1. I shop at Tuesday Morning but I haven’t been in a while. I live in a small town so even Walmart is a half hour away. I love everything.

  2. I have seldom gone into Tuesday Morning for shopping because the one nearest to where I live is located in a shopping mall that’s a little further out than malls nearer to my home. When I have gone into Tuesday Morning, I am surprised by what I find. It’s a fun place to browse and shop. I’ve never checked the towel section but I will check it in the near future as I could use some new towels.

  3. I have to go with the OPs…the closest one to me closed last year,I believe and it was tiny,I had only been in it once.
    Nice way to treat yourself,you got a nice haul of lovely things! Enjoy.
    I got my 2 moderna face in February and March,other than a slight headache after the 2nd,I didn’t really experience any effects.

  4. Most of the Tuesday Morning stores here have gone out of business. The only one around is about 20 min away and it’s in an area I never go to. I’d only been in a TM store twice before and it never had “good” things like what you bought. It was mostly junk. I get all my towels and washcloths at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods.

  5. Here in Ohio in my town Tuesday Morning closed years ago.

  6. I thought they closed down all the Tuesday Mornings as they are going through bankruptcy. I know all the ones in my area are closed.

  7. I love Tuesday Morning. Haven’t been in one in a long time. You bought some lovely things. The pitcher that you bought looks like a coffee pot and it is beautiful.

  8. I love Tuesday Morning stores! There is one an hour away in Raleigh, NC but I haven’t been down there since the pandemic began. I am still not vaccinated so I have stayed away from heavily populated places.
    Starting tomorrow here in Virginia, vaccinations will be open to everyone, so I am hoping to get an appointment for mine soon. I love the quilt and white pitcher you bought.

  9. A Nice haul!! How did you do with your second Moderna shot? I got mine y’day ~ today I’m running a low grade temperature and some chills. Not too bad a reaction. I hope all went well with you ~

    1. I actually feel worse today than yesterday. My joints hurt, my arm hurts and I’m feeling exhausted. Thanks for asking.

  10. We don’t have a Tuesday Morning near me in WV, I wish we did! I love everything you bought and all at great prices!

  11. I love Tuesday Morning and always shopped there when we vacationed in Florida. Unfortunately we don’t have anything like it in Canada although I think there is one in Buffalo and we live about a hour from the border so maybe we will get there sometime. We used to travel twice a year to shop at Wegmans to stock up on vegan food. We are so behind in Canada.
    I love what you bought especially the cotton quilt and the white pitcher.

  12. Love all of your bargains. I used to love to shop at Tuesday Morning because I always found something that I just had to have! All of the Tuesday Morning’s in my part of California seem to have closed. Sad but true!

  13. I agree with the lady behind you; those are all very soothing colors and they can be paired with so many other colors. I’m crazy about the pitcher – so very pretty.
    I have never been in a Tuesday Morning store. May have to rectify that sometime in the future.
    In my opinion I think your excursion was perfect in so many ways!

  14. It has been so long since I have been there and it is one of my favorite stores. Since I am over seven weeks past my second vaccination, I just may have to venture out as a birthday treat next week.

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