1. Some people just have a good eye for composition and you are one of them, Brenda! I studied in a photography program at our local community college before the advent of digital photography–yes, I am that old!–and learned to work with a manual camera and lens. Switching to digital has not been easy for me, but I do use a digital camera now. I just don't feel that I have the same amount of control of the light and focus as with the manual. I certainly don't miss buying film, though! I do kind of miss doing the developing and printing process and I think photos on film have a certain quality of authenticity or something –I don't know what to call it–that you don't get with digital images. But, times change, methods change. I'm glad I experienced learning photography in the old "manual" days, because you experience learning the way light behaves and the many ways it can be used for certain effects. But I will learn to accept the digital and call it more than "good enough." No sense resisting progress, right?!

    By the way, I love your images. You have a superb talent for composition. And that is at least half of what makes a good photographer in my opinion.

    If that new sore doesn't get better in a day or so, I would consult the doctor again. Maybe the length of time you were on the first medication–was it the anti-viral?–wasn't long enough to do the job.

    Take care of yourself. We all want you to be well and able to enjoy your life!

  2. You absolutely have an eye for composition! And that series with the cardinal show your sense of storytelling.

  3. Brenda, I just love your blog and look forward to it every day. It's amazing to me that you have never had any photography lessons. Just amazing pictures. I'm going to ask you, what might seem like a silly question, but I hope that you will please send me a response. It's really very important to me. Is that yellow flower in your blog today, Sunday, June 18, a rose? I'm certain that it is, but I needed to ask you. I know it sounds crazy but it really is very important to me.
    Thank you again for everything you do to brighten up so many people's lives. I hope to hear from you soon. God bless. Jackie

    1. There was no email address for me to respond to. So I hope you check back here. Yes, it is indeed a rose at the very top. The other yellow flowers are various annual daisies. Doesn't sound crazy at all!

    2. Brenda,
      I cannot thank you enough for your response. I am so sorry about the lack of e-mail address. Here it is anyway… [email protected] (My name is Jackie)

      You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank You SO, SO, much. As always, your blog is the one I look forward to every day. I also love the cardinals and the flowers. This one was especially important and very meaningful.
      I hope that you are feeling better today.
      Thank you again for everything. Blessings to you always. Jackie

  4. I would never have guessed that you hadn't taken some photography classes or that you point and shoot. Your pictures are always good ones. I enjoy them. Great job.

  5. So enjoy all of your explanations. I didn't know anything about Picmonkey and think I have to visit it now. I will tell my daughter about it when she gets home. She's in Asia for three months and can't wait to see her pics. The picture with the yellow leaves is outstanding. You always amaze me and you are one fantastic lady to me.

  6. You also have the "eye" for your photos. Also talent.

    I think you need to see someone about the sores. Just seems so strange. But then again I have several strange things going on too.

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