Yesterday I fixed myself a nice supper.

I’d made shrimp and baked beans. Cornbread stuffing I took from my freezer and warmed up. And fluffy biscuits with cranberry sauce.

When I sat down at the table with my water I recall thinking that it smelled so good. I took a few bites and decided to get up and get something else.

Pets Underfoot:

With plate in hand, I was walking out of the kitchen back to my dining table. Somehow, and I’m not sure whether it was Charlie or Ivy or both, I was tripped up.

My plate of good smelling food crashed against the table as I fell. On the floor just below was Charlie’s plate of cut up canned dog food.

Thankfully he’d already eaten most of it.

My plate crashed on top of his, sending shards of dishes flying through the air. And my hands landed right in the middle of that mess.

Shock & Disbelief:

I couldn’t believe it, though I’m not sure why. There is always a bit of shock when such a nasty mishap occurs.

I began to get up and my hands and arm dripped blood. Mixed in with the stuffing and baked beans it was one ugly sight.

Cleaning Up The Mess:

I grabbed for the paper towels while Charlie attempted to sneak in to eat some of the food on the floor. So I was yelling at him to stay back as I began to pick up the biggest shards of the dishes.

I kept him at bay while I began to scoop up the goop of mixed food. Naturally I then cut the palm of my hand.

It took me quite awhile to get to the point where I could bring in dampened paper towels after most of the food was gone.

Then I got the mop. The only one I have is a Swiffer because it’s easier to use with my back and ankle. So I cleaned and stripped the pads off and then cleaned some more.

I was lucky that none of the flying food ended up on my nearby upholstered desk chair.

Cursing While Cleaning:

There I was cleaning while cursing up a storm. I don’t know why it is that curse words feel so much better to utter when I’m most frustrated.

So there I am, hungry, tired and aching everywhere. My knees and arms are scraped and my hand is bleeding.

The pet babies have run for cover. I certainly don’t blame them.

Charlie goes to get groomed this morning. So hopefully food that might have splattered onto him that I didn’t see will get taken care of when she bathes him.

Tonight I have no idea what I’ll have for supper. But I’m very tempted to just stand and eat whatever it is at the kitchen counter.

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  1. That’s terrible!! I hate when that happens…always when you’re really excited about food. Glad that you’re all ok, though. And I hope you found something good to eat tonight.

  2. Brenda, oh my goodness, thank GOD that you and your babies are ok. I am so happy that you were not badly hurt. Are you feeling better this evening? Try to rest and relax and let things heal.

    Thank you for the migration recommendation! I have already been in touch!

  3. How frustrating and painful, Brenda!! I’m praying for quick healing for you. 😵

    Reminds me of Billy Graham: His hip was broken when his dog caused him to trip and fall. We’ve come close with our own dogs.

  4. Oh that sounded bad. And to think you lost your great dinner on top of that. One yr in Dec 23 I tripped over my dog in the bdrm, slammed into my husband’s built in dresser and broke my right arm at the shoulder in 3 places! Now it really scares me when one gets under foot.

  5. I’m so glad that your ok Brenda!
    I have 4 sets of Corelle dishes that I use for different seasons. So far only one bowl broke, when I dropped it and I’ve had my sets for many years. I’ve dropped plates many times esp when I wipe my dishes, they go flying out of my hands, when I’m in a hurry. Lol.
    My dog went in between my legs and I feel on my hardwood floor, that hurt, but thankfully no blk and blues!
    The last time I fell on the cement trying to grab him, when he ran outside. I knocked my head, made my glasses crooked, cut my hand and cut on side of my head wear my glasses sit! I was embarrassed bc my brother in law saw it all, but my sister was looking at her phone, when they were sitting in their truck. Later on I had blk and blues on my knees and elbows and got a slightly blk eye! I had to get up and walk across the street and pretend to fall and cry, so my dog would come back to me. Then I grabbed him and carried him back into the house! So now I holler for him to back up, so I can go grab his line outside to hitch him up.
    I’m always saying a few choice words bc it makes me feel better, except when a cute guy walks by or my grands are around. Or I’ll tell them to block their ears to warn them. Lol.
    Have a great take out dinner tonight! Stay safe and be well!

  6. Oh,dear Brenda..How horrible to fall like that. And scary! But so happy to hear that you were not injured, well worse I mean, that you could have broken bones, teeth, or hit your head. Our cat, Cleatus, would sometimes walk in front of one of us, and my husband would always say “I think that cat is trying to kill me”, but he loved her just the same. And at our age, falls could be very serious. I do agree with the other comments…I think you deserve a take out dinner. Good just to relax, with the fur kids. Hugs, and feel better soon..Bonnie in WI

  7. Falls as we age can be very serious…I had one like yours some years back…got tangled up in my own feet (less balance after having a bad accident in my car). I ended up having to have one of my back molars removed (my teeth have to be removed with me being put to sleep)…VERY costly. But it cracked one of my teeth when I fell. Be aware of any tooth pain, Brenda…you may need to be checked. Hope the cuts heal ok. That fall of mine made a big gash in my head plus I lost a chunk out of the end of one finger…it grew back in eventually, but with less feeling. Do take care. A couple years ago I got some melamine plates so they would be less apt to break. I wish I had gotten more but these 2 were on a mark down table. They get used most every day.

  8. Oh dear! And your dinner sounded so delicious. But thankfully you appear not to have broken anything although you might need to take some “me time” to rest up until the soreness goes away. And your fur babies were not hurt.That’s a big plus. I agree with the others that a nice take-out dinner should be on the table tonight.

  9. Sorry to hear you fell. I is so easy to do. You are walking along and suddenly you’re on the floor with no recollection of how you got there. I tripped going up a step from my computer room to my kitchen for another cup of coffee early in the morning. When I came to I was on my back on the kitchen tile floor and couldn’t move my left arm. My glasses were across the room and my coffee cup was in a hundred pieces. I had a silky nightgown on that let me slide on the floor to the step to stand up hold my left arm in my right hand. At the hospital they said my shoulder was dislocated and could be put back and I would be good as new. HaHa. After MRI xrays and many orthopedic visits they decided the rotator cuff was torn completely off and rehab was ordered. My use of that arm is limited but I have learned to function and compensate for my limited range of motion. Thank God you were spared more physical damage and cuts and scraped will heal. Take Care.

    1. Close to a month ago I either passed out and fell in the middle of the night or I fell and passed out. Close to the bookcase in my living room. I have been very, very lucky. I bleed and have bruises but so far have never been hurt badly. I must have a very hard head.

  10. Oh Brenda how awful. Glad you were not seriously hurt. That is the most maddening thing when something like what happened to you goes like it did. That dinner sounded good too. Glad the fur babies did not get cut with the plate shattering. Happy Friday. Hope the weekend will be better for you.

  11. Cursing can be good for the soul. I’m sure my neighbor to the north thinks I’m a nut case because I routinely curse and while I don’t yell I do make comments sometimes while listening to shows on internet radio, while watching a show on my streaming service or while reading one of the several newspapers online that I subscriptions with. My office/den/library is at the back corner of the house and probably only 10 feet away from their driveway. Mr. Neighbor to the north routinely spends a lot of time in a workshop in his garage and I’m sure he hears me, although I don’t try to be loud! The house is 65 years old and the walls are thin, and this is a quiet residential area so sound carries quite a way, right through the double-paned closed windows! Accidents happen and yes, they can seem really silly/embarrassing/etc. but that’s why they’re accidents. My balance is not as good as it used to be, I’m noticing it more and more. I now walk into a wall or a doorway without even trying at least once or twice a week and so I always have bruises somewhere on an arm or a leg. As I’m on blood thinner, it could turn into a big deal, and it’s sooooo frustrating. Getting older is not for the weak of spirit, that’s for sure.

    1. The older I get, the more I find myself muttering to myself in the car and other places. I routinely talk to the pet babies and to myself.

  12. So sorry to read this Brenda. I also think tonight should be a take out dinner! Treat yourself

    p.s. I had to laugh about curse words….I’m the same way LOL

  13. Oh gee wiz Brenda. So sorry for that accident. How are you feeling today? Probably very sore.
    It’s happened to me before. I have pins & needles in my legs. Seems to be everywhere now. A slow, painful andnot good outcome. I must watch every step to make sure no pets are underfoot. Also, using eax paper sheets + paper plates helps re any glass accidents. Can’t imagine what I might break or injure if I fell now.
    Hope you will be feeling better soon Brenda.
    Hugs for pet babes ❤

    1. Hope you are feeling better today. Read an article on how it’s not being lazy it is practicing self-care. A light bulb went off in my head. Mentally and physically I have created a calming bubble to protect myself. I know I feel better when I don’t push myself or expose myself to drama. My wish for you is to treat and protect yourself. You deserve it. When shopping an upscale, huge retirement home treasure sale, I buy Corelle dishes whenever I see them. They are lightweight and hopefully shatterproof. Wiping up with a piece of box bread after glass breaking is supposed to pick up the tiniest slivers. Have a good weekend.

      1. That’s a good tip about the bread. Wish I’d thought of it. I feel a little achy today, but nothing much. It was worse this morning.

  14. This calls for a delicious takeout dinner, one you normally not order, a pricier one. Bring it in sit at your table and enjoy. Just have your setting and silverware nearby the table. You can celebrate no broken bones. Just sit and savor and talk to your fur babes so they know you are ok. 😊 You even write eloquently when a mishap. You are blessed to have a writing talent and most of all your loving family. Love from a reader, Robin in NYC. P.S. Order a small dessert too! 😊💕

  15. My daughter has my Ella now, she is company for her Linus, both miniature schnauzers. Last year I had a hip replacement then in July I fractured my knee tripping on a hose at Lowes. That was 12 weeks in a brace. Now I go to physio for balance and to strengthen my leg. I fear another fall and am so careful. I know how you must feel, just walking and all of a sudden on the floor, it happens in an instant. I miss Ella but she is loved there and is content.

  16. I just know that this is going to happen to me. My cat loves to run right in front of me. I mean directly in front. She just silently darts in front of my feet. So far I’ve managed to stop myself from stumbling, but I know that my day is coming.

  17. Oh my goodness Brenda! I’m glad you are ok! It really takes a toll on your body when you fall! It also takes you a while to recover from the shock of what just happened. Your mind is racing trying to get things cleaned up before the animals can get into it and thinking you have to tend to yourself too! I hope today is much better for you!

  18. Been there, done that! I am glad you weren’t seriously hurt. As a nurse, I worked many years on a orthopedic surgical floor in the hospital and fractured hips were the #1 injury.
    I have always been a klutz, but the fur babies have contributed to causing a few mishaps and I am terrified of breaking a hip. I have become more conscious of my movements as I age, and move a lot slower now to be safe.

    Hope you have a nice supper tonight!

  19. Thank goodness you weren’t seriously hurt. Falling is always a shock to the system. Make sure your babies know it wasn’t their fault. I found that when my ex was shouting at me, my poor doggie was cringing and shaking as if it was her fault. I was always reassuring her that it was ok and she was fine. She always reacted as if she was at fault. I hated that and enjoy the quiet now. My ex is no longer in my life and my baby has died. I do miss my baby.

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