It’s just after 6 p.m. here and I’m in for the night. Tomorrow is moving day.

This morning Kendra met me here at home after I wrote checks and signed papers at the new apartment. She piled her Tahoe and my Pathfinder with stuff to take over there. Then she unloaded it all and put it in the new apartment.

She even took many of the boxes I was going to have the movers take. Trying to save me money, she said.

She wouldn’t let me do that much. Kendra felt that the rocks near my patio that you must step over made things too unstable for me. So she parked me on the floor.

The movers might have trouble with the rocks as well and may prefer the front door, though it is farther away.

I cleaned out the refrigerator and now everything that I kept is over there. Teri packed all the pantry foods in boxes days ago.

The Abandoned Bathtub:

Yesterday Kendra called me and said that they delivered the bathtub for her new house to her old house. A 300 pound bathtub.

She was in charge of moving it and I have no idea how she managed that. But she did.

One time it was a whole set of kitchen cabinets dropped off for a flip house. I don’t know how on earth she stays sane.

Moving The Kitties:

Don’t worry about the kitties. I’ve got it figured out.

The only problem will be catching them to put them in their crates. I’ll have to try to fool them because they sure won’t just walk into them on their own.

I might be able to get Ivy in hers with one of her dental treats. That cat doesn’t like any treats but dental treats.

Gracie won’t be easy. She doesn’t eat treats and hates to be picked up. Plus she’s fast and can get into small spaces.

An old weathered chair surrounded by baskets of hydrangeas

I’ll have to get them in their crates before the movers arrive.

I might have to ask the movers to help me with Ivy’s crate because she’s heavy. Kendra was going to do that.

But then the delivery guy called from the furniture store and said that they’ll be there to deliver my recliner between 8 and 10 a.m. And most likely closer to 8 a.m.

I had arranged weeks ago for the furniture store to deliver the recliner in the afternoon. But they said they didn’t have any other time tomorrow.

So the plan is that Kendra will come get the keys and go over to the new apartment and let them in. I’ll stay here with the movers.

Where I’ll Put The Kitties Once There:

When I take the kitties over there, I’ll leave them in their crates probably in the second bathroom with the door closed till the movers are gone. They won’t like it. But at least they will be safe.

We’ve already moved one litter box over there, all cleaned and ready for fresh litter. And there’s one here for tonight.

Owners Are Selling This Complex:

I found out that the owners are selling this complex. But I don’t know if it’s sold yet. Things are never really stable here.

I talked on the phone with the current manager. She said she was aware that my apartment doesn’t look like the others because I’ve done a lot to it. So there will be no infractions, hopefully, from that long list.

I told her about the potting bench and big galvanized pots of plants that are too heavy to lift. She actually told me to just leave them there.

I was talking to the maintenance man and he let slip that a cleaning crew comes in once he’s removed everything that might be left in an apartment after someone moves out.

So I’m not going to pay him if a cleaning crew will clean it. Saved $100 there.

In Tuesday: 1 Day Till Moving Day, a cup of coffee sitting on the end of a table

The assistant manager at the new place said she was aware of how filthy the fridge was, and that it would be cleaned on Monday. And indeed it was.

I said I wouldn’t have left it that way, and she said: “some seniors just can’t get it all done when they move out.”

Well, she’s kind to say that.

Still, I think I’d have cleaned it better than it was if I had to crawl to it.

But then, the old adage, “don’t judge someone before you walk in their shoes” could be applied here.

I won’t have internet till Thursday, and if I can I will check back in with you then. If not, see you in a few days for an update.


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  1. It’s Thursday afternoon and I’ve been thinking about you and hoping your move went well and the kitties are adjusting to your new home. Looking forward to hearing about the move and how you are progressing with the chore of unpacking. Hopefully you were able to get your bedroom set up and also a quiet corner with your recliner to have a place to rest. Wishing you many blessings in your new home!

  2. It’s Thursday morning and I hope that all went well. I woke up yesterday thinking about your move, and thought about you many times over the day. I’m so glad that you are out of your old place, and have a fresh start in this new community! Looking forward to your first post-move post!

  3. Writing this Wednesday night. Hoping the move went as well as it could and kitties are now exploring their new home, safe and sound. Been thinking about y’all all day.

  4. Thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts for your move. As busy as today was, each day will be easier. Take care of yourself.

  5. Sounds very busy, of course. I’ve been thinking about you all day and hoping that things have been going well! I’m sure you’re exhausted.

  6. I’m so glad that Kendra was able to help you so much, Brenda, what a blessing she’s been! I woke up thinking of you this morning, thinking ‘Brenda’s moving today!’ I was so excited for you to finally get into your new place! You have a lot of work ahead of you but it will be all worth it in the long run. Sending you thoughts and support from NY!!

  7. Best to you Brenda! Very hopeful everything will go smoothly and quickly!! Moving usually does. After it’s all delivered ,,,,,, rest up!! Have a good meal. For sure ,,,, Ivy & Gracie will be really happy, free, in their new home!!!

  8. Hope everything goes smoothly and that you’ll be settled in in no time. Remember, a little butter on the kitties noses will make them happy in their new home.

  9. Brenda, I knew that your daughters would not leave you to move alone! Kendra is amazing! Thankful that you have her and your friend from in town to help with all of the logistics, packing and moving. Take care and we will see you soon.

  10. Oh, I’m excited for you!! Kendra is wonderful!!! I’m glad they cleaned the fridge, but depending on who lived there and maybe their issues, they just couldn’t manage it. I can’t wait till I hear more. Sounds fun. Stressful and tiring, but fun!!!! And selling your old place? They’re something else, aren’t they? No more worries about that silliness! Awesome on the list for that place too. Should give you some peace. Welcome to your new home!

  11. Hi Brenda !
    Bon courage pour ce déménagement;
    J’espère que vous serez très heureuse dans votre nouvel appartement.
    Un bisou aux Chats !

  12. Brenda,
    I hope everything runs smoothly tomorrow. I am dubious about the management of your old complex. Be safe and try not to overdo!

  13. Hi Brenda. Thank you so much for writing a post to us today. I know you have a lot on your mind and you’ve been really busy, so I really appreciate the time you took to write to us. Wow, tonight is the last night you’re ever going to be sleeping in your old apartment, and tomorrow will be the 1st night you’ll be sleeping in your new apartment. How exciting!! I was happy to hear that the management sounds like they’re actually being reasonable and acknowledging the fact that you’ve maintained your apartment so well. I’m shocked, but impressed. I’m glad you found out about the cleaning crew, before you wasted a 100 bucks. That wasn’t very nice of him to not tell you about that. I’m really glad Kendra’s been able to come and help you out so much too. I know she’s been really busy herself. (Sorry about her bathtub. Who delivers a bathtub to the wrong house?!!) Kendra and Teri are your angels. I’m pretty sure that’s their super powers, lol! I’ve been meaning to ask you, how is Kasi feeling? I hope she is over her covid now and is feeling much better. Hopefully she didn’t suffer with too many symptoms. Well, I hope everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow. I’m so excited for you and so happy for you too! I’ll be thinking about you all day and sending you good luck wishes your way. Take all the time you need, of course, but… I can’t wait till your next post, lol! ((Hugs))

    1. It could be possible that he didn’t know at the time that a cleaning crew would be hired. It could be that since the complex is on the market that they wanted “professionals” to come in and do it.

  14. Oh Brenda, I actually got up and did a Snoopy dance when you said you were moving. It seemed so far off then but here it is! It sounds like everything is falling into place. I have been checking all day to see if you had a post. I wish you and the kitties all the best on this new adventure and feel lucky to be able to follow along. Take care!

  15. You got this!!! Tomorrow will be here and gone before you know it. Don’t try to do too much on Thursday – relax and enjoy your new home!

  16. Brenda, As I go to bed tonight and say my prayers I will be saying prayers for you and the kitties also. I’m so excited for you. Praying all goes well. Good night sweet friend. Sandy

  17. I have been thinking of and praying for your move tomorrow and that all goes well ! An exciting new Chapter in yours and the kitties Lives will be beginning tomorrow and I am so excited to follow the journey with you and watch you work your decorating Magic in your new Apartment! One day at a time… I am so glad that Kendra was able to help you today and tomorrow; she and Terri have been such a Blessing to you in this move! Look forward to hearing from you in a few days.

  18. Since Gracie is so fast and skittish about going into her carrier, try putting in a small dish of her favorite food or a can of tuna to try and lure her in. As stressed as you are, your pets are stressed too, they don’t understand what’s going on like we do. So glad you have a local friend/fan and Kendra to help. I think all of us wish we could be there with you to help. It will all work out, just please be disciplined and not overdo. Moving is awful – a lot of work, stress and worry, but it will get done, I hope you will please take it slow and easy. Well, what am I saying, I know you won’t, that’s just not how you roll.

  19. Best of luck tomorrow! Praying that it all goes smoothly for you and your sweet kitties. Looking forward to seeing your new place!

  20. Been thinking about you all day – so grateful for your post. Wishing you and the kitties and your dear helpers all the best tomorrow. You will be in all our thoughts, for sure. And we’ll be here whenever you can manage – take care of yourself first.

  21. Stay present in each moment. Don’t give your power over to upsets that will happen. By staying in the moment and not fretting over something that happened in the past, not projecting what if what if what if… Staying focused on what is in front of you right now is how you will next get thru tomorrow. 24 hours from now, you’ll be getting into your bed that likely will have kitties under it. In a couple days or less they’ll be playing everywhere.

  22. Breathe, dear lady ~ just breathe ~
    Cats go in their carriers hiney first…
    Breathe ~
    I will be with you in spirit, if not in body. And don’t worry about us ~ we will be here when you are up to post.
    Be gentle with yourself ~

  23. Have been checking all day to see if you had time to reach out…was so excited to see you had…sounds like everything is coming together nicely..I had just said a prayer for you..good luck tomorrow…take care of yourself…looking forward to following your new chapter💞

  24. Here’s to a new place and lots of happy memories to be made!🍾
    How about trying to get them in the bedroom,close the door and they’ll be limited in the places to hide,they get skittish, its their nature,they don’t like change.
    My hubby and I once had to go back to the house we moved from,sit inside with the porch light on because our calico cat( who I’ve always thought are strange to begin with) scratched my sons chest and took off,we got her,she lived 15 more years with us.
    Anyway,good luck,try not to stress!

  25. Best of luck tomorrow, Brenda. Sounds like everything is pretty well under control. Looking forward to hearing from you at the new digs. Take care.

  26. As tired as you will be before tomorrow’s sunset, you will wake to a new home on Thursday and will be filled with great and beautiful decorating plans. Anxious to see what it looks like now then what it will look like in a few weeks. You are a very talented decorator and have a wonderful way with words.
    Please post lots of pictures of what the new abode looks like so we will be able to see all you have gotten done in the next few weeks.
    Kitties are wonderful and we love them but there are times when making sure they are comfortable and relaxed can be a real challenge. Just think about all of the exploring they will be doing in their new home!

  27. Yes you sound extremely organized. Too bad the chair is coming so early but it will be good to have. Just think by tomorrow night you will be in your new home!!

  28. Wishing you all the best with the move! I am so happy for you and will be looking forward to your update in a few days! Glad the maintenance man let it slip about the cleaning crew! I can’t believe he was going to be so inconsiderate and take advantage of you like that!

  29. Everything sounds under control, and I’ll bet your day goes perfectly tomorrow. Happy that your fridge has been cleaned, and you don’t have that to contend with. Moving right along, can’t wait till you are all settled in. Sounds like you are getting out of the “old” apartment just in time…New owners always seem to raise the rent, from what I’ve learned. Better days ahead..YEA!!!!!!! Hugs to you and the fur kids….

  30. Great that your daughter is helping you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. You will be happy in this new home. Blessings!

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