1. Great tips and information, Brenda. I’m like Darlene. I have indoor plants I enjoy, but I LOVE seeing a beautiful garden, with lots of spectacular flowers blooming! It makes me jealous, but in a good way, lol. I looked up the dwarf Korean lilac bush, and it’s beautiful. What I need is an established, beautifully landscaped garden to enjoy, lol. I do wish we could share photos. I’d love to see everyone’s gardens, and holiday decorations, etc.

  2. Your reminders and tips are always worth reading about your garden. Went flower shopping with a friend today and spent too much, but oh my, we visited three different nurseries and bought plants at all three! I saw new breeds of petunias that I just couldn’t resist – with bi-colored flowers, never seen anything like them before. I fell in love with a dwarf Korean lilac bush that is going to take center stage in a lawn area in my front yard, where I’ve been thinking of creating a planting bed for a couple of years now. I hadn’t planned on buying a lilac bush at all, but yesterday as I was perusing the internet for ideas, I came across the dwarf species that only grows about 5 ft. tall and it was the proverbial lightbulb turning on over my head. And then at one of our favorite nurseries today, there they were – dwarf Korean lilacs! I’ll be planting all day tomorrow, got lots of other perennials to go in the other garden beds, a tomato plant and a green pepper plant for large pots on the patio, and some annuals for the planters on the front porch. It feels like spring is really here.

  3. I just planted an old wheel barrel and some of the plants are dying out. Not sure I’m giving it enough water but don’t want to drown them! Love your foundation.

  4. I bought some more herbs today and I saw one called chocolate mint! Oh it smelled luscious but I couldn’t think of a practical use like my basil, coriander, parsley and rosemary which I like on potatoes. So I left it. Got some catnip I will plant in a separate container pot. Hope my cat will like a sprig of it.

  5. What a thorough and fact filled post w many ideas and reminders! I am in South GA zone 8B so we are well into our gardening season! I love seeing ladybugs too, especially on my zinnias that attract aphids! We have quite a few around here which is great. Your garden is very lovely:-) and I am so glad you are getting out every day to enjoy it!
    ps you replied to me on a previous post as to where I streamed Annika – I replied but not sure you go back to every old post. I watched Seasons 1 and 2 on PBS Masterpiece which I think you just added (previously I had also recommended watching Magpie Murders also on PBS Masterpiece) 🙂

    1. Yes, I did go back to check. I then subscribed to Masterpiece to check out both Annika and Magpie Murders. Thanks for the info!

      1. Oh wonderful! I hope you enjoy them both! They are very different but each one is excellent:-)
        Another rec from a couple of years ago on Masterpiece is Ken Burn’s documentary series on Ernest Hemingway – so interesting!

  6. Fabulous tips, Brenda! I’m not gardener but I do have a few indoor plants that I thoroughly enjoy.
    Your patio and backyard look lovely – so much to enjoy.
    It’s Fri-YAY – enjoy it.

    1. I’m enjoying being in while it’s raining on all my plants outside! No worries about watering today.

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