Do you ever wake up with a dream still dangling in your mind, but every time you try to grasp it, it pulls away?

Sometimes that happens to me.

I can’t recall a thing about the dream come morning. But oftentimes vague little clues will escape from the ether of my mind later in the day. 

I wonder why that is?

There are many scientific theories about what dreams mean.

Some think that dreams are a means by which the mind works through difficult and unsettling thoughts.

Others posit that dreams are a form of memory processing, that they’re an extension of waking consciousness.

Sometimes I dream that someone is chasing me, shooting a gun at me. I try to find a place to hide as each bullet comes closer.

Another dream is that I have found myself in a bad situation, yet I cannot remember an important phone number to call for help. 

Sometimes I dream that I can’t find a phone. Then other times I dream that the numbers of the phone are obliterated and I cannot see the digits.

One of my most pleasurable dreams is that I am like a bird, the birds that I love to watch and photograph, and I am flying up in the sky with them.

I dream that I run a certain distance and then raise my arms and suddenly I’m lifted off the ground. Up and up I go, and I feel light as air. 

Sometimes it is night and I fly into the blackness and cannot see what’s ahead of me. But oddly there is no anxiety about flying into the dark.

So as my dreams populate my nighttime hours, there will occasionally be dreams that I actually recall. 

But most of my dreams seem to dodge my memory like a wisp of smoke.

Where do these dreams go? Do they just disappear?

What are some of your most prominent or confusing dreams? Do you dream in color?

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  1. I often dream that I'm flying – I run and run and run and then just open my arms and I'm above the trees, looking down. That's a nice dream! I hate when I have a nightmare and can't get it out of my head to fall back asleep!

  2. Great topic! I remember most of my dreams (all in Technicolor!) My repeaters are about rushing to get somewhere, flying (with or without a plane), being in a hospital (retired nurse) and being at the coast.
    Does anyone else have "face-blindness" is their dreams??? I never see faces, but I know who the people are (i.e. Mom, hubby, rotten ex-BF) Please tell me I'm not the only one!
    Also, someone above mentioned early morning dreams ~ that is probably because that is when we are in our deepest REM states.

  3. My dreams are vivid, in color and usually not good dreams..many involve my parents who both passed in the last 18 months. Must be a lot unsaid on both sides. Rarely do my dreams involve my husband or kids. Is rather not dream than have the ones I do.

  4. I often dream of being on a pitch black spooky street in a strange city,I have no money with me, or car or house keys. There are no lights on in the buildings, and I don't know how I got there or how to get back home. I'll sometimes get to a building, and when inside, I go from room to room,whichare all in a row, and are connected with huge doors, but they don't lead anywhere, and I'll just wander trying to get out, while I'm searching for a way out, (the rooms are always empty of anything or people) but I'll run into a bear, and it'll start to chase me, and as i'm running for another door to get out of the building, I wake up.. This kind of dream really spooks me out, and I wonder what it means, since I've had it a more than a few times. I used to have dreams of flying over the tree tops and telephone poles. Those dreams were the good ones. What an interesting topic to have here.

  5. Oh, my dear friend in Tulsa! We could talk forever about this topic! I started checking into understanding the symbolism of dreams as an adolescent, because I would go through nightmare cycles that literally had me screaming in my sleep – I still do, occasionally, but at least now I can usually figure out what the colorful, and in color, dreams mean! Not all are like that, a-course: some help me write; help me figure out life, too!

  6. Good topic. I do occasionally wake up with a snippet of dream on the edge of my thoughts. But usually I can recall it as the day goes on. I do have a snippet that I can remember so clearly but never remember anything else. I drove into a town I had never been in before. It was a lovely historic town with historic old homes and a quaint business district. We have such towns in my state, but, in the dream, it is a place I don't recognize, and I wonder why I am there. That's all I can remember, but it seems so vivid. I had that dream a year or so ago, but it still seems fresh in my mind.

    1. Now that is something to wonder about. The little snippet of dream is so fresh in my mind that maybe I have dreamed it more than once. And maybe I will go there someday. I hope it's for a happy occasion!

  7. I am much like you I sometimes and dreams and then when I wake in the morning I know I had one but I cannot remember it. What I do not like is when I am having a scary dream and I wake myself up because I am afraid and then when I fall back asleep it starts right where I left off.

  8. I dream a lot, always in color, seems so real! I used to dream about flying like a bird, and it was wonderful. And I would teach others to fly. I have not had that dream for many years now. I dream some strange things, or about well known people I do not even give two thoughts to. Very strange. And yes, I sometimes have dreams that for the life of me I cannot remember upon waking and it bothers me all day.

    1. It bothers me especially when little things niggle at me throughout the day, like my dream is trying to urge me to recall the entirety of it. But I can't summon it back.

  9. I dream often and do remember many of the dreams. I also have those anxiety dreams where I have a deadline and just fail to get things together. I frequently dream that I am in college and taking a class I need, and I fail to get the term paper done. Since I finished college in 1972, I have no idea what that dream is about.

    1. I guess these are what they call "anxiety dreams." I sometimes dream I'm in front of a high school locker, but I can't remember the combination, or I can't see the numbers. Sort of like my phone dream.

  10. When I was a kid I used to dream I was being threatened by straight pins coming down on me like rain or sometimes it would be handkerchiefs floating down toward my face like parachutes out of the sky. I never figured out what that was about. Later in life i have dreamed occasionally of accidents happening in a car. It seems all I dream about are hurtful things. I rarely dream now. I guess because I am settled in my life and my mind about more things I used to worry about. I can relate to so much of your life and life style. Merry Christmas and A Happy, healthy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  11. I do dream in color and I sometimes dream I am flying and get up too far and have to 'dream' myself back to a lower flying level…so funny. One of my most vivid dreams is that I am searching frantically for a bathroom…and I find one and it is occupied or there isn't one where someone told me I would find one. lol I wake up and have to pee so bad that I have to rush to the bathroom. lol..(too much info?)

    I love dreams and often remember them but sometimes they just slip away after I am well awake. xo Diana

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