I’m running late today. I took Charlie to acupuncture as I do every Thursday. You have to wait in your car in the parking lot till they happen to walk past a window and see you. So you often end up sitting there quite awhile.

Then I decided to go ahead and stop at the front office and pay my rent for next month. I get paid once per month, so I might as well. So I went into the office to hand the manager a check.

Sharing Books With Residents:

The apartment manager is looking for books for residents to borrow and then bring them back for someone else to read. She said no one so far has brought them back. So she was down to one book in her shelf.

I told her I’d go home and gather up some of the ones I’d read and take them down there. So I did that. I give many books to Kasi to read, but she doesn’t like the thrillers like I do.

I took the manager about a dozen books. Then as soon as I got home they called me to pick up Charlie. So out I went again.

Trader Joe’s Flowers:

Yesterday I went into Trader Joe’s to buy fruit. I had a Shipt delivery earlier in the week. But I don’t like the fruit they pick out.

Everyone at Trader Joe’s has to wear a mask and there is always someone stationed at the door to make sure. They don’t do that anywhere else.

So I feel safer going in there. Plus they sanitize every cart and indicate which one is ready to be used.

Of course it’s hard to walk past the flowers at the front. I picked up red tulips that remind me of springtime.

House Plant Maintenance On My List:

Today I have house plants that need a bit of attention. So that’s something to do and check off my list.

A couple haven’t been doing well. So I plan to cut them back. If they grow back, fine. But if they don’t, at this point I don’t feel it is a huge loss.

And my closets are terribly cluttered with stuff piled up over the past few months. So I really need to get in there and start rearranging things.

Every day I tell myself I’m going to do that. But then I don’t.

Do you do that? Procrastinate about doing certain chores? For me it’s typically cleaning out the closets and the refrigerator.


Kendra wanted me to clarify a couple of things I got wrong yesterday. She has been a realtor for 15 years. I could have sworn it was 20.

Also, she got the chandelier hanging over the dining table at Wayfair. It was the bathroom lights she had commissioned. Again, I could have sworn she said it was the dining room chandelier.

But then my memory isn’t what it once was!

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  1. It is time for me to read again. The only problem is when I start a book I do not want to put it down until I finish. There is always something to do around my home. For years I had piles of papers in one room. It would be embarrassing to write how many. I read books before there was the internet so that is a hint. When I bought a computer I learned a couple of systems. What helped the most was organizing into three groups. Urgent ,
    Coming up Soon, and Historical. I keep my desk clear and work on the remaining filing when. I am on hold with customer service. That also makes me more comfortable working at my desk. During the holidays I looked at the flowers and it was hard to pass them.

  2. Re Charlie at acupuncture…why don’t they have you call when you get there so they know you are there? That’s what both our regular vet and a specialty vet do.

    I love Trader Joe’s. I think it’s the only place I don’t mind shopping. Pre-Covid, too. Their employees are the best. Last week when I was there, there weren’t any tulips in yet. Maybe next time I go I’ll get lucky.

    I’m a huge procrastinator. I have all kinds of little projects to do like what you mentioned and I keep putting them off. I need to deep clean and organize both bathrooms. Blech.

  3. I am, I think, a procrastinator champ at some things – like painting the rooms I’ve been saying every day for the 6 years I’ve lived here now I was going to do – tomorrow. I know what will happen. When I get ready to sell this place (which isn’t yet), I wills spiff it all up with painted kitchen cabinets, a new countertop and backsplash (I have the backsplash, just haven’t gotten around to getting a new countertop or painting the cabinets out), the guest room will finally be finished, I will freshen the painted finish in all the rest of the rooms and shine up the floors, redo all the curtains, and the house will look so great I’ll decide not to sell it. Common sense says one thing, but your heart says something different. Maybe I’ll turn even more into my mom, who absolutely refused to live anywhere else than in her and my deceased dad’s home, where she passed after coming home from the hospital just a few weeks shy of her 88th birthday.

  4. My house is about an hour and a half from getting me on a two hour Hoarders’ show.
    Really enjoyed the house tour yesterday. Would have enjoyed seeing the before interior pictures. I am bowled over by her talent.

  5. Brenda I do procrastinate when it comes to my closets and fridge too I plan to do it I must say the fridge does get more attention than my closets I need more storage or maybe just being able to let things go lol we’re building a mud room and I’m excited about storage it doesn’t take much to make this Carolina girl happy love your posts

  6. The refrigerator is the one thing I put off cleaning too. I guess because you don’t see whats in there until you open the door. I donate my books between Goodwill and those little house boxes around town and my family and friends exchange books also! The tulips are so pretty!

  7. Your pics today are just so pretty. Everything looks so cozy. I love that Buddha you have a too the bookcase.

    How kind of you to take books to be read. With the price of them today many people Can’t afford them. One time we were away for a few days up the coast of Calf to this little village called Cambria and stopped in a little coffee/soda/ice cream store. They too had a lending shelf. And my daughter found one she liked and went to the car and brought in one she’d just read. I recently went to our used bookstore in town to donate some books but they aren’t taking them now. So I’m driving around w two bags of books!!

  8. Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to shop and looking forward to when I return there hopefully this summer. My kids went once during the holiday season and said it was crowded with people but I said I am doing well getting groceries at my local small store for now. Kendra sure did a really good job and I hope she gets a well deserved profit on all that hard work. Thank you again for sharing how it all comes together for her – such an interesting job to have so we live vicariously through her!

  9. Love the tulips – that is such a pretty photo. And how sweet is Ivy with her paw over her face – my kitty always looks so dear when napping as does she.
    Our vets have us call from the parking lot and then they send out a tech to pick up the patient. Works well, a little surprised the acupuncture folks don’t do that.
    Love Trader Joe’s, love their store, attitude, and careful following of protocol. I need one closer to me, haha!
    And yep, I put off things too. Fridge cleaning is near the top of the list.

  10. And, by the way, I love the tulips. They are my favorite flower. When I drive past our new Trader Joe’s I want to pop in just to buy some flowers but the parking lot is full and it’s just to “peopley” for my comfort level. 🙂 May be I need to be there first thing in the morning. Food for thought!

  11. Thank you for inviting me into your home again today! I love when I visit because you have carved out so much comfort and coziness.

    Oh, procrastination should be my middle name – LOL Every day I do the basic things and make a mental list of the ‘other’ things I want to do. Before I know it the day is 3/4 done and I didn’t do anything on the mental list. I don’t lament about it because tomorrow is a new day.
    Enjoy your day, Brenda!

  12. That is sweet of you to donate your read books for others in your place to have something good to read. I have always wanted to put one of those little book houses outfront of my house that people can walk by the house and take a book to read. I might still do that this summer. Terry said he could make a little book house that we could make look cute to put out front. Kendra’s house is so pretty and done so well. She has an eye for that and with doing so much of the work herself will give her more profit in the end. Bravo to her. Have a good Thursday.

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