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  1. Happy New Year Brenda,
    so glad you are feeling contentment and warmth and are safe. 2020 was a brutal year for everyone. Praying we have a healthy New Year for our families and neighbors and the world!
    God Bless

  2. I’m always especially grateful for my warm home in winter, too.

    I read every night before bed until I start nodding off. I just make sure I don’t read anything too exciting or scary. I usually choose a book of poetry or a magazine.

    Ivy hiding the Q-tips under the pillow reminds me of Clementine’s fascination with pens. If there’s one on the kitchen table, she loves to bat it around, especially getting it under the table runner. Do big cats hide their prey? Maybe it’s an ancestral thing.

    I hope that 2021 is a much better year for all of us!

  3. We usually are awakened by fireworks at midnight but it was raining all night so I guess everyone stayed inside. When I woke up this morning and realized I had gotten to sleep through the night with no fireworks, it seemed like a great start to the new year. As for hoarding pets, we once had a dog that had been rescued, and she just did not know how to play with toys. She claimed them for herself but just ran and shoved them into the kennel where she slept at night, and then paid no more attention to them. I decided to give her kennel a cleaning one day, and I discovered that she had also stored away a pen, two pencils, some cotton balls, a plastic spoon an empty dental floss container and some wadded up paper. We got some trash cans with lids after that, and watched her a lot closer! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy year.

  4. Happy New Year to you Brenda, Charlie and Ivy!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    While the homeless situation is indeed worrying, it is maybe moreso a condition brought on by how much our society has gone down the tubes, such as all the broken family relationships. If a clan hangs together and helps each other, even financial benefits can be had. It is the saddest part to me that our little family has not been able to have nice relationships with our extended family. But everyone gets choices in life…and so it is. Not a wonder we so loved watching shows in past years like Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons is it? I hope this year will bring stronger bonds within families so we can survive whatever else might be thrown at us. I am grateful we have managed 2020 so well as we have and we surely hope for better times ahead!!

  6. Donna from South Carolina says:

    Happy New Year Brenda!! Yes may we all have a healthy happy new year I love your daily posts and hearing about your fur babies and your home Here’s to an Awesome Year Everyone stay warm everybody ! This cold we’re having here in upstate SC is too cold for this southern girl thank goodness for a fireplace and cozy blankets

  7. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Happy New Year Brenda. Hopefully 2021 will be a year of Goodwill. Your posts about your two love bugs, always make me smile. Smiles are what we all need, thanks for that. Bonnie in Cold WI

  8. Karen B Robbins says:

    Happy New Year to you and your fur babies. It’s cold here in Ohio too and I’m very happy to stay inside. I am looking forward to spring and planting all the new flowers and vegetables. Stay warm.

  9. jeannette says:

    Happy New Year Brenda! I have been feeling very grateful as well for all I have. I’m quite content with comfortable as long as I also a furry friend in our space.

  10. Donna from South Carolina says:

    Happy New Year Brenda!! Yes may we all have a healthy happy new year I love your daily posts and hearing about your fur babies and your home Here’s to an Awesome Year Everyone stay warm everybody this cold we’re having her in upstate SC is brrrr this southern girl is freezing 🥶

  11. Barbara Dobson says:

    Ivy is quite the stealthy kitty. I love that you let her finally keep her acquisitions. Happy New Year to you. Here’s hoping we all have a happier and healthier New Year to come.

  12. Peggy Beghetto says:

    Happy New Year

  13. Happy New Year to you and the fur babies, Brenda. And thank you for your always interesting and original daily posts – that is quite an accomplishment!
    Love Ivy’s Q-Tip nest and you for deciding to let them be.

  14. Stay cozy and warm and be thankful you are a very content person in this crazy world. I for one am like you and happy I have a safe home that surrounds me with all the comfort I need. Here’s to a much more peaceful New Year as I am so over the drama government inflicts selfishly. Blessings to healthcare workers who deserve a break from this virus that is sending people to the hospitals to get a chance to live. It’s just time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel compassion.

  15. Happy 2021 Everyone! 🎉
    I hope and pray this will be the best year ever for everybody, getting rid of covid 19 and have our economy pick up!
    I’m thinking only positive this year!
    Stay safe and be well!

  16. Happy New Year to you Brenda. I, too, am extremely grateful for my home. I pass the homeless on the streets in tents on my way home from work and my hear breaks for them all. It is such a complex problem that I despair of anyone in leadership providing a way out. I’m looking forward to a brighter 2021 for sure!

  17. Annette Tracy says:

    That Ivy is such a crack up. I love that she took them right back and you never saw her!!

  18. Darlene and Cooper says:

    Happy New Year, Brenda!! Wishing you a year of comfort and joy! Stay safe and healthy.

  19. Wishing all a Happy Healthy, New Year filled with hope, joy and laughter!

  20. Happy New Year. Enjoy the first day of the new year. Let’s hope this year will be filled with more love and less unrest and we can win this war with Covid.

  21. Happy New Year Brenda !
    I love the story of Ivy and her “stash”. Our pets have their own quirky personalities just like us.

  22. Happy New Year to all ! Yes ! I hope it is a healthier 2021 !

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