This morning when Charlie and I went out on the patio the sky was so beautiful. I had my zoom lens on my camera, so I didn’t get wide shots.

There were so many different layers and shades of blue and white filling up the sky.

Charlie’s Blood Test:

I take Charlie in for his blood panel testing at 12:30. Doc is always running behind due to things happening that aren’t scheduled. So I don’t know how long it will take.

But Charlie is getting better it seems to me. His appetite isn’t quite what it was. But then if he loses a little weight it helps his other conditions.

I’m still enjoying the “Shetland” series on BritBox at night. I watch an episode and then I read a few chapters of my book.

Jimmy Perez On Shetland:

I’ve found that Jimmy Perez, the lead character in Shetland, grows on you. His accent, his expressions.

Jimmy Perez seems down to earth. He has stubble on his face from not shaving too closely. He looks just like any regular Joe.

Though he appears strong and committed to his job and doesn’t scare easily, there is a certain vulnerability about him that is touching.

Those of you who’ve watched the show probably know what I mean.

The Short Life Of A Morning Glory:

You only get to enjoy the beauty of a morning glory for one day and then it’s gone. These have many shades of blue and white like the sky photos above.

Somehow the blue and white morning glories also remind me of the ocean.

I haven’t been to see the ocean in ages. But in my head I can still hear the crashing of the waves.

I looked up the what causes waves.

Wave Energy and Movement

Ocean waves can be caused by three things. One cause is gravity. Gravity from the moon and sun pulls on ocean waters. This causes the tides.

While it appears the water is moving forward, only a small amount of water is actually moving. Instead, it is the wave’s energy that is moving.

And since water is a flexible medium for energy transfer, it looks like the water itself is moving.

Regular patterns of smooth, rounded waves in the open ocean are called swells.

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  1. Your single blue morning glory would make a beautiful framed picture or
    Poster. Maybe another career for you! Hope Charlie test comes out ok.
    Sending special thoughts to you both.

  2. I am from WV lived in Michigan went to the lakes a lot. Now live in Amish Country OH. My son and daughter in law live in Florida. We go to the beach when we visit them. We go in the off season like in October and February.
    The sky looks darn near perfect. So pretty. That would make a great picture to put in a frame

  3. So glad Charlie Boy is better today!
    The two photos of the sky in all it’s different blues and whites are so gorgeous, Brenda, and worthy of framing…
    On the pretty flowers photos, how do you get the black backgrounds when these are outside photos? I would like to get that effect in the photos I am taking if you will please share your secret!

  4. You are right about Jimmy Perez… he doesn’t scare easily and he is also a man of convictions. I also see him as a very fair man… he’ll give you the benefit of the doubt until you give him a reason not to. I’m really enjoying the show especially the character development. I hope you get good news about Charlie’s blood work.

  5. Oh those photos are just beautiful. And I am intrigued by the vertical
    size also. You have given me an idea on painting one like that.

    Love hearing Charlie is perking up. I find there’s days my dogs or cats just don’t want to eat.

  6. I was at the beach all weekend. Wish you could have been with me. I hated to leave but plan to go again next month. Luckily, I’m only a three drive from Gulf Shores, my happy place. So glad Charlie boy is better!

  7. Brenda,
    your pictures of the cloud formations are stunning!
    So, so, glad your “Charlie boy” is rallying.
    I’m a person who loves water. I have a medium sized creek that is part of my property line. You drive over a bridge to get to my house. One of the most beautiful sights on the ocean is seeing phosphorescence reflected by the moon. There is nothing like running a boat at night; drinking a good cup of coffee and smelling the salt on the wind! Gazing at the silvery patterns glowing through the water; it’s as if the Milky Way had fallen to earth and was floating on the surface of the ocean! So magical, and spiritual!

  8. Hope everything goes well for Charlie’s vet appointment! I used to live in R.I. about one mile from the ocean. I miss the smell of the salt water! I would hang my laundry out to dry and around three in the afternoon I would have to take the laundry off of the line because the dampness would set in from the ocean breeze!

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