When we reach this time of the year, the hot humid days of summer, I begin to think of fall. Of leaves beginning to fall willy-nilly from the trees.

Errant halfhearted breezes begin to break up the daytime heat, until finally at night we reach for a blanket or quilt.

The flowers slow down their growing and blooming. Annuals dry up and disappear. And perennials will close up shop but merely go underground to bloom another day.

Suddenly my two container trees will lose all their leaves, standing stark against the wood fence.

Pumpkins appear in the supermarkets, and somehow that leads me to think of caramel apples. I do love a crisp and slightly sour Granny Smith apple dipped in warm caramel.

The days shorten. Mother Nature leads summer out while at the same time escorting fall in.

She will dance upon the brittle leaves and tell us a new season is knocking at the door, but remind us that spring will be back before we know it.

“The summer looks out from her brazen tower, Through the flashing bars of July.” – Francis Thompson

Remembering John Lewis:

Georgia Congressman John Lewis, civil rights icon, died of cancer on Friday. He was 80.

Of all the ways that John Lewis influenced American life and politics, his indelible impact on young people may be among the most enduring. From student activist to elder statesman, Lewis continually encouraged the nation’s youth to start “good trouble” — and modeled just how to do that. – Tulsa World, July 20, 2020

From his book “Across That Bridge”:

“Faith is being so sure of what the spirit has whispered in your heart that your belief in its eventuality is unshakable.”

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  1. The heat and humidity here in S.C. have been sweltering. I spent all of yesterday watering my hydrangeas and hostas. My water bill will be high for sure.
    John Lewis was and still is a man of integrity and love. He stands in contrast to so many others in politics and they come up short full of fear, ignorance and hatred. I’ll miss his sonorous voice encouraging us to love one another. It’s amazing to me that he could forgive and love so well. He will be missed. John Lewis left us a legacy of love. We have but now to follow in his footsteps.

  2. While Fall is definitely my favorite season for all the reasons you mention, Brenda, I am at an age where I have no desire to wish any season, or even any day, away. In New England we have, and are having now, some humid days, but there are other days that truly are perfect summer days. And I want to enjoy ice cream cones, and peaches and watermelon and blueberries in their seasons. If it is particularly sweltering day, I work only in the AM and PM taking care of my garden. I can also find lots of projects to do inside with my overhead fans going. So, no, I can kick back and wait for Autumn.

    Wishing John Lewis Godspeed.

  3. I always enjoyed hearing John Lewis speak on tv as he seemed so gentle and caring and very opposite of what we are subjected to seeing now so it’s wiser to shut the tv off. Dignity and respectfulness is long gone. It seems like it’s been one long hot summer as it started so much sooner with heat here in NY. I recently bought my first box of pumpkin coffee in case i can’t get back out to the stores if we have a resurgence of covid.

  4. All I can say is the election cannot come soon enough. I was barely a teenager when John Lewis got severely beaten at that Selma bridge, when he and other Freedom Marchers were attacked by a mob. When the country seemed to be imploding on itself in 1968 I was a junior in high school. Here I am, soon to turn 69, and we’re still fighting for the same things that people were fighting for back then. It is all so WRONG! I don’t understand it, I truly don’t. It breaks my heart to think that since 1865 we’ve been fighting the Civil War over and over again. Ah, Fall. It’s funny Brenda. I had a fleeting thought about that this morning as I braced myself for another sweat fest cutting the front lawn before the rain comes tomorrow. Maybe we’re tuned into the same cosmic wavelength. I never know what kind of Autumn Goddess will show up around here. Last year we didn’t actually HAVE autumn! All through September and nearly the entire month of October, it was hot, humid, sticky, rainy, winds blowing in strong storms – flowers were still growing and blooming. I prepared for Halloween the way I normally do – sad to think this year we may not even have one. On the day it was to be neighborhood night-time trick or treat, it poured buckets of rain and the temperatures dropped to just above freezing. It was horrid out. And the weather stayed horrid. The leaves froze on the trees and fell to the ground, still green but now shriveled from the freeze. Many trees here had not even begun to turn color yet, fall was that late arriving we all thought; but it never did arrive; winter came rushing in instead. For Halloween this year I will put out a plastic pumpkin filled with candy on a plant stand near the public sidewalk and decorate the house as I normally do, in case any parents take their children out for walks on the evening of Halloween. My neighborhood in this small subdivision normally holds it’s own “at night” Halloween on a designated night, don’t know if that will happen this year. I will miss seeing the little ones and older kids all dressed up in their costumes. If the weather permits maybe I’ll sit on my front stoop which is far enough away from the public sidewalk for everyone to exceed the 6 foot social distancing protocol, and see if people come out.

  5. Brenda, what a beautiful ode to Mother Nature and the changing of the seasons! It just blew me away. You have a way with words and it has encouraged me to look forward to Fall and Winter instead of hanging onto lovely Summer’s coattails as I always do. Thanks for reminding me that she will be back!

  6. I look forward to fall, my husband loves the hot summer time. With the seasons, everyone can be happy for a little while.

  7. what a wonderful tribute to a great man.
    now he’s died before seeing the change he worked for so endlessly.
    can we even imagine spending our entire adult lives fighting for a simple justice and equal chance under the law? and yet so much work still to be done. it’s inconceivable to me how it continues!
    but it does.
    and I’m not a summer person. give me cool fresh air any day!

  8. Making it unanimous,totally 100% done with this heat and humidity!
    I think Covid has made it worse with not being able to do so much,I’m in NYS,movie theaters haven’t reopened yet…not that I would go at this moment but I would usually treat my 8 y.o. grandson of there’s something appropriate for him and shopping is just a nightmare,the mas ks is make me sweat and f
    og up my glasses,aaargh,I’m to rural for delivery and it’s at least an hour for curbside:(
    Ok,enough whining,sorry,br
    ing in the pumpkin spice coffee and all the deliciousness fall brings including my favorite hoodies!☕🔥

  9. I am not ready for fall in any which way! I love summer – yes, even the heat – and wish it lasted a lot longer. It actually depresses me to even think of fall right now. Because I know what’s right around the corner from that.

    RIP, John Lewis.

  10. I was just thinking 6 weeks until the beginning of September. I can’t wait to put the fall wreath on the front door! Just like when the cold winds blow and snow falls I stay in during the excessively hot and humid days. Other than going out for potty breaks with the dog, watering the plants and hanging clothes on the line it has been too hot to enjoy the summer. My Mom didn’t have a dryer until she was in her 60s and I guess growing up with hanging clothes I find a peace looking out the kitchen window seeing the sheets and towels blowing on the line. Charlie and Ivy are adorable, your home is inviting and your plants are beautiful. Enjoy your day!

  11. I am done with this heat! Come on Fall and cooler temps.

    John Lewis was a great man. He stood for what was right and just. I just wish other politicians had the same dedication to their work and morals and values of Mr. Lewis.
    He leaves a legacy to be proud of.

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