Tips To Make Your Small Space Live Large

It’s really not about how much square footage you have. It’s about the furniture you choose and how you use the space.

In the above photo, both a glass coffee table, and couch and chairs with exposed legs gives the illusion of more space.

I know I’ve said this many times, but it begs repeating. Mirrors both reflect light and make a space feel larger. 

Especially when you have a space with dark finishes, the mirror helps to keep the space from feeling cave-like.

Storage is always at a premium in a small kitchen. A storage-smart island certainly helps.

Turn seating into storage when possible. 

Here a banquette that is located across from the island stores small appliances and dog food inside the seating.

Round tables help give you extra space. It provides a better flow both literally and visually. The exposed table base and thin chair legs also take up less space.

Light is important in a small space. Shades that close from either the top or bottom allow flexibility to control light as well as privacy.

A dining room hutch can store overflow from a small kitchen. Items not used every day could be stored here.

In the living room, a mirror over the couch reflects light.

Appropriately scaled furniture fills the space without making it feel cramped.

Use books as pedestals to elevate decorative pieces. Light trim creates the illusion of height.

A neutral color palette makes the master bedroom relaxing. A bright lamp helps to avoid neutral overload.

Window seats maximize functionality in small or awkward spaces.

In a child’s room, give them play space by pushing beds against the wall.

Bins and buckets allow children to find things easily. 

When you give them an allocated space for their toys and books, they’re more likely to put things away on their own.

All these tips just go to show you that any small space can live large, and give you the appropriate space to live an uncluttered lifestyle. 



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  1. Notice how simple all of the window treatments are. I think that is very important in a small space. I have kept my window treatments very simple in my small home too.

  2. I love the soft yellows and golds in some of the rooms. I also like how the windows in all of these rooms have been given the lightest of treatments in order to let in light. Very nice spaces. Thanks!

  3. You are always so full of great ideas. I loved this hse or apt. It is really cute. We're redoing a bthrm now and the contractor has built the vanity and wall cabinet. He is well aware of utilizing ideas.

  4. I stumbled onto your blog quite by accident…..I am a recent admirer. Your blog is a bright spot , and I am always delighted when there is one waiting for me. A friend of mine enjoys living in a small space, and she too has good decorating sense. I very much appreciate decorating tips, and enjoy seeing different decorating styles. I don't see that there is a way to send you a photo of my fireplace, something I struggle with. I think it is unusual, in that there is a window behind the mantle. Thanks for a great blog!

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