Trash Turned Treasure:

Repurposing is my favorite way to decorate these days. Which means I really like to delve into trash to treasure repurposing projects.

A bare wall can be upcycled into a colorful and creative display wall that turns heads.
Her blog is all about being “green.” It’s called Totally Green Crafts. She isn’t wasting old boards. She’s using them to upcycle this wall.

Table Upcycled Into Beverage Holder:

An old table has been upcycled into a beverage holder. Just cut a hole in the top and slip a bucket inside.

Hip Purse:

I don’t know about young girls of today. Back in my day, this purse would have been considered very hip.

Skirt Hanger Upcycled Into Work Of Art:

A clothes hanger that holds skirts now is wall display. Now it’s a work of art with paper ephemera clipped on.

Vintage Suitcase Upcycled Into Craft Storage:

This vintage suitcase has been turned into craft or sewing storage.
Close it up when you’re finished working on crafts and it will be handy when you’re ready to start crafting again.

Board Game Upcycled To Hold Photos:

If you happen to run across some old game boards at a garage sale, you can use them for a background for photos of the family.
Glue some clips on and easily switch out the photos whenever you desire.

Magazine Pages Upcycled To Useful Envelopes:

Now there’s something you can do with those old magazine pages you hate to toss. Tear them out of the magazine and fold them into useful envelopes.

Embellished Bottles & Jars:

Don’t throw out those jars and bottles. Look at this kind of boho look these have been given. Add bits of lace and you have art.

Door Knob Upcycled Into Garden Art:

A damaged door knob finds new life as a hose stake in the garden. And it even looks pretty!
Before you toss out what you consider trash, you might give it a second look. And imagine what you might create with it.

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  1. I'm in love with that drink bar thingy for my backyard! You could even do a longer table with several ice buckets 🙂


  2. Fun ideas!

    I am heading over the the site of the first pic. I am back in the garage as a creative space and it might be fun to do a wall with strips of wood.

  3. Such a cute roundup! I love all of these ideas…. and, I love recycled items! Great ideas! ((Now I'm trying to figure out which wall I could do the recycled wood pieces on?! Haha!))

  4. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I not only love to re-purpose things, but it is such a huge money saver! I love every one of these, but the suitcase is my favourite 🙂
    Hope you and the pups have a splendid week.

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