1. Brenda I’m so glad things are better for you. You’re a trooper! Love the Ivy pics, love your blog !

  2. First of all, congratulations on having your hot water back and taking a nice, hot shower! That sounds wonderful, and after going several days without one, I know how much more you appreciated it! Secondly, I just wanted to say I love how you and Ivy are kindred spirits! You two belong together. And that picture of her looks like a portrait. She’s beautiful!

    1. PS- That is sounds great. I’ll definately watch it. Thanks for recommending it.

  3. One of the things I have learned in living in an apartment is its all about landlord response to a crisis. While the plumbers may have been a bit slack, management – with package delivery and rent deduction – has been on the spot! And, all that said OH THANK HEAVEN THAT’S OVER WITH!!!

  4. Yikes Brenda,
    what an ordeal! I know what it’s like to have water problems. My husband and I live in the country (Pacific Northwest) on about 18 plus acres. We installed a whole house Reverse Osmosis system over 10 years ago on our well. Several times I have gotten up to start coffee and there is no water from the kitchen sink. I have to go to the well house and the alarm is ringing and that means the filters are clogged and NO water! We then have to call the water service and wait for a service call. I belong to the YMCA and that is how we have gotten to take our showers. Our neighbors let us bring buckets to water our cows and chickens! I can’t imagine the misery of cold water showers and recovering from surgery. I’m glad the manager got this fixed and you are happy with the outcome. I continue to pray for stellar results regarding your ankle recovery!

    1. Wow! Having land and cows and chickens and having to carry buckets of water to them! No matter where you live, there’s always something I suppose.

  5. Hallelujah! Hot water once again! So happy the crisis is resolved and once again you have some peace and quiet.

    Ivy looks so very serious in the photo you posted. Wonder what she’s thinking. Since she doesn’t use hot water for her bath she is probably unaware of what you’ve just been through! Altho’ she may not have appreciated all the noise. Did she run and hide at the commotion?

    Enjoy your peace and quiet and have a restful weekend. Hugs to you and pats for Ivey.

    1. No, Ivy stayed with me and was behind my chair until we moved to the bedroom. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, the noise.

  6. Thank goodness it’s over and you have hot water once again! We have a private well and there’s been a few times over the past 32 years we’ve lived here where we’ve had no water at all for several days! Once was when we were having some well repairs done and two other times where we’ve had to have the well shocked. Then there have been other times where our power has gone out for a long time and so we don’t have any water then either, with being on a well. We’ve had to go to a relative’s or friend’s house to shower!

    1. I didn’t think of the fact that with a well you don’t have water when the power goes out.

  7. Isn’t peace and quiet just delicious? Now you can bask in the calm.
    Thanks for mentioning a good movie. I am done with violence, crashing and clashing, profanity beyond measure. Am going to check this out. Thanks, Brenda. Pat the little girl for me.🐾🐈‍⬛🥰

  8. Celebrating with you . Brenda I had several calamities happen here and I too know what a blessed life we lead, My air conditioner froze up and I was unaware of the issue, We had a power failure in the neighborhood and when there was no power the unit started to defrost. My less than two year old flooring was at risk of damage. I am low vision so I had to check largely by feeling where and how damaged my flooring was, Then to top it off the repair people at the air conditioner business were not able to repair it for three (very long ) steamy FL days, I was blessed that it was a leak that could be repaired However my thermostat is a Nest and due to the wifi being out was not working properly and with my eyesignt issues could not reprogram it. I was in a similar mental state as you and decided to take a walk and settle my fears with my creator THEN I locked myself out , I did have a good cry and sought shelter from the heat at a neighbor*s home until my other neighbor returned that has my spare key, I called it my day of gratitude , It woke me up to how blessed I am , i want to thank you for sharing your life and movie reviews with us, I pray that your health and mental health be restored . That troublesome ankle will be prayed for by me,

  9. Yay!! I’m glad that’s done, and you can enjoy your peaceful corner of the world. Now you can fully relax and just breathe.
    I’d really enjoy that movie – thank you for the reminder.
    Take good care, Brenda!

  10. Yay, peace and quiet for u Brenda instead of stress! This apt is way better for u than the nightmare apt u left! Keep hydrated everyone!

  11. What about your wet carpet. Will they check for mold?

  12. I agree with Lynn, if this were the old apt complex it would have been a real nightmare. Unfortunate as it was it certainly shows you what a wonderful place you moved to. Ivy is adorable.

    1. I call her my “little Ivy.” Of course, she isn’t little. But she doesn’t know that.

  13. Brenda, I am so glad that you finally have water and the problem is fixed. Your apartment manager is doing a great job to take care of you. You are so right we are blessed to have running water, heat, a.c. and electricity etc. I keep telling myself to watch more Hallmark movies and I did catch one last week. They are upbeat just like Labor Day. I did watch that awhile back and it was very good. One day at a time! Hope you and Ivy have a relaxing afternoon inside! Take care everyone.

  14. So glad, Brenda! It must feel such a relief to have it quiet again. Any kind of problem like that gets me so upset, more so as I get older!
    The Ivy photo is just too dear – she is such a pretty cat.
    I will have to look into that film – it looks really good. Have you ever watched The Red Violin? A friend recommended it to me and I loved it. I watched it free on YouTube not too long ago.

  15. So glad at least the water problem seems fixed!! And hope things will be quiet and restful for you now…so your healing can happen!!

  16. What a relief to have the work done finally! I’m glad the plumbers cleaned up so well after themselves. Perhaps they took into account that you were in an ankle boot and trying to get around the apartment on a scooter! I’m happy that the management offered you a rent relief for the days you were inconvenienced having part of your apartment torn apart and having zero hot water. The photo of Ivy at the beginning of your post – the look on her face, LOL! To me, it looks like she is thinking “WHY are you taking a photo of me now – look how I’m sitting all slumped and slouchy, I’m not posed in one of my glamour poses at all. Really Mom!”

  17. I’m so glad it’s all done. Can you imagine the disaster this would be at your old apartment?

    I hope you see improvement with your ankle.

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