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  1. I always enjoyed Grisham’s books. I haven’t read one in a long time. I hope your ankle/knee pain is resolved soon!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I have small electric fireplaces in the bedrooms. I have a real brick fireplace in the living room. I purchased electric “logs” several years ago to place inside which gives me the ambiance of a real fire. It works just like the regular electric fireplaces and has a remote with a heater and adjustable flames. I use it with the flames year round so I have the ambiance and don’t have to stare at a black hole. Mine is Duraflame and I got it at QVC back in 2013. I just googled electric fireplace logs and 3 popped up that look like mine. Duraflame at Walmart and the other 2 are Dimplex at Amazon and Wayfair. All 3 are the same price $139.99. Just a thought. Margie in CA

  3. Brenda,
    I have a knee brace I used for 2 years before I agreed to a knee replacement. It is open and has 2 straps that velcro closed in the front – one above the knee and one below. Nothing but ant pressure o. My knee cap. I had tried several and that one helped the most. My pain was waking on uneven surfaces, up or down hill. Yours may be different


  4. I live in WV and my joints have really been aching too! I am hoping, as well, that maybe when the weather stays steady that the pain will level out! The tuna casserole sure looks good, I have it on the menu for Mondays supper.

      1. Hi Nellie, I live in a little community called Alton, but my mailing address is Adrian which is near French Creek.

  5. That tuna casserole looks so delicious. I lost my husband last July and have gotten pretty good at prepping and freezing dinners for 1. I think tuna casserole will be my next endeavor. My son and his wife will be coming over for dinner on Thanksgiving and I bought the smallest turkey I could find at 11#. There willnstill be leftovers obviously, but I’ll send some home with them and make the rest into some sort of a turkey casserole and freeze that too. I’m 63 and have aches and pains everywhere, right now my left shoulder is giving me the business. I’m just hoping it’s not a rotator cuff injury. I’ve been doing some heavier lifting lately because I still (mistakenly) think I’m 23 in my mind… One sure does get tired of pain, even the minor variety because it tends to be chronic. I went off of a statin medication last weekend and that eliminated a boatload of muscle aches. Darn side effects. I too love those John Grisham novels. How he can crank them out one after another is beyond me, but they’re all so very interesting.

  6. A casserole is so yummy in this weather. Or anytime, Can’t think of a good dessert for the holiday since is just me and the kitties. Maybe ice cream since I rarely have it anymore. Trader Joe’s has some really good dairy free types so that might win this year.
    Plan to go to Reasor’s deli for dressing because I don’t want to make it. I like it too well and would keep eating……and then eating it again. One of the best parts of holiday dinner.
    John Grisham’s book are impossible to put down once I get started. Have probably read every one at least once often staying up into the wee hours to finish them.

  7. Your meal looks yummy. Tuna casserole is one of my favorites. When you are eligible for Medicare, maybe you will be able to get consistent physical therapy treatments that will help with the pain and limitations you are experiencing as a result of favoring your formerly injured and now weak ankle. It does seem to be a fact of life that the older one gets, the more the aches and pains increase, and the more careful one has to be not to overdo or over-compensate saving pain in one part of the body by creating a new problem in another part of the body. I came across two physical therapists on Youtube by accident, Bob and Brad, and I’ve watched some of their video episodes. They address specific types of injuries, pain and issues that people of all ages who have been injured, are disabled or are aging have to deal with. I found it eye-opening and informative, they don’t push quack medical treatments or try to sell you stuff. I’ve been doing some of the things they suggested to address various issues and – they work, although they need to be done consistently. You might come across an episode that is relevant to one or more of the issues you are dealing with physically, Brenda. I’ve been doing their exercises to help with slumping posture and rounded shoulders that has developed over many years since I spent/spend so much time slouched over a keyboard, and am also learning exercises to help with balance issues (due primarily to medication side-effects).

  8. There is just my daughter and I so we decided to have roast chicken. She does a wonderful job on one. I bought real
    Cranberries and just might make those. I am going to make gf stuffing for the first time. Looking forward to the challenge.

    I noticed a real
    Fireplace in your new apt. I hope you don’t get rid of the one you have now. It might be cute in your bedroom and make it toasty before bedtime.

  9. We are skipping the traditional Thanksgiving this year also. I do have a turkey in the freezer, but I am just not up to cooking a big meal, so that will come at another time. I love John Grishams books, and somehow I missed the Racketeer back when it came out so I will put it on my reading list. It sounds riveting. Here in Virginia, it has turned cold and my joints are all killing me. Maybe once the weather decides where it is going to stay, the pain will level out. I hope you feel better soon.

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