There Still Isn’t Hot Water

There still isn’t hot water in my apartment. But today there is some action happening with the plumbers. Yesterday they didn’t come here at all.

They arrived this morning at 7:30 however.

I’m getting really impatient because I haven’t had hot water since Saturday morning. It’s not fun taking a cold shower with incisions that are still very sore.

So just a bit ago the plumber found a leak underneath my kitchen floor. We were afraid it could be anywhere between my kitchen and the hot water heater down by my bedroom. Which would be an area of about 20 feet.

He has the concrete chiseled out and has dug down in the dirt and found the pipe, and now he’s waiting on plumbing parts to arrive.

So maybe things won’t have to get too much more involved.

I had moved Ivy and I back to my bedroom. Because if they had to jackhammer the hallway, I would not be able to get back and forth to either bathroom. So that wouldn’t have worked out. I would be cut off in the middle from one end to the next.

So hopefully, he said, this will be the only hole in the water pipe.

Feeling Overwhelmed:

Yesterday I was starting to feel overwhelmed and about one step from breaking down and crying over it all. I was really tired of waiting for someone to come work on it, and they didn’t ever arrive. They were on another job.

The plumber who came Monday at 4:30 p.m. is one of two plumbers they use for all of the properties.

I let the apartment manager know this was getting really old, really fast. She offered to put me up at a hotel.

They can’t seem to understand how hard it is for me to get to the parking lot using one foot and a scooter.

This property has many old trees and the tree roots have lifted areas of the sidewalks. Which makes them hard to get over on a scooter.

And the pipe problem could be due to tree roots as well.

In back there are still the bricks of the patio to get over before I can even get to where my newly laid pathway begins. I fell out there on my scooter on my way home from surgery right where the new pathway begins.

My dining table is covered with things from the kitchen. There is a bed sheet nailed up to cover my open kitchen cabinets. And nothing is where I usually put it. So I’m kind of out of sorts.

Physical Therapy:

The physical therapist, Greg, came yesterday.

He said I wasn’t doing nearly as well as last week. So he told me not to even try and walk to the front door with the rollator for a few days. He said we will have to take it even slower than we did last week.

This means he moves my foot and I only move my toes. And there is no range of motion movements at this time.

The incisions are still quite sore because two of them basically lay on top of my outer ankle bone, and the walking boot scrapes against them.

I wrap my ankle in gauze and 2-3 Ace bandages at a time and even that doesn’t help.

Cicada Killers:

While the physical therapist was here a big hornet-looking thing somehow materialized and buzzed around my head. Then it went to the window behind my chair.

The therapist, Greg, tried to kill it with a kitchen towel. But he is short and couldn’t reach it. Ivy is always at that window during the daytime, and she tried to kill it but couldn’t reach it either.

So Steve came over afterward (he’s tall) and brought kitchen tongs that you use to flip steaks on a grill. It was at the top of the window, about 12 inches from the ceiling.

The big insect acted like it was in a torpor of some kind. So he just reached up and grabbed it with the tongs and took it outside.

Ever the biologist, Steve announced that it was a Cicada Killer, or Sphecius speciosus.

It was a big old red thing. He said last summer one of the maintenance men had to go up to the roof to try to kill those things and one stung him.

And he apparently quit his job before he got back to the ground.

Miserable Heat Conditions:

It’s hot as an oven outside, though I just look through the patio door.

I hear it’s miserably hot and I feel so bad for the homeless out there in these conditions. Today it’s 106 degrees. Some days it’s even hotter than that.

These are hazardous heat conditions so try your best to stay inside, hydrated and cool.

If things don’t turn around soon I might just curl up and have a good cry and get it over with.

But the plumber tells me I should have hot water tonight. I don’t know what it entails to put the dirt back, then the concrete, and then the kitchen flooring under the sink.


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  1. Brenda, what a trying time! I really think you should take the management up on the rebate on the rent for going all that time without hot water. That is not a trivial thing to go through, especially with the other issues you are dealing with with your foot and ankle. You deserve a little compensation. That said, I’m glad it appears that things are getting resolved with the water leakage. Hopefully things will be on the up-swing now. I hope the physical therapy goes better now, too. Hang in there–as you have been doing. And having a good cry doesn’t negate the fact that you ARE coping! Tears are cleansing and rejuvenating, I believe. Take care!

  2. Have that good cry! It is good for your health. Keeping tears in can really affect your health.
    I hope that it won’t take long for them to finish the repairs! It’s not like you can heat water on your stove. You are so lucky that you met Steve. He is a great friend!

  3. The bad news was that this happened when you are in a fragile emotional state. The good news is that management is dealing with the issue in a timely fashion. It is a pain, but luckily you don’t own the apartment and have to deal with the issue yourself and figure out where even to begin or who to call. You will probably have a few more days of inconvenience while they fill the hole/trench with cement and wait for it to cure. But you will have hot water soon.

    1. Go have a good cry. When you’ve had surgery, it’s a beast trying to do anything, let alone dealing with no hot water and the noise and confusion of repairs. I agree that compensation is in order. But, putting a positive spin on this, in your old place, no one would have fixed the issue at all. It sounds like your new place is dealing with the leak as promptly as they can and with the supply chain so backed up in this country, it sounds like they are doing well to have gotten this far. So after your cry, buck up, it’s almost done!

  4. It sounds as if your apartment management is way more responsive than your former ones ever were. Sometimes things can’t be addressed immediately but they seem to be very caring. Offering to put you up in a hotel was a very nice option. I don’t think you’d get a better response than they provided even though it’s still not ideal. So glad your hot water is now functional and the floor opening will soon be repaired … two blessings to add to your Gratitude Journal.

    Hang in there and have that cry if you need to … it’s a great tension and stress reliever. Enjoy your nice hot shower this evening!

  5. Oh Brenda, I’m sorry. A good cry usually helps me relieve a lot of stress. I sure wish I could help you. It’s nice that the management is going to compensate you.

  6. What I have discovered this year, is that not very many people who have not suffered like some of older folks have and as you have, Brenda, can begin to comprehend how all the difficulties mound up into a huge mountain that we simply cannot safely cross!! So very sorry things have been a royal mess…we understand, though no leaks here yet. We are in an older place too…and things do fall apart in time. Just saw one clinic today and learned I have to get help with my diabetes because of course mine is not the regular kind and I need a different medication…I am allergic to so many things…not looking forward to this process either!! But the good part is that at least most things I am doing better than good in, in the bloodwork…so one must be grateful for the good parts!! Hang in there!! We are all rooting for you!!

    1. I guess it’s hard to imagine if you’ve never had trouble walking. I’m just doing all I can to let this ankle heal.

  7. I’m sending u hugs and prayers too bc that’s all I can do!
    At least this apt complex got things taken care of right off and no snakes or other creepy crawlers involved!
    Stay cool and hydrated everyone!

  8. Ok, do me a favor and on your next Walmart delivery get a can of wasp spray. You may never need it, but you have to have to way to kill dangerous stinging insects in your apartment.

  9. Brenda, you need to go to the manager and DEMAND a credit on your rent for the month! This is ridiculous and frankly it is abuse. They also need to pay for someone to bring in food for you as you cannot access you kitchen. What the hell, what if you fall trying to maneuver a trench that has been jackhammered in your hall? They are in for a lawsuit especially as they know you just had surgery.
    Do not let them take advantage of you, this is terrible
    I am so angry on your behalf. you are in my prayers.

  10. Dear Brenda, go ahead and have a cleansing cry—or two. I know you’ve said before that it upsets Ivy when you’re upset, but I think she will take it in her stride. What a situation! It’s a far better response from apartment management then you would have received in your former place, so I’m glad for you about that. But, it’s only what is right. It’s too long to go without hot water and especially for you in your present physical state. I sure hope that PT works well for you – I am sorry the progress has been so slow. If only all our good wishes could turn things around for you – but then, I think they can.
    And so glad Steve helps you – he sounds like such a good guy!

  11. Oh my, Brenda!!! I can see how this would be a very overwhelming situation. Cry it out, release the stress you’re holding in. Let it out. When you cry you’ll feel much better…let those endorphins do their job. Find something to keep your hands busy to occupy your mind. I.e. type on your laptop
    And, them focus on “this too shall pass”.
    Gentle hugs. This will be behind you soon.

    1. Yesterday I felt like in that movie where your head kind of levitates and goes round and round. It was just too much STUFF going on!

  12. A rebate would be nice as it certainly isn’t easy for you to get around or hop in the car to go to a hotel! Sorry to hear of all the problems and your PT isn’t going good. Hopefully you will have a great therapist.

    1. After I got upset yesterday, they offered to pay me 4 days of rent, which would be how long I’ve been without hot water. I think they’re nearly there!

    2. I think the first physical therapy session I went to over a week ago was a little much. This is a different company that comes to my home.

  13. I agree with the rebate on your rent, it has been way too long to expect you to live without hot water. It is good they have discovered the problem and hope to repair it soon. I vote for a nice long warm shower this evening and still a good cry! Sometimes it is best to just release all the stress and aggravation. Bless you and your neighbor Steve who seems like such a great guy.

    1. They just turned the breaker back on that goes to the hot water heater. Now I guess it’s time to put things back together again.

  14. Brenda, I can’t even imagine. I am so sorry you are going through this mess and having to deal with getting around from place to place. I know you do what you have to. I would be a basket case and for sure be crying. I pray your next doctor’s visit goes well, and the healing and hurt gets BETTER! All the pain, plus all this extra grief for you, has to be getting pretty old. Brenda, hang in there, prayers and hugs are being sent your way.

  15. What an awful situation. I think you should get some kind of rebate on your rent since you certainly haven’t had full use and peaceful enjoyment of your apartment! No hot water for 4-5 days and who knows how much longer this may take? That’s ridiculous.

  16. Oh Brenda. I feel so badly for you going through this, while still quite hobbled from your operation. I helped friends over the weekend, who’ve moved out of state, by driving their second car 2/3rds of the way to their new home. We were in Tulsa for a while on Saturday, and it was hot! Sometimes, when I’m truly overwhelmed, a good cry does me good. Maybe you should go ahead and have one too. We all reach our limit eventually. Take good care.

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