The One-Legged Kitchen Vignette

Yesterday, when the pain pill wasn’t achieving its goal, I tossed caution to the wind and created a one-legged vignette in my kitchen.

I could sit and wait it out, or get up and do something.

In The One-Legged Kitchen Vignette, this is a vignette I created in my kitchen while in my ankle cast getting around on a knee-scooter.

I’d been looking at lots of blogs online and the more I looked, the more inspired I felt. You probably know that feeling you get. The itch, I like to call it.

If you’re in quite a bit of pain, and you’re literally sweating through it, you need to try to distract yourself. I’ve gotten pretty good at maneuvering the knee scooter. And I didn’t break a thing!

I took one knee scooter jaunt into the living room to gather up a couple of things in there.

And then proceeded to create a kitchen vignette. Albeit one-legged. If someone happened upon this post, they’d be very curious about the title if they didn’t know what’s going on.

Creating A Kitchen Vignette:

  • Decide on a color combination (mine is red and white)
  • Choose items from your kitchen that just make you happy
  • Combine these items together in a sweet little arrangement
  • Don’t try to get too perfect or you won’t like the results
  • Perfection is over-rated

The base is my vintage bowl. It’s been up in those “forgotten” cupboards above the stove since I moved in here in January.

In this One-Legged Kitchen Vignette, I used a vintage bowl as a base and built my red and white vignette.

You know that spot up high, the one that is awkward to get to but not big enough to do squat with.

I’ve been so careful over the probably 8 years I’ve had this vintage bowl not to break it. I’d really like to have it out where I can admire it, but I just haven’t found a good spot yet.

I bought this bowl at the antique mall for $22. At the time that was kind of pricey for me. But it reminded me of my childhood, and I just couldn’t leave without it.

Retrieving The Bowl:

Using this big bowl meant moving my scooter over close to the stove. Then I opened the door and reached up with one hand and got my bowl.

That doesn’t sound hard. But this bowl is heavy. And retrieving it one-legged and one-handed was a little difficult.

Once I had it, I swung over to the other side and commenced to making my vignette.

I really haven’t been able to show off my red and white set of dishes I ordered a while back. So I reached up to the top open cabinet and grabbed a mug.

My vintage bowl with a plant and kitchen items inside. In front is a scrub brush and a set of wood spoons

The Pfaltzgraff red and white striped mug is a little hard to see, but it’s in there.

Did I Truly Know What I Was Doing?

Not fully. But it sure distracted me from the pain until it got settled down.

I’d like to say that I was in full possession of my senses when I did all this.

But truly, I was in that sweating, eyelids half-open stupor you go into when the pain has reached a certain level.

So no, I wasn’t thinking all that straight. I hope this shows you how much I truly love you gals. Because I wanted you to open this up today and see something pretty.

And I enjoyed doing it and seeing the finished product, so I may just do some more one-legged vignettes. But I might give them a more appropriate name that would make sense to someone who stumbled upon the post.

And I’d probably have to be in another state of mind like I was in yesterday. When you’re about half-loopy from pain pills.

Because reaching up and pulling things down from the cupboards was a little bit nervy for me. I could have easily broken something reaching up into that top cabinet.

  • You can see a similar set of wooden measuring spoons here.
  • You can see the very same scrub brush set here.
  • You can see a similar set of red and white dish towels here.
  • You can see the very same Pioneer Woman hot pads here.
  • You can see a similar faux plant grouping in pots here.

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  1. Brenda,
    please call your doctor tomorrow and see if you can take Aleve (rx dose) and go off the pain meds. I broke my arm and shoulder, ended up with surgery, a plate with multiple screws in it and an incision that went from 4″above my elbow, up my arm and across my shoulder onto my chest. I was so sick and dizzy from all the pain meds when I got home and he suggested Aleeve (I used store brand) and gave the the dose and schedule for using it. OH what a life saver!!!! Praying you feel better soon.

  2. Lovely vignette and I’m glad you found something fun to do to distract yourself from the pain. I know how boring it gets just sitting around watching TV and reading after surgery. The first couple of days, fine. But then you feel like you never want to turn on the TV or pick up a book again! Like you said, you get antsy. I’m just glad you didn’t hurt yourself in the process.

  3. You did an amazing job, I love it. Your new apartment is wonderful too, so glad you moved. Thanks for your lovely thoughts for my son.

  4. Yes, you could have broken something. Your ankle for instance. It’s lovely Brenda. You entertain me. As usual🫶

  5. I’m one to go make something even if I I don’t feel good! I should be a food blogger bc I’m always cooking or baking something. Lol

    I have a set of my Nana’s bowls that I use to use and now I have them up high in the cupboard, where I can see and enjoy them.

    Nice kitchen vignette btw Brenda!
    Where there’s a will there’s a way, with some stubbornness too! Lol
    I’m definitely explaining myself too bc I have the stubbornness of both my parents! They still tell me all the time and I tell them I got it from them! Lol

  6. Oh Brenda – it’s a lovely arrangement and such a joy to see your creative spirit at work. I admit, as a #1 worrier, that I am so relieved you managed it and are ok. Please be careful, we all care about you so much.
    Did Miss Ivy shake her head and wonder what in the world is Mom doing? Lol

  7. I know how you feel — you can only sit and stare for so long — and then something has to be done. And oh! how lovely it feels to have accomplished something that makes you smile. Glad you didn’t get hurt or break your lovely bowl.

    1. I was very, very careful. The hardest part was getting that mug, which can hardly be seen, off the top shelve without breaking it.

  8. I was sorry to hear that the pain was so bad, but regardless, there you were, doing what you do. That is just the way you roll, Brenda, and I was not surprised, and you really were rolling (grin). Happy to hear, you did not have a “Kerfufful” (accident). No breaking of bowls, and as Jan mentioned, no breaking your neck!!! Every item in your vignette is wonderful. Thank you for sharing, we all appreciate that you are thinking of us, we love you too!

    1. You make me laugh. I will be doing another. My brain is so scrambled now I might as well do something creative with it.

  9. I’ve noticed before how high you can reach when you want something. I’m taller than you are and have the arms of an ape but you can reach way higher than I would have expected. Glad nothing got broken, like you, and I love your vignette. Do not go into those cabinets over the fridge you daredevil!!!

  10. I’m just glad you didn’t break your neck or your antique bowl, which you easily could have done! Your comment to make a vignette with kitchen items I love made me smile. That left me at – zero, other than a dish towel that has a lovely portrait of a raccoon on it that I purchased from the National Wildlife Federation. And my Dove dark chocolates. I don’t love the candy dish they’re in, but I do love my dark chocolates. I can’t imagine making anything worth looking at out of those items, LOL!

  11. Yup, cabin fever has gotten the best of the “One Legged Woman”! And we so appreciate the beautiful vignette. That bowl is lovely.
    Like you I have a glass bowl that is huge I spotted one day in an antique store. It’s ribbed and the sides flare out. Way too big to put your average salad in. We now use it to store our coffee pods on my daughter’s beautiful china hutch she bought herself!
    Please be careful❣️

    1. The doctor has ordered a different strength of pain killer so I can take it more often. Unfortunately one of my daughters will have to jump through hoops to pick it up without me, and I can’t even imagine getting from in here to their car in this heat.

  12. Oh my… I’m trying hard not to imagine all the What Ifs that could have happened, and instead just appreciate the beautiful vignette you made for us, lol! It is quite lovely. You are a crazy, wonderful woman! Please stay safe! We all love you too!

    1. Boredom sets in whether you’re in pain or not. I just had to make something. It’s a good thing I’m not a food blogger.

  13. Finally see the striped cup…it all looks adorable as usual…my cupboards have a space above them where I have all my and my husband’s antiques and things we love…I have a vintage yellow ware mixing bowl with an egg beater resting on it and grandma’s rolling pin and a old sifter beside it…we made lots of cookies in that bowl…it has the little girl with the sprinkle can on it…my daughter has the small one…the middle one must of gotten broken…it is so fun to shop in your own house…I read you every day and pop back in to read the comments…my daughter cannot believe her 68 year old mother is blogging with someone in OK…continued blessings as you recover…💕

    1. Oh, that vignette sounds adorable! I’d love to find an old egg beater one day. Unfortunately, I was stupid and gave all my rolling pins away. What was I thinking? I also love yellow ware bowls.

  14. I love everything about it. I know those bowls are very heavy so I can only imagine how precarious that whole situation was. Although it was a bit “nervy” I’m sure it felt good to feed your creative soul.
    And now every time you ‘scoot’ by it it’ll bring a big smile to your face.
    Have a good day and please be careful.

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