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  1. So glad it's working. I have a broken ankle and a severe neck injury. Going to the laundromat is torture. I am glad you do not have to.

  2. I am so happy that you finally have some peace with the laundry. I am all thumbs with plumbing and can totally relate. How lovely that this brought you a new understanding of a new friend. How brave he has been and is. Yay for clean laundry!

  3. Glad it is working. Perhaps you can take those extra plumbing parts and fit them together into some sort of garden ornament. Then maybe the cardinal would sit on it, and it would make the whole plumbing mess seem a bit better!

  4. I am so happy for you. It's the little things that become BIG……the straw that breaks the camel's back. And then…..someone comes along that actually knows something and you just want to hug them. He gave you a gift, actually….with his knowledge. Thank God he moved to America….so he could fix your plumbing!! I know what a relief it must be to you. Sleep well.

  5. That is great news! Glad your washer is working, and I'm glad that the maintenance man was able to help.

  6. So glad you got your washer connection fixed. It's always good to make friends with the maintenance man, you never know when you'll need them!

  7. So nice to hear you've become friends with this guy and he sounds like a really nice guy. You are one smart cookie, letting him talk about himself! I'd be baking those brownies for him. Make sure to tell them they are for his wife also, don't want you to be accused of something! LOL

  8. It's such an annoyance when an appliance isn't working properly! So glad you got it fixed and learned a little about someone else's life journey in the bargain. We just do not realize that the freedoms we enjoy in this country are only dreamed about by others. We need to take notice and protect them before they're gone and we wonder how it happened.

  9. I*'m so glad it's working and will keep my fingers crossed it will stay that way! Glad you made a new friend and it's true first impressions are rarely true. Have a great day!

  10. Brenda, It good to have a washer and dryer. I remember my mom's old wringer washer….washing clothes was a whole day event. the dryer was the clothes line :):) Some modern devices are wonderful. blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Figured you were busy but glad to see your post! Ugh to the dentist, I have to go soon. So happy that the washer is working better now. Water pressure is a funny thing and bad plumbers are numerous. It's interesting what we can learn when we spend a few minutes asking questions of someone and really see them in a new way. Glad that happened for you, maybe you can feel more comfortable asking him to help you in the future.

  12. May God bless the Russian maintenance man ! I'm so glad and relieved that your washer is working now.. Do you think maybe "Mr. Fix-it" could use the parts somewhere else ?
    I figured you were being held up in some way, shape or form because we didn't hear from you until now.. You need to give us your schedule so we won't worry and wonder.. Ha ha. Just a little jokey joke !
    You deserve a crown and not the kind that goes in your mouth on your teeth. Wouldn't you like to be Queen for a day ? Like the old show that used to be on TV.
    Thank goodness you can strike one problem off of your list. Now you need to find out why your eggs are freezing.. I think they need to give you a new/newer refrigerator.. OR the one you have needs to have the thermostat adjusted.. Maybe "Mr. Fix-it" would know how to do that ?
    Best wishes for less stress in your life and more Brownies in the Breville !

  13. glad the washer is working….. as many issues as you can tick of your list the better.. I know thats how I have to do it and one day maybe the list will be completed with no new issues added lol.. yes yes I'm a dreamer– thats why my blog is called
    Dream Lane…

    enjoy your afternoon

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