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  1. Who knows the mind of a dog?! Abi is her own unique self and that's about all you can say!

    It's hot here in MI, too. But I have been religiously dead-heading my petunias. And they are giving me lovely hot pink blossoms. I love all the colors petunias come in. I have mostly hot pink this year and a few deep dark purple ones. Last year I had some black ones in my hanging basket but couldn't get out to look for them this year.

    Is Abby sleeping better these days? Not having to pee so much? I sure hope so for your sake.

  2. Watching your pupsters makes me miss my kitties a ton. They were a lot of work, but they were my babies for 20 years and I used to love to watch their antics. 🙂

  3. Our pets are so funny. My cat, Stormy, will wait until I turn off the light beside the bed before jumping up and snuggling down beside me. She will wait and wait if I'm reading until that light is out. And she always has to be on the side I'm facing, too. If I turn over, she'll move, too. lol! Happy 4th to you!

  4. oh this whole post is just wonderful. I never tire of seeing and hearing about abi and charlie.
    they truly are little people in fur coats!
    have a wonderful 4th you three! I hope the fireworks don't scare them too badly. xoxo♥

  5. I never can get enough of dogs! all the delightful comments here as well as your post! puppy and kitty!)posts always make my day! bless them all! XOXO♥
    happy 4th to you three! a great little family!

  6. That little Abi cracks me up with her antics! She's so much like my Monkey. We play the same game when I come home from work and let her out of my daughter's room. She runs upstairs super quick, grabs a toy out of the basket, and hops up onto the living room chair, waiting for me to 'find' her. When I come up the stairs (after giving my old girl, Lily, a scratch and a normal hello) I have to squeal in a super high pitched, loud voice "There's a mommy's monkey!!" Then she starts wiggling like a lunatic, and I have to go over and give her a big kiss on her head!

    Every. Single. Day.

    She's so weird, but so cute.


  7. Squirrels are an enjoyment that is for sure. I have 4 in my front yard and 4 in the backyard. The ones in the front yard perch on the porch railing and eat acorns and mushrooms! The ones in the backyard perch on back of the bench.

    As far as Ani's nightly ritual, my Little Kitty does the same thing only I usually have to pick her up and that is probably just why she does it!!

  8. Dogs think they are human and should have all your attention. We have a rescue beagle named Sami. She thinks she should have attention 24/7. But I guess in fact I know its my doing. Love her and she rules the house.

  9. We love our babies so much. We do what we do because of them. It is funny if you look at the squirrel picture on the fence he looks as if he has a smirk on his face. LOL. Thank you for sharing. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  10. Brenda, Milo is my Abi, and Otis is my Charlie. And these 13 year old brothers are twins so how can they be so different? But like your Abi, my Milo has to be coaxed through a routine of certain games to eat, to go outside–not to go to bed but to get out of bed in the morning. He does not hide in plants though, that really beats all!

    And Otis, he's a dog's dog like Charlie. And my shadow. He always has to know where Mama is. And they both, like yours, are the delight of my daily life.

    Happy 4th of July,

  11. I really think your pupsters are part human, Brenda. So cute how they love their routines. Never a dull moment with those two around!

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