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  1. jeannette says:

    I often have some strange dreams. I remember them vividly and will often share with my husband the next morning. They can be baffling, weird and I have no idea what they mean. My husband has told me many times he would pay for me to go have some person analyze them! LOL Just thought I’d share. I dream in color. I’ve read that a lot of people dream in black and white.

  2. I’m no dream interpreter but if we remember and find ourselves questioning a dream, perhaps we do it because we are in questioning. I have found when dreams are ones that just flit by they are probably mean’t too and oft times are quite self explanatory.

    However, I have had dreams after the passing of a beloved pet in which they appeared to me and these particular dreams are ones that never leave me. They are dreams that I can recall in great detail and have dealt precisely with issue I questioned in their passing. Sometimes they appeared as just the “edge” I needed to help me cross that great divide that holds me captive within the bowels of sorrow. There’s nothing unusual about this apparently as many pet owners has professed similar occurrences. I believe there are even books written on the subject as well.

    I thought Jan’s words we’re quite good in offering some insight and Susan’s words were heart felt. Indeed, there can be no comfort in words, “in your heart” to the suffering and even shouting about it can be a process of grief that needs expression.

    I attended a church service on Sunday with my daughter. There was a line in song at this church they sang repeatedly, “I surrender all”. Of course, there I was once again, tears running down my face and if it wasn’t a church service I would surely have shouted, “I didn’t surrender him, you took him”!

    May be part of my own struggle in letting go indeed but then we are all pilgrims on this journey and loving and losing. Finding a place where you can openly and honestly share those struggles is all too rare in this world too. Thank you Brenda for sharing your journey with us.

  3. Annette Tracy says:

    I seldom dream. And if I do I can usually never remember it. My husband used to dream, get up and potty, go back to sleep and resume the dream. So I’m of absolutely no help to you in the dream Dept!!

  4. Dream “interpretation” is tricky because each of us has our own personal “codes” for what things mean on a subconscious level, and that is where dreams originate. Dreaming about people from a long-ago past that you haven’t seen or consciously thought about it years to me speaks, simply, that you are thinking about the past. Given the passing of Abi I think it’s natural to think about those times – in the past – when she was alive, a pupster who was active and mischievous and ran the household, to pop into your dreams, but as symbols. In this case, the old classmate that you had a connected dream about a month ago. To me, it’s not surprising that you would have dreamt in symbols representing “the past” before Abi’s death; unconsciously I believe we often know/understand/sense things that will be occurring in our lives before they actually take place — that “sixth sense.” Just like some people, especially the elderly, seem to “know” that their time is coming soon, or you have what we call a “premonition” about something, sometimes death, that is going to happen to someone close to us, someone we love dearly. Abi had been ailing off and on for quite a while, and unconsciously maybe you were sensing that she would not be with you in the flesh for much longer. That would explain the first dream to me; the second dream was the fruition of the first. You asked about how Mike’s kids were. Abi was one of your furbabies – you were asking for assurance that she is okay now in The Happy Hunting Grounds. Well, that’s my take on those dreams, for what it’s worth.

    1. And it does make sense too.

  5. I remember a lot of my dreams and mine are quite strange, too. I used to keep a dream diary, but stopped doing that. In fact, speaking of dreams, I was going to email you and totally forgot…I had a dream about you last week! It’s mostly gone from me now; all I remember is that I ran into you in public. And you had long hair! I said, “Brenda?” You said, “Melanie?” And we gave each other a big hug. 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s so sweet! We’d do that if we met in person, because we’ve “known” one another a long time.

  6. Dear Brenda, clearly you fancied him then, are destined to reconnect, fall in love, marry and have twins!!!!!!!! :-). There must have been something (in all seriousness now),,,,that made an impression upon you in those early days. Something empathetic in you towards him? A feeling of seeing something similar? It’s possible you know in these days, to discover what’s happened to someone. Do you remember his full name? That’s nearly all it takes anymore. You could even discover from a distance, without showing yourself, what’s become of him. So glad you’re here with us all of these days. Much love and warmth to you today.

    1. I don’t even recall what he looked like. I was never his friend. I don’t know why he’s cropping up in dreams.

  7. Crystal B. says:

    I am never concerned abouy my dreams becauae I hardly ever dream. My husband says that everyone dreams, that I just don’t remember my dreams. How can anyone know if someone else dreams or not?

    1. I don’t know if there’s a way to know if you dream unless you’re in a doctor’s care while you sleep or something. I think we dream; we just don’t remember.

  8. Brenda,

    I dream a lot and there are certainly some that make no sense. I commented yesterday on your loss of Abi and my comment has been troubling me, I told you that nothing can ever take away the love that you and Abi shared and that she will always be in your heart. While my words were said with the best of intentions, I’m not sure they were the best words. I have a little dog who means everything to me and I fear if someone said to me that she will always be in my heart, I doubt that would be of great comfort and I may want to shout that I want her HERE with me. So what I should say instead is how very sorry I still am for the loss of your sweet Abi and that I continue to keep you and Charlie in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. I understood. No worries. I just picked up her ashes. That wasn’t very easy either.

  9. Isn’t that weird? I have had things too that “chase me” through my dreams that were just a bit and piece of my life at some point. And then I have dreams where I am so connected to someone in my past life (that I no longer see or lost contact with) and wake up full of longing and “missing” them. xo Diana

    1. Same here. People that are gone that I miss.

    1. I think his last name was Fuller.

  10. I have not studied dreams but some say they have messages and meaning. I often have dreams that I am unprepared for something like a test or speech or an assignment that is due. Since I am not in school or giving speeches, I can only guess that they are stress related in some way. Dreams are like entering another dimension. I have read that psychopaths do not dream, so I guess we don’t have to worry about that.

    1. Yes, that’s a relief. Wouldn’t want to have the mind of a psychopath!

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