May is here and the plants are growing so fast and getting quite lush. It’s my favorite time of year when seeds are pushing through the soil and plants are growing by inches per day.

It’s overcast right now, so rain may be in the forecast. Which, of course, my patio garden will surely love.

The purple verbena is trailing out of the big blue pot and will spill the blooms made up of many tiny flowers over the side.

Galvanized Garden:

The cluster of lemon balm growing out of the crack in the cement continues to increase in size and look very healthy.

If you look over at the far right side of the above photo you’ll see that I paid the maintenance man to saw off the really sharp daggers of the piece of driftwood.

I kept running into it and cutting my legs.

Voodoo Sedum:

The harsh winter killed most of the sedum I had planted inside the driftwood. So now I’ve planted a different sedum in it. As you can see it is green tinged in red.

It is called voodoo sedum. Strange name, huh?

Blue Raised Bed:

The blue raised bed is quite full at this end. There is a little room at the other end, where I have transplanted zinnia seedlings.

The wind knocked my tall irises over and they had to be cut back a bit. And they were so lovely!

With nature you have to enjoy things while you can.

Plastic Pot Arrangement:

Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups are still going strong in this cooler weather.

The allium plant has just about filled up the green pot but isn’t blooming yet.

Morning Glories:

The morning glory seedlings are growing fast. Soon they will reach up the trellis and over the fence and bloom.

I have transplanted the seedlings all over the patio in various pots to enjoy elsewhere.

And so that is the patio garden on this May 2. I am so enjoying watching it grow.

Going outside and maintaining the plants and flowers by snipping and pinching back.

Sitting in my wicker chair and enjoying the view and the cardinal couple that visit here regularly.

“The master of the garden is the one who waters it, trims the branches, plants the seeds, and pulls the weeds. If you merely stroll through the garden, you are but an acolyte.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

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  1. Your garden is beautiful and your season is WAY ahead of ours. We’re just getting in a few cold weather annuals but I’m looking forward to seeing them spread. Thank you for sharing your gardens with us.

  2. I laughed when you said, “Strange name, huh?” Not that you said anything funny. But because in Canada we would have said “Strange name, eh?” “Huh” to us means “what”, as in, What did you say? “Eh” is what Canadians are renowned for, and it is said daily in all conversations…”Hot out, eh”, etc. Etc. As well, we are known for our “Sorry”. We all say it daily to anyone or anything. To the dog, to the fridge we might bump into!. It is a constant in our vocabulary. SNL and others have poked fun at us for both eh and sorry. It is just a habit of our vocabulary.

  3. I love all the pictures of your beautiful patio garden. You are definitely the master of your garden.

  4. Brenda, I enjoyed all the photos of your patio garden but the photos of the Johnny Jump Ups in those colorful pots are just gorgeous! Thank you for all your posts!

  5. Brenda, so lovely! I’m glad you created such a beautiful garden for your enjoyment and ours! Love your photos. Thank you!

  6. Beautiful color everywhere! I’m still waiting on seedlings to bloom – marigolds, hyacinth bean & some others. Waiting is soooo hard. LOVE that quote!

  7. Your patio garden is so beautiful! I wish I had your talent Brenda! I do not have a green thumb at all! My daughter always buys me flowers for my porch for Mother’s Day. She buys two hanging plants and flowers for the railing boxes. Last year I had to bring all the plants inside because we had frost at night, so this year we are going to put off buying the flowers for a week or two! It was a shame that you had to pay your maintenance man to cut the daggers off the driftwood. It would have been nice if he did it from the goodness of his heart!

  8. What a colorful and beautiful garden! My porch hanging baskets and window boxes are looking very nice.
    I have hungry deer to contend with, so I have to be careful what and where I plant flowers. I miss purple coneflower, black eyed susans, day lilies, hollyhocks, tall phlox, zinnia that I used to grow. Over the years as food got more scarce for the deer with building progressing, they took to eating them. Now they will
    completely eat them down to the ground. I have a little area by a wooden privacy fence thatI am thinking of fencing in a bed with wire fence and planting my old standbys. It’s a small area, but at least I could then plant seeds and flowers and protect the from the deer. I’d still be able to see the blooming flowers through the wire fence and finally have cut flowers for my house again! Hopefully, I will have pretty blooms like you have now on your patio garden!

  9. There is so much beautiful color and joy on your patio. It doesn’t seem it could grow any more gorgeous, but every time you show it to us, it DOES!

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