The Portable Washing Machine Conundrum

Of late I seem to have a portable washing machine conundrum in my apartment kitchen. The part of the hose that you hook up to the kitchen faucet is not working correctly.

Buying A Portable Washing Machine:

As you know, I ordered a portable washing machine last April right after I moved in here. They use this type washer in Europe and in NY where space is limited. 

They don’t have washer/dryer hook-ups at these apartments. But I decided it was best to move here due to the large patio.

It was this place or go somewhere where there were hook-ups, but nowhere for me to garden. And also no place for the dogs to run around. 

I was limited to one place that would fulfill my needs.

It is clearly a state of the art LG wash/dryer machine. It is computerized. But from the get-go, I have had problems.

Problems With The hose that hooks up to the faucet:

At first the problems weren’t with the machine, but with the hose that hooks up to your kitchen sink faucet. After washing, I could not get it off the faucet. You’re supposed to push down on this white piece of plastic and it slips right off. 

Never happened. I made lots of calls. No one believed me. So that’s when the stream of plumbers started being called to my apartment, at my expense. 

They all said it was due to the high water pressure here, which I think is true. But surely other places have high water pressure. So wouldn’t this issue have been addressed before?

They all had ideas they though might help, but none panned out and fixed the problem.

I have an extra three year warranty I paid for after the first year is up. I called LG. They were less than helpful. Their customer service has evidently been out-sourced overseas. Dealing with them for hours made me want to sit down and cry.

Someone comes out to take a look at the problem:

Anyway, I managed to at least glean the name of an appliance store here that would honor my warranty. A very nice man came out, did what he thought would fix it and left. 

It did not fix it. 

I wrote a lengthy email to LG. I got no response. Which I will be remembering next time I have to buy an appliance.

As you all know, I decorated my kitchen to accommodate this washing machine. I even had my stove taken out because there just wasn’t enough room for both.

Even more problems crop up:

Then water started coming from microscopic pin holes in the TOP, yes, I said the top, of my faucet, when the washing machine was hooked up to the spigot. Leaking from the steel. 

It is very odd to see water spewing out of solid steel from holes you cannot even see. 

Fast forward about four more plumbers, at $95 an hour. The last one was here this past week.

His answer to this dilemma was to go all over town and find that actually created dual spigots. One has a little mechanism where you can turn the water pressure off. 

The idea was to have water come out of one side, and the mechanism help control water pressure when I was done using the washing machine. 

The appliance guy’s fix didn’t work:

On Friday I decided to try it out. I washed a load of clothes. Water also flowed out of the other side. 

So he came back out that afternoon. He turned the machine on, and suddenly water was spewing from the front of the washing machine. It was also spraying up behind the sink, under the sink, etc. I was beside myself with frustration. 

The day before I had paid $327. At this rate, I’m going broke fast. I have already paid in plumbing fees what I paid for the actual machine, which was $1300. 

His answer next was to buy water pressure regulators. This was going to cost me another $300-$400 to buy and have installed. 

I need some help:

Do you know a plumber or are you married to a plumber? In other words, I need opinions from someone familiar with plumbing and water pressure. And I need it fast. I hope the machine is not ruined. 

I just don’t know what to do. Have you ever run across a problem like this before? 

I am on my own with this, because the management says they do not provide plumbing for washing machines, and are not responsible for the portable one I purchased. 

Thus this is all out of my pocket book.



  1. You might want to ask about this on the This Old House Forum. Give a short discription of your problem then a link to your site. The regular guys there are pretty sharp. It might take a few days to get a number of responses – some only check in a few times a week.

  2. I would definitely send copies of all your repair receipts to LG. This is crazy. And I really hope you get the help you need from the reader's husband.

    I have been going back and forth with Comcast for my service at both houses and yes, I really believe there is a script. Last week I just wanted to change my appointment date and they started to ask me for personal info and numbers off my modem until I just LOST it! I finally said with gritted teeth, "Put me on hold. Get a date and time for a tech to come to my home. Give it to me in plain English. And do this in 2 minutes or less." Anyway, I have internet at the lake again…that's how I'm writing this now. Yippee! I should be outside in the sun! Ha!

    Jane xx

  3. Just another idea, what about a pick up/drop off laundry service? I'm not sure how much they charge, but at this rate it's probably worth it!

  4. So very sorry to hear all the trouble you are going through. I don't have any plumbing ideas but I will mention to everyone reading that I have heard from a number of friends that they will never buy any LG appliances again … because of lousy customer service and many problems with the appliances. Just a heads up …

    Hope your friend's husband's idea works out well for you. You need a blessing!

  5. I am so sorry you are having to go thru this. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about how to get your clothes clean! I am hopeful about the advice Tammielee's hubby gave you. The only bit of advice I would give is if you need to have a plumber come over again, make sure a man is there. Get a friend, a neighbor, an apt. employee, whoever you can, to simply stand there and ask a question or two so the plumber knows he can't take advantage of a woman alone! It's sad in this day and age that some repairman think they can con a woman. A lot of these plumbers probably aren't familiar with the combo washer/dryer and are just grasping at straws to make you think they are so they can charge their service fee.

  6. I have absolutely no idea how to fix your problem, but I sure am sorry you are going through something soooo frustrating! So glad you've got some readers with plumber husbands. I hope their solutions work for you!

  7. Ye gods and little fishes! You must get great showers there with all that pressure! I know, I know — it isn't funny —

    I hope the nice plumber husband and the water pressure regulator can do the trick. I have not had any problems with my LG appliances (thank heavens).

    Meanwhile, I wonder if you could try to recoup some of that money you have spent in small claims court?

  8. I would have demanded a return and refund long before I spent $1400 on it. Yes, Laundromats are a pain but cheap considering you have spent over $3000 and still can't wash clothes. But that is me. Hope the latest solution works.

  9. I am so so sorry to hear you are having such expensive problems with your brand new machine. Live and learn, I guess. I hope Tammie's hubby has the answer.

  10. I would certainly turn LG into the Better Business Bureau (if there is such a thing now days). The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I would call them A LOT just to complain. Sorry you are having so many problems but I bet Tammie's man will help you. You know this might be a test to see if there are still nice people out there willing to help. If so, you found them. Take care Rebecca

  11. I'm sorry you are having so many problems. I don't know about your house, but in my kitchen under the sink is a knob that regulates the pressure. I know it is the obvious place to look, however, maybe the plumbers you have had are like you said taking advantage of you.

  12. I agree with two of the comments above that suggest you get rid of this money eating monster and either (1) buy a stackable washer/dryer or (2) sell it somehow and go to the laundry mat….neither of these two solutions are probably what you want to do and/or hear but if the suggested fixes from the reader's husband don't work, i wouldn't continue to throw good money after bad. Hope you get this worked out soon!

  13. What a nightmare. I had a faucet that the developed pin holes. It was a cheap faucet. Management replaced it under duress. I hope a pressure regulator works for you. Keeping my fingers crossed, my friend. xo Laura

  14. Order the pressure regulator from Camping World. They only cost a few dollars and easy to install. I was an RVer for 5 years with the same Washer/dryer. We always used a pressure regulator at the faucet. Good luck

  15. Hi Brenda, Sometimes we have to stop putting good money after bad and just assume the loss. At this point I would, if you can fit it, buy a small stack able washer and dryer. Not too expensive. You just need something simple that will wash and dry your clothes. You don't need this aggravation. Your health is more important. You can sell the machine to someone who doesn't have such high water pressure and can use it. Make sure it is still operating right first. Your loss can be their blessing. I am sure you would still want the patio more than anything else.

  16. What an absolute nightmare!! We have a water pressure regulator in our house – it was installed when the house was built. It works very well. By the way – yes, they do have scripts at call centres.

  17. I'm sorry you've had to spend so much money and still haven't gotten anything fixed yet. Phooey to the plumbers who try to take advantage of women. They are not the only ones who do so, though. One time my daughter and I were driving to Wichita in pouring down rain and we had just gotten through KC when her windshield wipers quit. We pulled into a dealer and they charged us 3 times what they should have for the part and labor to fix it. We found this out when we got back home. Of course, her nitwit and now ex-hubby was furious over the money spent and thought we should have just wiped on some Rain-X and driven through the pouring rain anyway. Okay, I'm getting off track. Just wanted to say I hope you get the right help you need and don't have to spend a bunch more money! Good luck!

  18. Hi Brenda, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. You seem like you really researched this and it was such a great solution for you. Hoping you get the answers you need. Drats to the people who take advantage of those of us that are not experienced in certain repairs. You are so creative and do such a great job of creating a comfortable place for yourself using limited funds. Wishing you a good outcome.

  19. Oh Brenda im praying you can go get what you need now and this will solve everything for you!! My goodness, im so sorry you have had too spend so much!! That is terrible!! Thank goodness for your blogger friend and her husband. Hoping all works soon. Take care!

  20. Oh my word! I would be consumed with anger about this problem if it were me too! I can't believe how much money this problem has cost you. I bet you've been wanting to take that machine and throw it out your back window a time or two! (I always threaten to throw something outside if it won't work. lol) I don't have any good advice to give you since I'm not a plumber or married to one. Does anyone else in your complex have this problem or have a machine like you? It would be nice to know what they did about it if they do. Sounds like you may end up having to return the machine altogether and start using a Laundromat! I wouldn't want to keep pouring money into it.

  21. Hi Brenda! I'm so very sorry you are going through such a nightmare. I hope & pray that it is resolved soon. Do you remember me? My old blog was Simple Southern Cottage. I cannot access it anymore. I have tried everything, but nothing has worked. So I started a new blog with WordPress. I hope you will visit me there when you can.

  22. I say sell the darned machine on Craigslist and recoup some of your money. Then rearrange your darling kitchen and pay out quarters to do your laundry…….only do laundry occasionally. One can be "penny wise and pound foolish," I think the saying goes. Sometimes one can work way too hard at saving money and it ends up costing. It's the KISS theory I have been told to rely on…….Keep It Simple, Stupid. This saying was aimed at me one time. I'm not calling you names…..I've been called stupid for not keeping it simple, so please don't take offense. Simplicity is always cheaper.

  23. This is terrible Brenda..I never even heard of these wash & dry machines before you got yours..but I guess the problem is the water not the machine..even so their customer service apparently stinks so I would feel like you and look elsewhere next time I'm buying..I will keep my fingers crossed that Tammielee's hubby has the solution..Thank goodness there are still good people out there that are willing to help..

  24. Oh, Brenda. Wow, I know this must be so frustrating for you and expensive, too. Just one thing on any customer service encounter. If you are dealing with an overseas operation, you have every right to ask to be transferred to a customer service representative in the UNITED STATES. Also, LG should have responded to you. I will remember their ignoring you when I go to purchase my next appliance. It won't be LG!

  25. Hi Brenda..My husband is a plumber and I just read your post to him and he says tell your plumber you would like to have two pressure reducing valves installed under the sink before the supply lines of the kitchen faucet…that way you can drop your pressure down to any where below 60 lbs which is more than adequate and will relieve the wear and tear on the faucet spouts where you got the holes which would also make the quick disconnect easier to disconnect…Good Luck! my husband has plumbed all his life…Good Luck! Carol

    1. I don't have any choice with this. Hopefully the cheap fix will work. Have to just let go of the idea of all that money already spent.

  26. If your washer/dryer has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, they may be able to help you. It is good to keep the Good Housekeeping seal in mind when purchasing all kinds of products. Hope you find a solution to the problem with your machine.

  27. I know you shouldnt Have to do it this way but often the best way is the simplest and is FREE except for a little aggrivation:) go under the kitch cab to the main fauset and turn in half way OFF. you will then only get half pressure coming to the fauset and to the washer connection…. when you are thru washing and have the nozzle removed, go back under the cab and turn the water back on full like normal..

    1. We talked via phone. I would rather try the cheap RV idea because I will forget to turn things back. One of my meds makes me very forgetful.

  28. So sorry for all off the trouble and expense. We had to hook our washer up to our bathtub faucet one time. Don't know the plumbing situation you have going on or the space you have in the bathroom.

    1. Uh, the bathroom is smaller than the one I had before. I'll get this worked out. It's just frustrating. I was hoping someone was married to a plumber and I lucked out there!

  29. Oh, Brenda, I'm so sorry you've had this experience, BUT…God Bless Tammielee!!! I pray her DH can help you! Keep us posted.

  30. Dang it, that was supposed to be the answer to your laundry problems, too. Let's hope Tammie Lee's husband is a miracle worker. I spent $1154 in plumbing fees this past wknd, long story, it was one thing after the other and got pretty crazy. I know how aggravating this can be. My one plumber turned out to be a miracle worker and didn't have to cut into the plaster to replace pipes! On the flip side a little levity for you, I've always said in my next life I'm having 5 sons: a chiropractor, lawyer, gardener, plumber and an electrician! Seems reasonable, doesn't it?

  31. I feel for you having so much trouble with your plumbing and washer/dryer.. I hope your friend's husband can solve the problem and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.. You've paid enough already..
    Good luck !

    1. From what he said, probably around $10 and get some washers. Hopefully I won't have to call the plumber back out here. He told me I'm lining their pockets and they will continue to take advantage of me because they can.

    1. Tammielee's husband was nice enough to talk to me via phone. And told me to go get a water pressure thingie for RV's at Walmart, which I will do in the morning because I need to go to the bank. And you know I won't go out unless I have a list of errands to run! So he said he'd walk me through it by phone. I just hope this pressure hasn't already ruined the machine or pipes underneath the sink.

  32. Brenda,
    We have spoken before, I have the same machine. Also, my husband is a plumber. He will talk to you and has a solution that isn't expensive. Please call us…360- 844-5853.

  33. I am so, so sorry, Brenda, and feel just awful. Such a long and expensive ordeal for you to suffer through. Really an absolute nightmare. Wishing you the best of luck on your continued repair attempts

  34. Darn, I wish you had just unloaded that thing and went with a Haier portable washer. They come in two sizes and cost about $179 and $389. This little machine gets rave reviews, even from families in apartments. It is sold at Walmart as well as Home Depot.

    Of course, there is no dryer, but I don't have a dryer in my tiny townhouse. I do have a washing machine, but I hang Hubby and my clothes on racks. It works fine. I hope this problem is solved soon for you, Brenda!

  35. Also, I'm thinking that this issue could be one more thing you are dealing with that, when you solve it, you will be able to help a lot of people by sharing this information! Still, it's lousy that you have to go through it.

  36. Hi Brenda. I don't have much plumbing advice to offer, except I am wondering about your faucet, that you said had water coming out of microscopic holes. Are you sure it is made of metal? Some cheap faucets are actually made of plastic, and have been painted to look like metal. We've had those cheap faucets before, and they don't hold up well. A cheap plastic faucet probably isn't creating all of the problem, but, it probably wouldn't be helping things, either. Maybe a plastic faucet wouldn't be able to hold up under the pressure, and would develop holes, or be part of the reason why the washer hose doesn't unhook properly.

    Since you've had so many plumbers there, one of them surely would have told you if the faucet was plastic, or if the faucet was part of the problem. But, maybe not. So, maybe you will want to somehow verify that the faucet really is metal.

    I know that is not much help at all, but, it's the only angle I can address with my limited knowledge. I am really sorry to hear about these issues, because I really did think you'd solved your laundry issues with this appliance.

    1. I have a bathroom faucet that looks chrome but is plastic. I wonder if the pin holes are causing a vacuum and that's why you can't get it off. But you purchased a warranty. Who did you buy it from? If you call LG again, just be polite and keep asking for someone in the U.S. They HAVE to connect you with someone, it's a law. You should be reimbursed for all your expenses. Hope you are keeping a diary of calls and expenses. Good luck. You are in my prayers.

  37. Oh Brenda, I am so sorry about this problem you are having. So frustrating!!! I don't have any advice for you but wish you all the best as you figure this out!!


  38. Thanks for the link, Kathy. I immediately went over to read it. I will mention this to the plumber. This has become a nightmare.

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