Thoughts On The Zito ZG Recliner

Here are my thoughts on the Zito ZG (Zero Gravity) recliner that was delivered to my home on Wednesday.

I ordered it from the “Relax The Back” store here in Tulsa last Saturday.

My thoughts on the Zito ZG recliner from the Relax the back store.
Zito ZG Recliner

In just a couple of days, the backs of my upper legs are not as tight as they were. I don’t know what originated that pain, but it’s lasted three weeks. So I’m more than ready for it to recede and go away!

Remote Control User Guide:

The remote control has lots of options. Along with the options (up and down) for where you want your back and legs to rest, there are other preferred settings.

There is a Read option, a TV option, a Nap option, and a Heat option.

Click the Read button and the chair moves to the factory set position that’s best for reading. The same goes for the other buttons.

My favorite position to work on my laptop is the Nap position, because I can work on my laptop on the wood lap desk in this position. When PT Greg is here tomorrow, I’ll ask him if this is an okay position to work on my laptop.

What Exactly Is Zero Gravity?

In zero gravity, you are suspended in a position in which there is no force of gravity acting on the body. A zero gravity recliner works by reclining your body into this position by evenly distributing your weight across the chair.

The Health Benefits:

Physicians agree that the zero gravity position is the healthiest way to sit. If you deal with swelling in your legs due to edema or deal with painful varicose veins, a zero gravity recliner can offer much-needed relief.

By elevating your legs over the level of your heart, proper circulation is increased, minimizing stress on your heart.

Using a zero gravity chair is a very healthy way to sit, and it can help your body recover. It allows your body better circulation and will help to eliminate swelling.

I have kept my other recliner and it is now on the opposite side of the fireplace. It is a comfortable recliner. It just doesn’t put my body in the position I need for the most back pain relief.


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  1. If you fall asleep in the chair, is there a chance you might fall out one of the sides? Just wondering…we have recliners, but there is no chance you could fall out if asleep. We have slept in ours many nights…or parts of nights or for naps.

  2. Yes, your health is priceless. Out of curiosity I calculated the daily cost from the price you posted Sunday. It’s only about $9.58 a day, or about $287 month. Many medicines cost far more than that. Really a small price to pay for your comfort and better health. I’m so glad you are taking care of yourself in this way.

    1. It is what I needed most. I’ve been thinking about getting one for years. But the cost seemed like such a lot. And it is a lot. But my physical health is priceless.

  3. May have been an expensive decision but it was obviously a very wise one. Anything that helps you (us) feel better is worth every penny! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, and the pains are starting to subside.

    1. Since I can’t (yet anyway) get proper exercise, my muscles and such aren’t getting a workout. Thus my body feels tight and achy. Aside from age!

  4. A real nice chair.
    My body would certainly feel better in the chair.
    Need all the help I can get with painful arthritis and edema.
    Gets worse daily.
    Especially with winter temperatures.
    Some days I cannot do anything. Very thankful for my sister. Keep
    Without her I certainly wouldn’t be here.
    Hope you keep on felling better as the days go by Brenda.

  5. Nice Christmas present for yourself Brenda and a healthy choice! I hope u start feeling better soon!

    Have a great weekend everyone! It’s hard to believe but Christmas is right around the corner!

  6. This chair sounds fantastic because of the several positions you can use. I think this would be really good for Simon as he has RA. I wonder if they sell it somewhere in Canada. I will take a look. Also I know he wouldn’t buy leather so it would have to be fabric of some kind.

    1. An expensive one. But a smart decision, per my physical therapist. I should have it paid off in a year. No interest charged until I think 24-36 months.

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