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  1. That definitely did qualify as the day from hell. I would offer that the stresses of moving are likely aggravating everything, and once you are settled in, and can relax, hopefully some of your pain will abate. I think you are wise to wait until your Medicare benefits kick in. You’ll feel free to see more specialists, if necessary, because the cost will be covered by Medicare and your secondary insurance.

  2. I am going to also suggest some Holistic treatments for your pain. Turmeric is great for inflammation and Collegan is good for our aging bones and joints. Also CBD oil or cream. I am amazed that it can lessen pains that I might be experiencing at this time in my life (70) and all the aches and pains that seem to rear their ugly head…hip, foot, knees. Excited to follow you with this move and setting up your new home.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Brenda, these past two years have added stress to everyones lives. VENT ALL YOU WANT, we are all here for you. I cannot imagine the stress of a move with chronic pain. Thank goodness you have help coming. Once you are in the new place…relax, exhale, and rest. You are going to a new, better place and life and part of the stress of your old place and the slum landlords, and the move will fall away. It will seem like a mountain fell off of your shoulders and you can recuperate for a bit. Then take in your new place and you can decide where you want to put things. You have lots of time my friend. We have been in our new house 7 months, the garage is still filled with boxes as are two rooms. I just shut the doors and don’t worry about it because I have no control over the process. Take care

  4. You always brake AND use the gas with your right foot..I don’t understand! My friend went for her drivers test YEARS ago and used her left foot to brake and FAILED HER TEST….!

  5. I think personally your help comes first both mental and physical.l think the move needs to be postponed.A therapist would tell you the same I think. Not what you want to hear .I am in a very similar situation so I understand .Our move had to be postponed due to mental & physical health reasons. The mind has to be protected above all.
    Moving is one of the #1 stressors .You are overwhelmed already. Your mind is overworked. Please talk to a therapist and let them advise you .Prayers and hugs.

    1. I think it’s too late to back out now. They have probably already leased my apartment. I’ll manage.

    2. It would be much worse for Brenda to postpone her upcoming move in such short notice. It’s all been planned to the day/hour. The plans are made. So, a must to move. Best for her to get out of that current place. It only would bring Brenda added grief and worry to wait longer. Once settled, I think Brenda will be better knowing it’s finally over. Then, concentrate on your health.

  6. I am so sorry that you’re in all this pain. I know how debilitating pain can be and how it overruns your thinking, your mood, and getting things done. My heart goes out to you. I don’t have any good advice beyond what all these other women have said. I just hope you can get the MRI as soon as possible so you can find out what’s really going on and go forward from there.

    Please try not to worry about the move. It will get done with Teri’s help. There will be no rush to get your new place set up. As long as you have your basics at your disposal – some dishes, food, towels, cat stuff – you’ll be fine.

    Sending you a gentle hug and positive vibes and prayers for your healing.

    1. I’m a planner. So I will have what I need those first few days. As someone on here mentioned, take all those things and put them in the bath tub there so I will know where they are.

  7. You might research homeopathy remedies. They won’t hurt you and they have done wonders for some who are in great pain!

  8. Have you tried wrapping your ankle and not wearing the boot to maybe help your back. Walking evenly may help. I think if you got a wheelchair that would be a mistake.

  9. Brenda, I echo all the sympathy and great ideas posted above. Pain is so, so debilitating and I hope you can get the MRI as soon as possible and that it will tell something more about what is going on and how to fix it. I think the advice to get as much help with the move as you can possibly arrange is absolutely on target.
    I will be thinking about you and sending you positive energy for body and mind. I know it’s hard but keep the thought uppermost in your mind that all will be well.

  10. Brenda, one more thing I forgot:I am not sure if your bed raises at the head and foot. I used a bed like that and it was great for my back. My comment got into the middle of others also!

  11. Brenda, you are so stressed and in pain, I really wish I could come and help you move. Keep the goal in mind, that you our are leaving your current accommodations for something better. I do not know about where you live, but here in Ontario (Canada) we have designated handicapped parking spots, closest to the door of public facilities, stores etc. We get a note from our doctor and take it to the Ministry of Transportation and get a card to put on car visors. Another suggestion would be a “rollator” which many call a walker. It gives support, is an instant seat when you need one, and can carry items in the basket. I am aware of these two suggestions because I had a knee replacement four years ago. It was very painful before, and then recovery was difficult. This solved a knee that became arthritic as it was slightly deformed when I was born. I had pain for about 30 years, particularly in the five years before the surgery. Now I am doing well, and am just careful when I walk. I still have an uneven gait, and my back aches, but I can still get around. I just limit myself. I hope you will consider these ideas, they made a big difference to me.

  12. Over the years I have experienced so much pain from MS, a bad back, legse, etc. I also had a fabric business that “required” (because I often wouldn’t wait for someone to come help me….lots of regrets about that stubborn approach). Then several years back both my lungs filled completely up with blood clots. No one thought I would live but I did although with a number of “issues”. Pain and physical limits and workarounds have just become a part of daily life. But it’s ok & maybe some of the things I have found work for me might work for you.
    If you don’t already have one get a Drive Walker that has the seat that you can rest on when you need to and it is very handy for carrying things. I cannot walk and carry anything really so this is extremely helpful. It also helps you walk straight up without putting shifting weight on your hips, back or legs. I have 3 that I can’t imagine living without now. They are very easy to transport in your car and not very heavy but they sure do make going out easier. But the ability to sit down anytime you need to is priceless some days. I even take them into restaurants because they just roll right up under the table.
    Another assist product that helps me a great deal when I lay down is a “leg lift” that props up your lower legs so it takes all the pressure off your back. I have one that is foam so it takes up more room but my BFF just bought one that is inflatable from Amazon and she loves it. Taking the pressure off your legs and back just feels so good and makes laying down much easier. While I do have quite an array of things I use at different times the 3rd thing I cannot imagine living without now is my heated mattress pad that covers the whole bed. It is just the most relaxing wonderful experience! The bed is pure heaven now. And finally another things I depend on quite a bit is Dried Cherries!!! They help control your pain more than you can imagine! Just a small handful can be eaten any time you need them and are remarkably effective for pain. I order them by the box from Amazon and they almost completely eliminate the need for dangerous OTC drugs/pain killers. And one more thing I almost forgot is my Red Light. Read up on it and get yourself one. I bought a pole light fixture that I can put three into and it is a treasure. None of this is particularly expensive but they have all helped me so much. They enable me to maximize what I can do every day without pushing myself so hard that it takes days or weeks to recover. Oh yes, ONE more thing….when you get your new recliner get one that is electric and will stand you up and sit you down!!! It is a treasure too! There are actually so many things that you will find are available to help with the issues that come your way.

    1. I went online to look at some of these drive walkers. I had no idea they existed! I may be looking into them soon after I have a bunch of other expenses out of the way from the move. The ability to sit down when I need to is of utmost importance in my pain level.

  13. When I move I put my towels, sheets, blankets, meds, tooth brush, paste, and makeup in a box in my car. If the area is safe I do that the night before. When I take them out of the car I put them in the bath tub so I know where they are. Of course, you need your insurance papers and private business stuff there, too. I see up the bath with my personal things first, then my bed that way when I wake up the day after the move I have some sense of order in my life. Good luck.

  14. I have not read all the comments. Medicare will pay for a wheelchair. I would check to see what it will cost to rent one.
    Rest, rest, rest. Moving is so difficult emotionally and with physical problems that could compound your situation. It will get done. And it does not need to be perfect or finished in one day or weekend.

    1. Holly, the PT, thinks that maybe when I’m walking on carpet instead of vinyl floors, it may make a difference as well. I stopped drinking coffee a few weeks ago to try and reduce inflammation, as someone had mentioned that.

  15. Hi Brenda,
    I just left a comment, but it posted down in the middle of some others. I hope you’ll scroll down to find it. Margie

  16. Brenda, If you haven’t already contacted your doctor’s office about getting an MRI, I would advise doing so ASAP. I had a couple MRI’s recently and one of them I had to wait a few weeks and then drive to a different town to get it. In addition, not to burst your bubble or anything, but Medicare sometimes doesn’t approve MRI unless other less expensive tests are done first. Fortunately, I already had had a CAT scan and approval was given for my MRI. Good luck!

  17. Are your two daughters and any of their kids going to help you with the move and settling in? I sure hope so! You should hopefully only have to “direct” where things go, etc. or maybe hire a teenager to help also. As for the hip pain, I had the same problem for 2 years and it was awful.. went to 4 different chiropractors close to my town (but still 30 miles away) and no one could make it better. Then I finally relented and went to my “miracle guy” who is 5 hours away.. but drove up there anyway, spent 2 nights in a motel and saw him two times. Voila! Pain gone! and has been gone since then, for almost 2 years! He has the magic touch. It’s so hard to travel that far and I can’t usually afford a motel, but I’m thankful he is there in cases like that when I need help! Most chiropractors, though good in some ways, tend to do their “standard adjustments” and don’t know how to, or do, anything unusual or to a different part of the body, like your ankle. My miracle guy also adjusts both of my feet to keep me mobile. No one else can do it. Call around to differrent chiropractors to see if they adjust ankles… maybe you can find someone who does and has that magic adjustment that will relieve the pain… also with hips. I found that with the hip problem, I could ONLY sit in a straight backed wood chair.. nothing soft or that I leaned back in. I wish my miracle guy lived close enough to you! Marilyn

    1. Kendra is busy getting her own house finished enough to be able to move into, and also selling her other house. Her kids are home because of school closings. I don’t if Kasi will be able to, as she works at home and Andrew is now home because of the schools closing as well. I don’t know if we could deal with Andrew around while moving because he is autistic. Kasi has to take him all over town to various occupational therapists during the week.

  18. Brenda you are very strong and resilient. There is a perfect storm of stress right now with isolation, fear of Covid, your upcoming move, chronic pain, immobility, computer issues. Hang in there. I’d wait too for the MRI, they are so expensive and out of pocket charges can be high, but will give the Dr more info on the cause of the pain. I agree the pain can muddle our thinking. I will pray for relief for you.

    1. I keep thinking I’ll get up and be able to get things done, but when I get up the pain sets in. The chiropractor told me not to do much of anything more than a few times. Lifting, bending, etc. He said limit all the physical stuff.

  19. There’s just so much going on for you and I think the underlying thing that seems to make everything worse is the upcoming move along with the pain. When we were younger those things weren’t so daunting. I’m having major teeth problems and boy is it putting me in a bad mood. Surly is my new name😱

    I agree see if you can book the appt soon. I hate all this stuff.

    1. I don’t think they’ll let me book it now. I think it has to actually be past Feb. 1 because they use your insurance to book your appointment. But I’ll ask the PT Monday when I see her.

      1. I would try to get it set in order to avoid a wait. I bet they can hold you a time
        When I have an MRI I wear thin clothes at the suggestion of the tech. I think of my feet having a breeze on them. That is the first part out.
        That test will give you and the doctor more info formation. An MD or specialist would be my choice for care.

    2. Hi Brenda,
      I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. A few suggestions. My Dad had back issues. He found that Chiropractors never helped. Instead he found a good Osteopath. A Chiropractor holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and cannot write prescriptions. An Osteopath holds a medical degree and has the same medical rights as any M.D., including the right to prescribe prescriptions. In my Dad’s case it was harder to find an Osteopath, but he’d never go to anyone else. I think you’ve had this checked already, but they found that Dad had one leg an inch shorter than the other. They had him cut a piece of foot pad to wear in that shoe to balance him out. When I broke my left foot and had to wear a boot, I had to wear a wedge shoe on my right foot to even out. Being off balance even by a little contributes to back pain.

      The shallow breathing. You need to be conscious of this and make sure to do deep breathing, even if you stop and do this as an exercise through the day. We had a family member who was in a car accident and was bruised by the steering wheel. Because she was in pain she too was shallow breathing. She ended up with pneumonia. The doctor said it was the shallow breathing that led to it. The lungs need to fully expand or fluid can build up.

      The MRI. I had to have one in September. As far as I knew, I was not claustrophobic – until they slid me inside – just my head. A panic attack started and the guy had to pull me out. I’d already paid the co-pay and needed to get through it, so the guy put a cloth over my eyes, which helped even with keeping my eyes closed. He told me if I ever had to have another, 2 suggestions; 1) Tell them in advance that I’m claustrophobic and they can give you a medication before the procedure, or 2) They have another facility that has a new “open” MRI machine that most of their claustrophobic patients prefer. When making your appointment it can’t hurt to ask if they have an open MRI or for the medication. I agree with the others, see if you can get your appointment set up now for the beginning of February since it’s only a few weeks away. One day at a time Brenda. You’ll get through the move and the process of settling in too. You’re in my prayers. Margie

      1. Thanks, Margie. I feel pretty comfortable with who I have now. Actually chiropractors have helped me a lot over the years. This one seems pretty knowledgeable and Holly wouldn’t have referred me to him if she didn’t think so too. I’ve had MRIs before and didn’t have trouble with it being closed. When I get inside, if the toilet is not tall, I’m going to have to arrange for a plumber and a tall toilet. They don’t let their maintenance man do that kind of thing, they told me.

        1. If you can’t afford a tall toilet and the plumber, consider a raised seat. It works

  20. Vent to your heart’s content. I’m a lot older than you and tire pretty quickly, but I guarantee if I lived nearer to you than south Louisiana I’d come help. Maybe only for an hour or so at a time, but you’ll be surprised at how much can get done in that time. Meanwhile, only deal with absolute essentials…get the stuff from one apartment to the other, set up the bed and chair, stash the cats and their boxes and food in the spare bedroom, and order in for food. All the rest can wait.

    1. That’s kind of what I’m thinking. But I was looking over my lease agreement here and it says you have to have cleaned everything thoroughly before you hand in the keys. Teri said they never do a thing for you, so don’t bother. But I don’t know. I don’t expect to get my deposit back as they’re far too cheap. But I’ve heard complexes can charge you for things that are left behind or not done. And it would be just like these slumlords to keep at me over it.

      1. Brenda,
        You will need help moving!’ Is there a senior center that could offer help, or a
        Church. I have found that even if one does not belong to
        a church, they are usually
        willing to help. I live
        in Florida. We have United Way available to assist seniors and can be
        reached via 211. At the very
        least, please call United Way.
        Please give updates.

  21. I have a Sleep number, and like you, it is the cheapest model. I have had it for 17 yrs. Back then all they did was adjust the air. They really don’t help much for pain ! I have osteoarthritis in my right hip and use a pillow called Modvel which I put between my legs and it helps some. I feel sorry for you Brenda, when you are in pain you cannot think straight! You have so much on your mind now with the move! If the doctor could give you something to relieve the pain that you would be comfortable taking then you could have some relief so you could get through the move!

    1. The ankle surgeon gave me a week’s worth of steroids, but that was over a month ago. He told me he could give me a shot in the ankle and that that might help. But Teri is afraid that if I feel halfway good that I’ll overdo it and end up in worse shape. She knows me pretty well!

  22. I think you are thinking too much. You are very organized and you do have a helper coming, so I think it is going to be okay. Just do what you can after you are moved in. Some days you will accomplish tons and other days you might just have to take a break from it. It’s not going anywhere and you will get to it. When we moved to this house, I packed up 100% of all household stuff and my husband took care of the garage and basement (much of which was already in storage totes.) I also unpacked while packing up my dads stuff. We bought his house and I had to pack it up, so I could unpack our stuff. This after having a massive pulmonary embolism 3-1/2 months earlier. Yes, I was often overwhelmed, but it got done. Some days I unpacked 5 boxes (while packing up 4 for my dad) and some days I packed his stuff and some days I unpacked 1 box and took the rest of the day off. You will be okay. Just try to take it easy with your ankle etc. as much as possible and don’t overwork yourself. You are a strong woman and have managed to do so much on your own. You’ve got this.

    1. I know. It’s just scary when you can’t move around well and there’s so much ahead. And I’ve got this apartment to deal with once I move out. Teri keeps telling me to calm down and it will get done. She has already done so much. She is older than I am and I sure don’t want her getting injured!

  23. I would pack the things I will need asap in the kitchen , bath etc. separately so you can get to them. You don’t have to have everything in its place all at once. Take your time with it. If you don’t like looking at all the boxes then have them all put in the spare bedroom and close the door till you can get to them. Don’t worry yourself over the trivial things. It will get done in time.

    1. I’m a nervous Nellie, but I keep telling myself it will be okay. When I have to be out and about and I’m in a great deal of pain, I just can’t think.

  24. I’m so sorry you’re having such an awful time with your back! I too have back/hip issues. I use only ice on it and when it really flares up, I’ll take an anti-inflammatory drug which takes 2 days to really see improvement. My mother-in-law takes Gabapentin when her back flares up and seems to get relief from that. Such good suggestions to try to get the MRI scheduled now for Feb 1st or as soon after as you can. I hope you can get some relief, because that pain interrupts your sleep and that only seems to make you feel worse.

    1. Yes, I know. I have to keep putting that roll-on Biofreeze on every time I wake up in the night to calm the hip down enough to go back to sleep. I use both ice and heat. I just thought after weeks of PT that I’d be in better shape.

  25. but what about when I get moved in and there’s so much to do?
    Patience, Brenda! Once your things are moved to the new place, they are not going anywhere. Take care of your health first. You can handle the rest of it one step at a time, no artificial deadlines. This from someone living in a sea of boxes and who will need to move again, unfortunately.

    1. Like they say, moving is about the equivalent of getting a root canal. It’s upheaval no matter how far you move. Yes, I know you’re right. I don’t mind boxes. I’ve been living with boxes all around me for weeks.

  26. Your Medicare kicks in February 1st. Can you schedule an MRI appointment ahead of time and get in on February 1st or as soon as possible thereafter? Because of the surge in Omicron COVID cases overrunning many hospitals and clinics, etc. around the country, hopefully there won’t be a delay in you being able to get your MRI, but it might be best to schedule now because you just don’t know. On a different track, when I was still working I hired a woman to help me around the house with cleaning and organizing during the Great Recession. She had lost her job and I found out about her through a woman I worked with. At that time she charged $15 an hour and I paid her in cash. She came once a week (had access to a key to enter my home) and would do a project (if I had one for her) that we discussed on the phone ahead of time, otherwise she would spend an hour or two dusting and vacuuming the house, cleaning the bathrooms and wiping down the kitchen. It was wonderful to have that help for about a year until she found a full-time job and gave up housekeeping for pay. If you consider it a possibility, perhaps you could hire a temporary worker from a service in your area to help you with unpacking, organizing and putting things away in your new apartment, in addition to help from the friend/blog reader who lives in your area. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your apartment won’t be fully organized in a day (or couple of days), either. Go slow. There may be days when you don’t do anything at all other than feed the kitties, clean out their litter boxes and cook for yourself. That’s okay, Brenda!

  27. I realize you probably don’t have your medicare card yet, but could the surgeon’s office go ahead and at least schedule the MRI for February so you won’t have to wait longer for an appointment after Feb 1?
    If that can be done at least you’ll be closer to getting it done. I am so sorry you are having so much pain and having to deal with such stress. Don’t borrow worry now. When you move and have help, set up your bed, bath and your recliner and some essentials for the kitchen. It doesn’t all have to be done right away. Unpack a hour a day and break that up if you need to. It will fall into place. Take care of your body and mental health first. Most of us live far away and can’t be there for you in person, but we will all be with you in spirit to support you through this time. Once the actual moving day is over I think you will be able to breathe with relief since that major hurdle is over. You can ease into the rest slowly as there is no time deadline for it to all get done. You’ve posted many stress relievers and ways for us to take care of ourselves. Now it is time to apply them for yourself. Peaceful times are ahead!

    1. I feel better now. I found out a blogging friend’s cat has cancer and isn’t long for this world. My pain seems small in comparison now.

  28. Just a couple of notes on Medicare. Hopefully you already know. Look into a supplement, many are zero monthly premiums and include drugs. It is important to have drug coverage from the start. If not and you need it later, you will be charged a monthly penalty forever. Hang in there. It’s hard when feeling overburdened. I always try for a few deep breaths, seems to help get oxygen to the brain.

    1. I already have everything set up. Medicare, a supplement and a drug card. So three things I’ll be paying for, but will be grateful for Medicare. Hoping it’s better than what I’ve been using for insurance.

  29. Hope you can get moved and get the MRI next month so they can figure out what is going on. Can they give you some kind of anti inflammatory/ pain medication so you can have some relief until you can get the MRI. There are great medications out there that help with the pain you are having so you can at least function and move. Good luck you have a lot going on.

  30. So sorry you’re having such a difficult time with pain when you want to be doing moving stuff. I have constant back pain (45+ years now) from back labor that damaged some nerves in my spine and now multiplied with some arthritis, etc. so I know how much pain can drain your energy levels. You mentioned being uncomfortable lying down — one thing we have done to help with that is get an adjustable bed so I can make adjustments to my position throughout the night and it does help with my comfort level. If you should look into getting one make sure to get the vibration mechanism as well as that is a great help. Prayers for you to feel better soon and get some answers that you need.

    1. I have a Sleep Number, but it’s the cheapest one and only adjusts the air inside the mattress with the remote.

  31. An MRI can tell them alot. Then hopefully they can correct the situation for you. Then you can get back to feeling your old self again.

      1. Brenda, so very sorry for all the pain you are experiencing now. I’m sure you know that stress is also a big pain trigger. A previous chiropractor knew of a lab in my area that folks with no insurance could go and have lab work, CT scans and MRI, done on a self pay and was much cheaper. You might inquire to see if something like this exists in you area. I am praying for you to safely get thru this move so you can rest and let your body heal. Praying for you to have enough help with your move so things will not be so difficult for you,
        Sincerely, Mary

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