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  1. The plants are lovely and look so healthy! Great choice to order from Rooted! I agree the plastic pots are a wise choice – it really makes a difference in the weight – and they are stylish!! Enjoy your new plants and can’t wait to see the mystery plant!

  2. Have you looked into an indoor hydroponic growing system? I have a friend that lives in a small condo who grows her own herbs in one. Amazon sells several.

  3. are any of those ivy? I believe ivy is toxic to cats according to aspca and others. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to Miss Ivy!

  4. WOW…those plants look amazing…esp. for being shipped!! Sure hope they will do well for you!!

  5. Wow! The plants are beautiful. They’re so healthy looking. Now you know where you can order all your plants from and not have to worry about them arriving in terrible shape!

  6. Beautiful, healthy plants! I’m glad you found a way to get some beautiful plants without worrying about how to get to a nursery.

    1. It was a load off my mind. I feel like I have to ask for so much help. I just want to be as independent as I possibly can.

  7. The plants look healthy & beautiful! I’m so glad this worked out well. Can’t wait to see your mystery plant! I would be excited since I love a surprise.

  8. Gorgeous plants! Amazing how good they look after being shipped by FedEx. Glad Steve was there to lend a hand.

    1. I was surprised they looked so healthy after being shipped. I think they were shipped from Florida.

  9. Holy Cow, I had no idea how beautiful and healthy these plants would be. Amazing. They will really brighten up any cloudy day.

    UPDATE on African Violet: Looking pretty sad. I watered the proper amount, (there is a guide on the container that is “see through”) I added a teeny tiny, smaller than a pinch of Grow Food, so not over done for sure, and the leaves are drooping and looking like the end. I believe it is, and I’m giving up on it. I think it was too close to a goner for anything to help. Two years and nothing, think I’ll just get a pretty green plant like one of yours, and call it Happy! Thanks for sharing for your purchase!!

    1. I’m so sorry about the African Violet. They can be finicky. Sounds like you gave it your all.

    1. I am enjoying them. I’ve now placed two in the kitchen. It’s why I wanted the blinds so I could let in more light.

  10. Wow…cannot believe how beautiful these plants are!!!!They are huge ….and healthy…It is amazing they came across the country and survived…so glad ☺ 💕

    1. I was so worried about them being shipped in the cold weather, but I needn’t have worried.

  11. These are lovely. Healthy and fresh and look like you chose them yourself. Really encouraging. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. It is encouraging. One more thing I don’t have to worry about going out to shop for and asking someone to go with me.

  12. The plants are beautiful. I’m glad you found a way to get plants delivered right to you ! Enjoy !

  13. What fun! to have such nice plants arrive at your door! They’re gorgeous and ready for you to enjoy without the hassle of “shopping”.

    1. When I was looking to go to the nursery, in my mind I was trying to figure out how many feet it would be from a car to the door. Then from the door to the house plants. Everything is so involved right now when it comes to me going out. Kasi took me to my bi-annual doctor’s appointment yesterday. Knee scooter and all. Glad to get that behind me because she doesn’t have much time to help me these days.

  14. Wow! They are beautiful, Brenda! I love all the shades of green you selected!
    Have fun!

  15. Wow. Can’t believe they look that good after shipping. So healthy. And like the different shades of green. So lush looking. Fabulous.

  16. WOW!!!! Those plants look really healthy. I’d definitely consider ordering from them in the future. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see how you end up styling them.

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