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  1. It’s all very beautiful and welcoming!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Moving is a royal pain…but very necessary at times. I miss our last location in ways, but we had to find a place hubby could manage better…which costs a royal fortune. Your patio is so pretty…just love the large blue container and the colors you have in that one especially!! Citronella does seem to help with mosquitoes…we kept a plant on both sides of the door at the last place we lived out in the country where we had lots of mosquitoes.

  3. Beautiful. You have an emerald thumb my friend.

  4. Marilynn Hackbarth says:

    Your garden is so beautiful.
    Love seeing what is new .
    Just the perfect size to take care of.

  5. BRENDA: I don’t know if this works or not, but was told by landscaper at the County court house that coffee grounds run bugs away from plants….

  6. Your garden as usual is lovely. Can’t wait to hear about the place you’re visiting.

  7. Absolutely beautiful!

  8. A gorgeous display as always. I always enlarge the photoS, and move them around to closely examine every plant😍 I’m wondering about your ginko tree…, and what’s in the corner by your wagon.
    I also have been admiring your metal Angel every time I see it, so….today I found a 25″ one on Amazon and ordered it. You inspired me once again! My last one , which I broke last year, was a gift from my grandson over 20 years ago. It was plaster, so since I’ve gotten less agile I decided a metal one would be better.
    I see myself in you Brenda. No matter how much pain it causes you are still drawn to do it because you love it so much. I get it, but whenever I read your grooming news I know the price you pay.
    I will be thinking of you as you make the best decision for your living arrangements. As much as we all care no-one can know all the facts to be considered, only you, and perhaps your family.

  9. Susan Daniels says:

    Your garden is beautiful. Please don’t rush into anything. Have a great day.

  10. Your patio garden is just gorgeous!

  11. Bonnie Schulte says:

    I’ve been thinking of you moving, or not moving, since you posted. I believe it would be difficult to leave your patio, and your privacy behind. I know you would (?) take some of the plants with you? If so, it would again be difficult to decide what goes and what stays. And your decor on the fence. Would that stay behind? I know many would say that things are just that, things, but many may have a special meaning to you also. There is so much to look at and Love. I do love your patio, VERY much, and also how you have decorated your apartment. I do not envy making a choice like this. But then, I am much older, and change would be very hard for me. I wish you only peace with the choices you make, and the best of luck to you, whatever you do. Hugs from Wet, Wet, Wisconsin

    1. Susan clark says:

      Dear Brenda, your patio is so beautiful. Thanks for posting an update. I’m struggling at our new house with an awesome raised bed, deer proof garden. I have a massive slug infestation which I have never delete with in all my years of gardening. They love beer so using beer traps. Thank goodness they are only eating the pepper plants not the tomatoes. It’s still frustrating. Henry, grandson, is coming over tomorrow so think I’ll have him help plant more peppers, tomatoes and zinnia seeds. Blessings to you.

  12. Annette Tracy says:

    Do you know how many sq ft you have in your apt? If you could figure it out it might help when you consider another place. Your patio flowers are gorgeous.

  13. Janice Davis says:

    Brenda, it would be difficult for me to leave that beautiful garden behind. I would need to have gardening space at another apartment. I know it’s a difficult decision concerning the possibility of your moving. I remember my grandmother’s advice….if you have doubts, dont.

    1. That’s is so true. Good advice from your grandmother

  14. Sally Lisman says:

    You’re patio garden is so beautiful. I feel like I have walked through a garden after viewing all of your wonderful pictures. So relaxing and inviting.
    Wondering if you would have a similar space for all of your plants if you moved. Especially the privacy of a fenced in courtyard.
    Thanks for the detailed photos of your flower garden.

  15. Your patio looks so pretty. Your flowers are so pretty already early in the season. Enjoy that beautiful space.

  16. Your patio garden looks beautiful! I am so glad that you are still considering the 55+ community!

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