1. I think for many people, those truly awesome breath-taking times in life, yes, in love too, just do not last very long. And for me, came infrequently. We never know what to expect do we? There is just no sure way to know. So enjoying whatever good we can, wherever it is, is all we can do. I do really anticipate the next life being one where all our hardships here are forgotten for the joy there just sweeping away all the sadness of here. Some days, we get a breathe of that land to come. Enjoy them to the hilt!! I like your ideas for ways to enjoy what is a hard day for so many these days.

  2. Always loved ❤ Valentine’s Day that held special memories even as a child.
    Now I enjoy a great meal with my oldest sister & our pups! We talk about the fun and loving 😃 memories in our lives! All sorts of ways to reminisce on Happy 💘 Heart’s Day!
    P. S. Brenda ,,,,,, You mentioned one of my favorite (fantasy) films!
    Haven’t seen for awhile.
    I just might do that!!

  3. Good perspective on this special day for lovers. I look at Valentine’s day not only with a significant other but with our children, friends and pets too. All we love to be celebrated not just a spouse or significant other. We will enjoy dinner with our daughters and grands tonight and all the doggies 6 doggies all together tonight. My sil will make lobster tails and baked potatoes and we will all just be together to share our love for Valentines day. Tomorrow Terry and I will be bundled up up throws in front of the TV with the temps only going to be 6 degrees. We have been watching Wanted a great show if you want a good brit series to see. It is about two unlikely women thrown together in an unfortunate twist in life. Very good. Last Tango in Halifax is good too we finished that too. Just a few for you if you have not seen either of these yet. Have a good Valentines with your fur loves.

  4. I will miss my husband of 47 years and I will remember what it was like in the beginning, like you said, when I felt so in love and walking on air! I am in a good place now and happier than I have been for years!

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