Tiny Tree House Home In California

This is the home of Ashley Redmond, head of design for the E-design company Decorist.

Her home is 500 square feet in the woods of Marin, California.
The design style is a mixture of modern, bohemian and vintage.
This is her tiny office space.
Her small home is stocked with a small bar for ease and entertaining.
Her bedroom has more of a bohemian vibe. Interesting, the jeans hanging on the wall. An art display.
And this is the layout.




  1. Her place looks great. So uncluttered and fresh looking. But I have to laugh. Several months ago we put up four hooks on a wall in our bedroom for my husband to hang his jeans and flannel shirts, since he tends to toss them onto a chair rather than hang them in the closet. I just went in and counted — there are two pairs of jeans, five flannel shirts, two t-shirts, a jacket, a hoodie, and a pair of flannel pajama pants hanging on the hooks. Not exactly artistic! But definitely better than everything piled on the chair. I can live with it!

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