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  1. I know I’m late to comment, but just want you to know these are my favorite kinds of posts! Various ideas, thoughts, and links. So much to digest. Thanks for this.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and the links to some pretty decor and delicious recipes. Half Baked Harvest is one of my favorite food blogs. I’ve made so many of her recipes.

  3. I love Fall most of all! This post is fabulous! Molly and Michael are too, they are both so talented and inspirational.
    Enjoy every minute of this wonderful time of the year.

  4. Brenda, love this post ! Wishing you better days !

  5. Lovely post. That soup looks divine. I also follow Michael from Charmed and his posts always give me inspiration for all things in my own home. To me cozy is flickering lights, a warm drink of some sort, a fluffy blanket, and a good story. I appreciate all of the links to others blogs. I’ve found a few new to me ones to follow from you sharing them.

  6. Ususually I don’t love posts that send us to other sites.. but this one I really DID like! I loved all the Autumn/Fall decorations and the cozy lights and candles. To me that is what cozy is….. twinkling lights, flickering candles at night, it being dark outside (and cold) and yet warm inside…. and though I do love to read, I don’t “curl up” anymore in a chair, due to my stiff joints! But I do have a favorite comfy chair that I can sit in and read, with the little faux fire flames flickering in my electric ‘wood stove”! Those flames mean it’s coming into Fall and they add so much cheer to my home. I love using it! With Fall (and then winter) coming, I’ll be spending more time perusing the various blogs you show us! Marilyn

    1. Well I can’t curl up in a chair either, but I’d like to! I’m trying to use all kinds of content and photos and quotes to make it interesting.

  7. I loved today’s post!! I will definitely be trying the corn chowder recipe as in Kansas it is FINALLY turning fall!

  8. Oh Brenda, what a beautiful post. I personally think fall is far more beautiful than Christmas and just as meaningful. Thank you so much for doing the ‘leg work’ for us and bringing all these ideas. I especially love Inspired By Charm.

    1. I didn’t just want to send you to different sites. I wanted to give information and in general, just make the post pretty to view.

  9. I very much enjoyed this post! Some gorgeous photographs and good recipes.

  10. Beautiful pics Brenda. Fall are my colors for sure. Thanks so much for doing all the work for our enjoyment, Hope you’re feeling better today and like all the animals I’m storing fat for the winter lololol.

    1. I seem to store fat too but year round.

  11. Debra Friend says:

    I loved the photo of the kitchen with the farmhouse sink and the fabric “curtain” underneath. I’ve been thinking of removing the cabinet doors underneath my sink and replacing them with fabric on a tension rod.

    1. I did that in my kitchen. I love it. Change out my curtains under sink all the time.

    2. I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing!

  12. Good Morning Brenda,
    your first picture nabbed me! I read through everything and it feels like you have sent us all a warm Fall hug. I appreciate your labor and time and all the great sites you share with us. I really like Michael from Charmed and Favorite Family Recipes. They just posted some great soup recipes today and I’m making a grocery list.
    I’m waiting for some workers to finish cleanup of gutters and spreading anti-moss powder. I need to get into my town (Elma) to order pellets for my stove. Thank you for this; it’s a keeper!

    1. I want it to be fun to look at and to read.

  13. Sue Myers says:

    Thank you for the post… I enjoyed the dining room tables and the feel of fall.

    1. I think I love most everything about fall.

  14. I truly enjoyed this post, Brenda! I feel certain that I’ll be back later today to read it again.
    I try to enjoy the little things every day. Silly things like being able to thread my needle on the first try. 🙂 That definitely calls for a mini celebration. LOL
    Thank you so much for sharing “Fall” with us.

    1. Oh, I recall that that was always so hard!

  15. I really enjoy when you post pictures from different websites and recipes too! Thanks!

    1. If they appeal to me, I just think they might also appeal to you.

  16. The Cottage Journal image reminds me of a channel I view at You Tube, “Stone Cottage Adventures.” They both have homes I would love to own, but maybe just a little too much accessories. We’re expecting 4 and maybe 5 days of rain with strong winds, it’s just starting to rain now. Cozy to me is being inside with a little space heater that has a small “electric fireplace” behind glass panels that gives the illusion of flickering flames. The heat is set at 65 in the house so the little space heater comes in handy on dark gloomy days like this. Yesterday it felt warm inside when the sun was shining in through all the windows and I was outside most of the day getting things battened down for the coming storm, getting both back and front yards cut in one day and putting outdoor items away for the season (sweat!). Today it’s dreary out, I feel cold and have 3 layers on plus a thin pair of gloves when I’m not typing. This is my season for layered clothing, thick throw blankets and for the next several nights, my ethanol fireplace will be warming the living room. I like dim lighting at night and the flickering effect of battery-operated candles. I’ve been tossing nuts out for the birds, chipmunks and squirrels all morning; they line up on the top of the patio fence and the squirrels sit on the garage roof, sometimes an alpha male will come rattle the screen on the patio door to get my attention. They all wait for me to open up the patio door and throw out more goodies for them. They ate everything quickly that I put in the feeders earlier this morning. I don’t want to put more food in the feeders now because they quickly fill up with rain, so I’m getting a work out walking back and forth to the patio door 🙂 I always enjoy your compilations where you show us what’s going on with other websites/bloggers. I never cease to be awed by how talented and creative people are (like you).

    1. I’ll check out Stone Cottage Adventures.

  17. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Wonderful post, enjoyed it very much! I love the cozy days of sweaters, candles glowing, and like you, a few good books to read. What more does a person need, maybe a cup of hot cocoa. Thank you for sharing, enjoy your day. Hugs from WI

    1. What more could one need? I agree with you.

  18. Loved this.. you picked beautiful pics.. and we can go back and click on each of them..I really enjoyed this..we had a hard frost here in Southern Wi. so spent the day taking down all my beautiful flowers…made me sad..but life goes on one season at a time…you make those seasons better…thank you for that💕

    1. Haven’t had a frost here yet. But I don’t think it’s far off.

  19. It is similar and I like both. The recipes today look great (Ragu and soup) and I always see something posted that speaks to me. Thank you for always checking in with us and please keep on doing what you do best!!!

  20. I like it! Lots of new sites and recipes to explore. Thank you!

  21. Thanks for putting me in the fall mood. Great pics and observations..also some inspiration…….wishing cozy days for you and Ivy

    1. Ivy and I are staying warm for sure! Seems like just yesterday it was sizzling hot.

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