Trip To The Nursery While Charlie Gets Groomed

It seems like it was just a few days ago that I was moaning about winter and yearning for spring to come so I could see my plants emerging.

Now we’re on the cusp of fall. The plants on the patio have suffered horribly from the heat and are just hanging on.

Yesterday after I took Charlie to the groomer I drove to the nursery. It usually is hot in there this time of year, but around 9-9:30 it was quite nice. I just wanted to walk among the plants and feel soothed by the atmosphere.

Of course I couldn’t come home empty-handed. I had to bring some of the lovelies home with me. Like the fern you see above. What I think is so striking are the shape of the leaves and the way they unfurl.

Right now I have a thing with calatheas. The leaves are so colorful and striking.

Just as I love purple and green out on the patio, I also do indoors. I bought these purple pots back in the early summer for around $2.49.

The zinnias I planted a month or so ago are about to bloom.

And of course my handsome Charlie had a hair cut.

He’s such a good boy. Ivy, on the other hand, has been in trouble since before I even got out of bed.

I could hear her messing with the hoses to my washer. She loves to pull them out of the crock I keep them in when not in use.

Then she got into the plants. I got my spray bottle of water out. But she can’t help herself. Whatever she is into she can’t stay away from long. Then she gets sprayed and she turns and looks at me like I’ve betrayed her.

Now she’s fallen asleep on the little table next to my recliner. Yesterday she was lolling about on there and fell off the side. I guess she forgets how big she is.

Oh, I nearly forgot to show you the boho pillow shams I ordered from They were $5.90 a piece! They’re so soft.

If you’re interested they had many colors available. Here is the link.

When I washed them I figured I was going to have to iron them. But I took them out of the wash and laid them across chairs and when dry they didn’t have a wrinkle in them.


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  1. Charlie looks great…I think the treatments are helping..he looks like he feels well. He does look . Lovely. Ivy is a little mess. lol Love the new pillow covers.. Sounds like a nice morning in the plants..

  2. Beautiful Charlie, beautiful (mischief) Ivy, and beautiful pillow shams! Oh, I forgot: beautiful plants. I’ve never heard of the Calathea. It’s gorgeous. I think I might have to get one. Wonder where I should look around here. Guess I’ll call the likely places first. Also I need to look at those shams and see what other colors they come in.

    I was able to get two of my four rose bushes transplanted to a sunnier location today with the help of my daughter’s digging the holes. We will move one more tomorrow and I will think about whether I want to move the fourth one or leave it where it is. Also did some much needed weeding. My back gives out much before I’m ready to quit, though. I am doing stretching exercises trying to get those muscles stronger but not much results yet. I’ll have to be really consistent in doing them throughout the Winter and hope by next Spring I will have more strength so I can weed longer!

    Have a pleasant and peaceful Sunday, Brenda. Pats for the four-leggeds.

  3. Charlie is looking better than ever. So handsome!!! Had to laugh when you said Ivy rolled off the table. Cleatus used to do that, sometimes when jumping up onto a table or the sofa, she would fall backwards, and then act like “I didn’t do that” I miss her so much, she died August 30th. She had been losing weight, and then got sick, throwing up and had blood in her urine. Took her to the vet, and she had to be put down. She had cancer, and age 17, the vet said she would not make it through any surgery. The house is so EMPTY without her. I finally can write this now, without crying. It broke my heart again too, to throw away her dishes, blankets and litter box. I had just gotten her three new bags of treaties, and a dozen cans of wet food. At least our son and DIL took that for their cats. We just got Cleatus’s ashes back yesterday, and have them in a crock, with her toys, and the sympathy card from the vets. I feel she is close again, and back home.

    1. I’m so very sorry. I have Abi’s ashes from last year in my bedside drawer. The ache never goes away, but yes, she is back home.

  4. Love the new shams. They look great with your elephant/ basket and headboard. You are great at bringing things together.
    Charlie looks beyond handsome ! Such a lucky boy to be loved and cared for so well.
    The heat has been oppressive here in SC . For the next few days we’re getting a break and will be in the high 80’s. It was 104 according to bank display the other day. Not sure it was accurate but it felt like it.
    I’ve neglected my hosta terribly and the other day on my walker tried to water them. It felt good to be in my garden even though it is so sadly neglected due to my back. It’s something I’ve missed terribly but you learn what you can and can’t do. I don’t like it but it’s reality.
    Hope your day is good and I hope Ivy doesn’t get in too much trouble… if she can help herself.

  5. Love Charlie’s haircut – he looks great! And Ivy does too, although she looks a bit naughty – but so cute! I like the shams – do they fit standard pillow sizes? I did look at the link, but wasn’t sure of the pillow size. Thanks!

  6. The Boho pillow shams are nice! Hopefully your garden will rebound a bit before it gets too cold outside. We’ve gotten a lot of rain here lately but the temperatures (although not necessarily the humidity) are starting to get more toward or even slightly below normal for this time of year and there are heavy dews in the morning, and shade in the mornings in both of my yards a lot longer than during the high summer. What a relief! My backyard hostas are blooming as are my Roses of Sharon, and the last of the purple cone flowers are looking somewhat ragged now but still hanging on. The hydrangea has giant-sized pink/greenish/whitish flowers, the largest I’ve ever seen the plant set; earlier in the season they were incredible shades of lavender and blue. It’s amazing how the plant changes as the weather/sun conditions change. This time of year, and late spring, are my favorite times of year to be outdoors working in the yard and gardens. I have found a wonderful show on Youtube out of Great Britain/England called “Garden Rescue.” I’ve been watching various episodes of it for days now. I LOVE what these pro gardeners do with designing and installing gardens for others, the designs are unique but doable and absolutely amazing.

  7. Love the boho shams.
    Charlie does look gorgeous and well Ivy is a very beautiful cat too. I use a spray bottle in the garden with Dexter as if he eats grass he invariably throws up after and not outside!

  8. Charlie is looking quite dapper!
    I have Ivy other half, there’s not much he isn’t into, keeps me minimal, lol.
    Very pretty shams, love the colors.
    It’s rainy and muggy in NY today, kind of blah, the leaves seem to be changing slowly.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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