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  1. I have the lightweight corded version of the Shark Navigator (9 years old now and still kicking). The suction is still as good as when we first purchased it. Replacement parts are readily available for anything that gets tired and needs replacing. It’s plenty strong enough for carpets as well as doing very well on tile floors.

    1. Ann… do you by chance know the model of your vacuum? Or, something close to it? I tried finding a corded version of the one Brenda got because I prefer not to deal with a battery but I couldn’t seem to find one. Thanks

  2. I bought a Shark Navigator a few years ago without doing all the research. I bought it based on price and hearing good things here and there about the Shark models in general. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  3. I’ve had a Shark Rocket for years and love it. It does well on both hardwood floors and rugs, of which I have both. Mine’s not cordless but that’s not a problem for me as I just make sure the cord is always behind me as I vacuum. And the cord is so long that I can vacuum my entire first floor (kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and hallway) when I plug the cord into the hallway outlet.

  4. I have a shark also. It does take a little getting use to. It turns on a dime. Just because it turns so easily. My wrists did get a little sore at first. I LOVE it now! My husband said the same thing about how easily it turns. Take it easy at first until you get use how it maneuvers. It is so nice not to have to lug a heavy one around.

  5. I am not familiar with this vacuum, we have a Dyson and have had it forever. A few years ago we received the mini-dyson that has a battery and once the batter years down a new one is 99 dollars! I can but a new vacuum for that. I am looking froward to hearing how you like this one! I have been away a few day, what scrumptious things did you decide to make for Thanksgiving?

  6. Glad you made a decision- sounds like the Shark will be perfect. Can you, or other readers, tell me why you prefer bagless vacuum cleaners? I have a Roomba and I do love it for what it does (I put it on every few evenings and it gets under the couch and places I do not normally vacuum) but I absolutely hate emptying its little cup of dirt. I much prefer changing the bag on my vacuum cleaner, which does not have to be done very often. Just curious!

    1. I have asthma. And when I had bags and had to change them I always coughed. I’d rather empty the cup because it’s easier for me.

    2. Monica, I would much prefer a bag, so much easier to change. I have a bagless Dirt Devil upright. The cup is very easy to empty, but the filter and the “cyclonic assembly” are such a mess to clean. The dust settles all over the place when you disassemble the parts. The filter needs to be rinsed to remove all the dust, then you have to let it all dry before you can put it all back together. And even in a single person household with no pets, it get dirty very quickly.

  7. Brenda… I have been looking too.. for same things you have been looking for. Please see the question I asked of Kris above… I’ll be anxious to hear if it holds its charge and is powerful enough to pick up what a “normal” corded vacuum does. I also need one that is light weight and I’m so SICK of dragging the cord around and it getting caught on this and having to lean over 20 times while vacuuming! Also, where is the on/off switch on this one? The one I have’s switch is halfway down on the handle, so I have to lean over every time I want to turn it on or off. That also has become very aggravating when I have a bad back. I’ll be anxious to hear your review! Marilyn

  8. I’ve had a shark for 6 years, and it’s wonderful! I wouldn’t dream of switching!

  9. I have a Shark Rocket cordless, about a year old and love it, but the charge just doesn’t last long enough to do my entire house at one time. I got a flyer from Walmart yesterday and they’re advertising the Shark Navigator for $99, but it doesn’t say cordless so I assume it isn’t. I’m thinking about getting one at that price so the whole house can be done without waiting to charge. Cordless is good for a smaller space, but for the difference in price I can deal with the cord. My Rocket was about $350 at Walmart, quite a difference.

  10. I have an older version of this model. It handles very well with my arthritis in my hands and back. Both of my daughters have different models of the Shark cleaner and we all love them. I don’t use mine much anymore since I have a cleaning lady every other week. She whips through here in no time and is very efficient. She does in 4 hours what it would take me a week to give it a hit and a miss. I also have a Hoover hand sweeper that I bought at Big Lots for around $24.oo I think. It works on carpets and bare floors for a quick pick up.

  11. Kudos for making a decision and ordering! The older I get, the more I get discombobulated with all the choices and variations of items available and I have a very hard time making decisions.
    I think you will be very happy with your shark vacuum.

    1. I didn’t think I was ever going to make a decision and meanwhile the kitty fluff gets more widespread while I debated it.

    2. Gail…. I’m right there with you. Making decisions is harder the older I get… there are just so many options and it’s confusing.

    1. Kris, does the battery take very long to charge on this one? And does it hold its charge. From what I’ve read, alot of the battery operated vacuums lose their charge pretty fast! I too have been looking for a new vacuum, cordless that holds its charge. Also, is it powerful enough to pick up pet hair and things off the floor? I’ve also read that many cordless ones are not very powerful! You can email me back if you want to.. I’m going to ask this same question of Brenda once she gets hers and uses it! Marilyn ([email protected])

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