, tied tight to show my waist. I felt beautiful. My dress was real silk. So proud. But the picture! Oh, my! I look like I am wearing a king size pillow case with head and arm openings, tied with a rope.

  10. Your blog loaded very quickly today. Happy Birthday to Kasi ! I love that you told the story of your school picture with you wearing a hairnet, that is so precious ! I think most of us can say our elementary school pictures were very awkward but not quite that awkward! Beautiful pictures today !

  11. Loading much faster, back to normal. Thank you! Your pictures are always very good. But these are exquisite. Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature.

  12. Brenda, good morning and HAPP BIRTHDAY to KASI-I love that name also Kendra’s—
    your blog looks fine– I like reading all you share, thank you soooo much

  13. Your pictures are so pretty, and worthy of framing.
    I remember a teacher pulling on one of my pigtails, for some reason when I was at the chalkboard trying to solve a math problem. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old; kind of a mean act from a female teacher to a child, in my opinion.
    My first school picture in 1st grade, was a cute little girl grinning with a lazy eye! I had strabismus in my left eye. Soon after that picture, I received an operation on that eye. Some memories do come to mind hazy, but others are quite vivid.

  14. Oh! Sorry to see the pretty new design relegated to the trash bin. But I understand you have to make it quick and useful for your readers. Perhaps there will be a “fix” that you will find when you’re not really looking for it. I find that happens a lot with me. Too much struggle brings me nothing but aggravation, then I let it go and “ta-dah” it comes to me.

  15. I hope you saved the third grade picture – it might be the only one in the country like it! LOL Happy Birthday to Kasi! I hope she has a nice day. She can spell her name any way she wants to – only use her legal spelling for important documents.

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