1. Your tree is beautiful. The lid ornaments add a special touch.
    Excited that Abi's surgery is over. Prayers for the three of you for the next weeks of recovery.
    Please keep us posted.

  2. I love your ornaments! And your tree is gorgeous!! You're so talented!!! I'd also love to know more about the tiered tray in the background, too!

  3. Brenda, so glad Abi made it through surgery! Love the tree and your jar lid ornaments, festive and creative! Pam @ everyday living.me

  4. Your tree looks beautiful, and the ornaments are just about the cutest and most creative I have seen in a very long time…maybe ever!

    Make sure you get something for Abi to keep her calm.

  5. They look so nice on your tree Brenda…I am looking for pictures like those to use…So happy that Abi came through the surgery so well…I know you have been a nervous wreck all day..now will be the hardest part for you …keeping her settled down to heal…Hugs

  6. So glad Abi came through surgery ok. Now the really hard part starts, keeping her quiet so she can heal. The tree looks beautiful. I love all your posts, you are definitely in my top 3 blogs.

  7. Thankful that Abi is out of surgery and should be ok.
    The photo ornaments look perfect! Your tree is just right! Beautiful!

  8. So glad your little Abi is going to be OK! Those are still the most adorable little ornaments I have seen in a long time. xo Diana

  9. So relieved Abi's surgery is over! Remembered to say a little prayer for you both. I truly hope the healing process passes quickly. I'm in love with your pretty tree! Very charming ornaments…

  10. So happy that Abi is doing good and the surgery is over. Hope recovery will go well. Love your tree Brenda and the jar lid vintage ornaments.


  11. I was just thinking about Abi as I was watering plants. I'm so glad she's out and OK. The tree is so cute and sparkles like trees should. It also looks fantastic with those red/white curtains in the background. You have such a magical touch!

  12. Thank the Lord for answered prayer for Abi! I was thinking and praying for the both of you today. So glad that she came through alright. I love your ornaments and your Christmas tree too! You always do a great job of anything you choose to tackle.
    Connie, IN/FL

  13. So glad Abi is alright…I think that someone suggested last week to ask the vet for sedatives for her to keep her calm and not wanting to run around too much. I hope the vet agrees.

    I am glad the ornaments dried alright or the glue held…they were so cute and your tree is just beautiful! 🙂

  14. Hi Brenda! Oh, I'm so glad to hear little Abi's surgery is over. Will they give you something for her for pain. Praying your sweet little fuzzy face heals. I love your sweet little mason jar lids you've made! You did good! Can't wait to see some more.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  15. Love the mason jar topper ornaments Brenda! So glad your pup is doing well..hoping for a speedy recovery for her!

  16. So happy to read that Abi came through surgery just fine!!! We have to cats and they mean the wprld to us.

    Love your tree!!! Enjoy and have a great day, Janie

  17. Prayers for lil Abi,,
    love the antique jar lids. you have a beautiful little tree , enjoy every moment with it.

  18. Cute ornaments Brenda! Love how they look. I said a prayer for Abi and the Vet and techs…and of course, for you too. I know how nervous I get when anything needs to be done with my 3 Pups.

    Jan ♥

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