My son-in-law just came and picked up the blue coffee table to take to a consignment shop. The red ottoman arrived yesterday while I was at the vet with Abi.

It’s a much better size for someone who needs to have two sets of doggy steps near it.

It’s actually only about 8 inches smaller all around than the coffee table, but the round shape makes all the difference. 

You just need a few things to decorate the top. And if I want to sit there and put up my feet, I can move them. However, I’m always in my chair. Unless I’m lying on the couch, which isn’t often.

The other great thing about this ottoman is that I can take the top off and there’s storage inside. Something someone living in a small space must keep in mind.

Here’s a view in the other direction. 

I told you the curtains were way too short. But with the lining made the way it is, I don’t know quite what to do about it. I’ve lowered the rod as much as I can.

Here’s Charlie’s new favorite spot. The other day I threw this red dog bed on the couch while I was cleaning or doing something. And Charlie immediately got in it.

So, though it isn’t part of my decorating theme, I leave it there because he loves it so.

This is how he looks most of the time. His tongue lolling out the side of his mouth for lack of teeth. He does not know he looks goofy, so let’s not tell him.

And this photo is rather blurry, but while he’s yawning, look how long that tongue is!

Poor thing. Thank goodness he’s spayed, because I doubt many female dogs would find him very handsome.

But I do. And I’m his mom and a little biased. But he’s worth his weight in gold to me.

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  1. As someone who is going to have to leave one sofa behind when we move and has chosen to leave a German corner sofa and take the red leather sofa, you know that I love your red ottoman! And as someone who gladly took a little 8 lb runt of the litter senior dachshund because he had to go with his 13 lb gorgeous brother, you know I love Charlie with his no teeth yawn. (During 6 months in dachshund rescue the boys had not been adopted because no one wanted Otis's scrawny little brother who has dementia. But they both are the joy of my days.)

    That first picture, Brenda, is just beautiful! I love the different pieces that make up that area.

  2. Brenda, I love the ottoman! The red adds another pop of color and storage! I love your home. So warm and inviting. I have been thinking about getting some beds for my cats to lay around in the living room. I love the red one that you have! The pupsters are adorable. Charlie is a handsome dog and any other female dog would love him!! LOL~~

  3. The red ottoman looks so much better…I am thinking how much more room that would make in my living room…and the storage is a BIG plus…Now that he is gone I am also thinking of switching from a couch to a loveseat to make more room…I love those buffalo check curtains…I always by 63" length as I don't like curtains that hang on the floor so I think they look great…I know you are a great pet mama like me and consider your pets comfort along with your own…that's the way it should be…The good thing with Charlie now is that you can hardly look at him without smiling…or laughing…lol…

  4. my curtains are that same length in all my windows. I LIKE that length!
    I think in a cottage style room it works. if you were doing very formal windows maybe not. but who cares! ???
    and oh Brenda. that little Charlie guy. how adorable is he!!!! XO

  5. Love the red ottoman. It's perfect for your space. Since you can't use your sewing machine, you could maybe use the no-sew or iron on sewing tape to add additional fabric. And your dog is a cutie.

  6. Charlie looks just adorable in his bed! So nice that he has his own special spot on your sofa that is so comfortable for him. He is so cute!
    And I love the ottoman! All those pops of red in your decor is just lovely and I think your curtains look fine….

    1. When I had the red dog bed on the floor, he pretty much ignored it. But on the couch, he dominates it! Abi has no interest in it. She must be right be me.

  7. The ottoman looks really nice and I love your comfy-looking chair. It would be hard for me to get up out of that chair! If I came in your place I would never even notice the length of the curtains. To me, curtain length seems like hemline length — anything goes! But, if you want them longer, I guess you could use that fusible tape to attach some extra fabric to the bottoms of the panels. Like solid red or a bandana-style print. Yeah, just wait til after the holidays. No biggie!

    1. I kind of feel the same way. But you know how some bloggers think the curtains have to be set way above the window (I really don't like that look, even if it does make the room look taller), and they have to puddle on the floor. I'm just not that picky about it.

  8. Love the new ottoman! What about curtain clips that are rings that go on the rod and have hanging clips to hold the curtain? Home Depot has them as well as a lot of other stores. They would add a few more inches to curtain length…I have used them and loved them plus it's a no work option. (I love that part?)

    1. I have considered those. Maybe I'll look into that. Because I just hate to take them all the way down and then have to get on the step ladder to put them back up. Pains my ankle

  9. Brenda, have you considered using a valance at the top so you can drop the curtains lower? The sunshine on the ottoman looks cozy, to me, but I know the sunshine can bleach your carpeting or the floors. I love, love, love, how you decorate your home. Sandy in CA.

    1. I don't think there's room up there for another rod. Is that what you mean? Oh, I keep the front door closed most of the time, so the sun will not bleach my red ottoman. I just had the door opened to get enough light to take pictures.

  10. Hi Brenda! Don't let little Charlie hear you say that! 🙂 He's as cute as a button. I love your pretty red ottoman! Your place looks so cute. You always put your special touch on your surroundings! Love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  11. I was going to suggest adding something to the drapes, but Marilyn beat me to it. You can add a trim and hand sew it or Velcro or stitch witchery. Make lemonade out of lemons. :).

    Charlie is adorable. I may be weird, but I love it when dogs have their tongues hanging out. Too cute, and makes me laugh :).

    1. I just hate to take them down to work on them. I have to get on the step ladder, and my ankle seems to hate the step ladder. So I suffer for several days after having to get on it.

  12. Laughing about pet beds in odd places…we have a cat bed at the bottom of our king size bed. Our big girl thinks she has to sleep with us, so this is an alternative to having her sleep on my head. no wonder I have neck problems! I think Charlie's oh-so-cute. That tongue is part of his charm!

  13. I like the idea of a storage ottoman! I have a wicker "cube" that has storage inside. I love it for my misc. stuff and seasonal decorations, etc. Can put my feet up also, but right now it's beside the fridge, which works good to set things on as I take things out, since no counter close by. I would do the same with your curtains… use hem tape if you can't sew (have to iron though!) and put a red or black panel along the bottom. I've done that several times with my too short curtains. But yours hardly show so I would probably leave them as they look great as they are. I like to sew, so if I couldn't use my normal foot (right) for the pedal, I would teach my brain to use my left foot! Would take awhile, but practice would make it better eventually. Oh.. and am glad your son-in-law is helping you out with the table… he should, your daughter should help you too.. glad to see it. I helped my parents.. now it's my son's turn to help me.. I think it's just the way it should be. Although my son lives 5 hours away so not much help right now!

    1. Well, I don't like to ask the kids to help out unless I have to. I may try that with my Singer Featherweight at some point, using my left foot. Just haven't needed to use it that much till this came up. And it's stuffed away in the closet!

  14. Aww Charlie is cute to me! I too have adopted a chocolate colored cat whom had his jaw broke in a fight and they never had it fixed maybe because the cost would be about 1500.00 so he is fine except his tongue sticks out a bit, but we love him so. I do like the ottoman, especially the red color. Your apt. is a beautiful home. Love for you to stop in at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air sometime…Lisa

  15. Hi, I love the ottoman and have been looking for one with storage too. Where did you find it; on line or in a local store? As for the drapes, you could use the iron on seam tape to add a header without sewing. Then reinforce the taped part later when you can use your sewing machine again.
    PS: I always love your posts and look forward to seeing them.

  16. I like the red ottoman too. We have our little ones beds and blankets on our couch. They like to be near us and we make it work. Charlie is a sweetheart:).
    I love your evolution of your cozy home through the years.
    Kathleen in Az

  17. The red ottoman is wonderful, makes me want to get one for myself! If the curtains bother you so much, get some solid red material and add some to the top and make a new header out of it. It will make them look more custom and no one will know you did it because they were too short. Or you could add a panel to the bottom, but since they are lined, the top would be easier to add to.

  18. Your red ottoman looks great. I don't mind your drapes at all,Brenda -But,if you sew you could add a solid red (matched red) piece on the top and make a new rod pocket for it—or could do the same on the bottom and just hem it to the right length. You could also make them more of a curtain-rather than a drape-coming just to the bottom of your window casing when they are tied back. They don't look bad the way they are but I know how you feel–things like that bug me, too.

    I like tha your ottoman has storage in it. What a bonus…lol at the poor pup's tongue. xo Diana

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