1. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, Brenda. And fingers crossed that those lost Christmas items show up. Could you have given to one of your daughters to hold on to? Would you have written about what you did with them in a post around this time last year? Even if they don’t turn up, I’m sure you’ll find that mojo!

  2. I hope u had a great Thanksgiving Brenda!🦃
    I went over my daughter’s with my fudge I made and made everyone happy. Lol The twins were just talking about my fudge and how good it was, so they were excited to eat it. Making more memories together!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful day – Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    Your missing Christmas decorations may be hiding in plain sight. Then again, as you said in a moment of weakness you may have given them away. I think this may your call to order some new things.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone…my daughter recently moved and is still looking for 2 things. She gave alot away.. I decorated a couple days ago.. it looks cute…I have cut way back…give more away each year. It is alot of work…we do not get much company..so just put out my favorite things…I am sure whatever you do will be beautiful…bless you today and always💕

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Brenda. Wishing you a cozy day snuggling with Ivy. We are having a quiet day and that is fine with me. Hope your items will turn up soon. Happy decorating.

    1. It’s been gray and rainy all day, but that’s okay. Ivy and I are as snug as bugs in a rug. And Kendra brought food so I have supper taken care of.

  6. You certainly have my sympathy not finding things…we moved in April as you know…and I simply must go all through everything again…and should give away some…and just need to organize so I can find things when I am looking!! Argh…so fun getting old. Well, such good news of you…being able to walk outside the apt even!! Wonderful that your move was so positive in many ways!! Ours here has been good in some ways, but the monster kids upstairs come and our blood pressure goes up and we feel like crap!! Sigh…so miss our 55+ apt in some regards!! QUIET is so helpful!! Enjoy your day…1 daughter here has come for a few hours and then she and the others here will come for the afternoon tomorrow…

    1. I can barely stand my upstairs neighbor with his loud TV. I have to turn my sound machine on high in the living room. But still better him than monster kids!

  7. Brenda just a suggestion, why not create a detailed spread sheet or something similar assigning items to specified locations (bins, closets etc) , think of a simplified / scaled down warehouse inventory system. Obviously a time consuming project in the beginning but it could save lots of time and frustration when all you have to do is check your phone or laptop to locate items. Maybe a project to tackle after the first of the year when you are stuck inside due to bad weather?

  8. Brenda, look at you, all getting around like that! You must be working extra hard in physical therapy. Your mobility has gotten so much better recently. I’m proud of you! I’m really sorry you can’t find some of your favorite and special decorations. That is such a frustrating feeling. You know it must be somewhere, but where?!! I really hate when that happens. I do hope you are able to find them soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃We have so many blessings to be thankful for! 🙏

  9. Isn’t that frustrating when you can’t find something you know you have? I have way too much Christmas stuff that needs to be scaled back. Just give yourself some decorating time and take your mind off of the missing articles and hopefully they will
    show up. Have a lovely quiet day Brenda! I am so very thankful for you🧡

    1. I did get the tree decorated. But turns out the 3 new boxes of ornaments I ordered turned out too big! I got to use the dangling crystal icicles I ordered with gold pinecones I also ordered. They worked at least. And I already had white pinecone ornaments. So it is a gold and silver and white tree.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda! If your “lost” decorations aren’t rediscovered, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to reinvent your vignettes — even if unplanned.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are having a wonderful meal and just enjoy celebrating the day however you do it. We have much to be thankful for, even though maybe sometimes it doesn’t feel that way (but we always get over it because we’re women and we’re strong). How frustrating, knowing that you packed and must have moved all of your Christmas decorations, etc. that you had not given away or donated to charity. I hope you find what has gone missing. They must be there somewhere, fingers crossed. I “lose” stuff, don’t know how, since I write down the contents on the boxes every year, and somehow, it still gets messed up and I can’t find things I swear I remember having and packed away. I’m to the point with Christmas decorations now that I seriously need to give myself a talk, go through EVERY box in the basement storage room beneath the stairs and decide what I’m going to donate; but not until after Christmas (ha ha ha!) Oh oh – I just had the most crazy idea for my small home, a flash vision of setting up both of my Christmas trees in the living room. I don’t have room for two trees, my 6.5 foot tree and a smaller 5 foot (“table top” tree), but maybe I’m going to do that this year – just because. And the black accent wall in the living room is getting painted today. Maybe I’m just creating an excuse for keeping all those Christmas decorations and ornaments acquired with much joy over the years. I sure hope you find all of your holiday decor, fingers crossed! Good wishes and smooches to everyone on this special day.

  12. Look at the Walmart site. They have some really lovely Christmas decorations this year at good prices. Order a few new things. it will give you a boost.

  13. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re feeling better every day, and I hope you continue to keep us hanging around.
    With love,

  14. Happy Thanksgiving! check the back of one of your closets. when I’m missing something that’s usually where I find it. in the black hole at the side or very back of the closet or storage and it’s usually in a mismarked box. lol. Enjoy your day! You inspired me to take an alone day and must say so far I am so enjoying!!! 😊

    1. I’ve pretty much gone through the closets. But who knows? I’m not going to worry about it anymore and do something else.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you find your treasures. I scaled from 19 large plastic bins to 4 when we moved. I alternate which two bins I pull out to decorate each year. Not on purpose but because I have less space and energy.
    Have a happy day.

    1. That’s smart to alternate! Less to take out and put back away each year. First of all, I can’t believe you had 19 bins to begin with! (And here I thought I had a lot, lol!) And secondly, that you managed to scale it back to only 4! Wow! Good for you!

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