The Predicaments People Get Themselves Into

Sometimes it’s surprising the predicaments people manage to get themselves into.

Yesterday I ended up watching or semi-watching back-to-back episodes of Dateline. Where you see all manner of humanity and crime manifesting itself due to anger or jealousy or both.

Candle vignette

People are so utterly complicated.

In one episode two female friends lived next door to one another. They and their husbands went out together.

Then one female fell in love with the neighbor’s husband. Uh-oh.

Crime, Passion & Anger:

Of course the husband kept saying how he didn’t want any of it to happen and he kept telling the neighbor that it was over. Except he kept seeing her. 

The female in love with her friend’s husband even enlisted her teenage son to help her. Long story short, they killed the woman next door.

But then, as things usually happen, they get caught. They go to prison. Then get fat on prison food and hopefully delve into their psyches to see where things went wrong for them.

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Then there was the man in his sixties who lived off the grid in his van with his dog. Camped out in parks. And used those parks looking for prey.

Which turned out to be women he could accost on the trails in order to get money from them.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” ― Walter Scott, Marmion

High Intellect Psychopaths:

This man had a high IQ, was probably smarter than many in the courtrooms where he was tried. A true psychopath in his sixties. Who simply saw these women as a means to an end.

His downfall were the tapes he kept of himself talking to his dog about his crimes as they drove around the country in the oh-so-typical white van.

How many times have you watched a TV crime show and the suspect was driving a white van?

Swan Lake in Tulsa

Women As Prey:

These women were all hiking or walking through these parks with lots of trees and vegetation. In a perfect world women should be able to do that of course.

But we have to remember that this is the type of place where psychopaths go hunting.

Murder is often a crime of opportunity. Sometimes it is planned, as in the first Dateline show I watched. But for true predators, like serial killers, they go out hunting.

And they find who they find.

So as much as you might want to go off by yourself in wooded areas, you’d better think about who you might run into while out there.

As I wrote last week, 1 in 25 people are sociopaths with little or no conscience. And unfortunately your life means next to nothing to them.

Kitchen table vignette

Well, I certainly didn’t mean to go off on that tangent.

Neck Injection:

I’m having the neck injection done this afternoon.

The last few weeks my shoulders and the area below my neck feels seized up. As though I’m being squeezed.

And I can’t for the life of me find a comfortable position to sleep in.

As you well know pain just drains you. It wrings you out like a wet mop and then hangs you out to day. And if it is chronic you see no end in sight.

I know many of you deal with chronic pain and know what I’m referring to. Chronic pain can be debilitating.

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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  1. Very glad to hear you decided to do this .I wish the very best for you .
    I think you will be amazed how soon your pain will hopefully disappear .
    Happy days ahead and pain free .
    Sometimes the injections I got would last 3 months or more .
    The injections no longer help me so I must do the surgery .
    I have Three discs bulging and one is hitting a nerve so I am looking forward to getting surgery in the new year .
    Take care .
    Hugs to you and your precious babies !

  2. Brenda, am thinking of you and all your concerns about this whole situation. Remember to breathe deeply and just focus on the sound of your own breath as you feel the tension increasing today. It isn’t easy but I have found it very helpful when I have to go through scary and painful things. Especially when my mind goes running off on tangents and just tells me all sorts of frightening possibilities (which rarely ever happen).
    It will be alright, Brenda. I so wish I could be with you.
    Blessings to you, my friend.

  3. I hope the injection will help. Those shows, “24 Hours” and “Dateline”, I just found those stories to be jaw dropping and sad. Riddle: name two species who will kill just to kill: owls and humans. Amazing.

    Carol and Molly

    1. I haven’t heard that information about owls. I have read that in times of plentiful game that owls will kill some extra prey and store it to eat later. Birds have to work so hard to hunt for food that it seems odd that any bird would just kill and not eat the prey at some point.

  4. Wishing you luck Brenda. Hope this kicks your pain right out the door..for a long long time!

    1. Good luck, Brenda! The steroid shot in the shoulder/neck area has worked for my husband many times; I am optimistically confident it will work for you, too!

    1. It went fine. They gave me something in an IV to sedate me. But naturally it didn’t work. So they gave me more, and I never even felt it.

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