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  1. Wishing you the best for a successful surgery and complete, speedy recovery!

  2. Praying for a successful and easy surgery and a quick recovery. It sounds as if you are really prepared which is good so you can take it easy during recovery and enjoy some down time.

  3. I will keep you in my prayers for your surgery and recovery!

  4. Brenda you are certainly not a failure! You are surrounded by great new neighbors, caring daughters and grandchildren and so many friends who follow your posts. We are all wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Many blessings sent your way and prayers for your surgeon as well.

  5. Wishing you a successful procedure and a speedy recovery! Such a blessing that you are in a wonderful community with caring and supportive new friends! (((Hugs!)))

  6. Thinking about you as you get ready for your surgery…I certainly hope it can all be done arthroscopically. Otherwise, sounds like you’re all set! I’m sure if you need anything, that your daughters or neighbor-friends can help you out.

  7. Sending all good thoughts your way for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. It sounds like you’ve covered all your bases (needs) to make life as easy as possible as you recover. It must be very comforting for you to have Steve so close by knowing he can help you if needed. Fingers crossed that all goes well, and that this surgery will finally give you relief from the pain you’ve been dealing with for so long.

  8. Keeping good thoughts and sending some prayers your way.
    You got this!

  9. Holding good thoughts for the best possible outcome.

  10. Good luck with your surgery. Just remember healing takes time. I had my hip replaced three months ago. Slow but sure. I hope all goes well for you.

  11. Wishing you the best of outcomes and speedy recovery. Hopefully you won’t over do…….. Lol. Sounds like you have everything covered and then some. You are an inspiration.

    1. Today I’ve been driving the knee scooter around, seeing what furniture might need to be moved a bit for easier movement around the apartment.

  12. I am hoping for the very best outcome for you,Brenda. We’re all here keeping you in our thoughts and hearts.
    So good of Steve to get you to Kasi’s and then of her to get you to the surgery. I’m glad your surgery is early – sounds like you’re first of the day?
    The book sounds so good – I may first see if I can reserve it at the library.

  13. Brenda, good wishes to you Monday and the coming weeks.
    One suggestion I haven’t seen in the comments, a cup holder for your walker. My friend said it was a real life saver.

    1. There is a backpack-type bag on the front of the knee scooter. On the side is a cup holder.

      1. Oh good. That cup holder and pack will be so helpful.
        Take it slow esp this first week and give your body time to properly heal. We’ll all be thinking good thoughts your way.

  14. Wishing you the best possible outcome and a speedy, uneventful recovery!
    Be kind to yourself during your recovery. All will be well.

    1. I’m going to do whatever they tell me. I’ve already picked up the 4 medications he called in.

  15. Brenda, wishing you every best outcome and a speedy recovery.

  16. We will all be rooting for you, some of us praying, and others no doubt just wishing good things to come to you, Brenda! So nice of Steve to help out in this way as well as Kasi. Remember that the first 3 days after a surgery tend to be the worst…so focus on getting past those 3 days…and please be careful to not overdo. Healing takes time and seems as we age, it takes longer too…but still should happen!!

  17. I will pray for a successful surgery and an easy recovery. I think all of us here wish we lived close by and could stop into visit you!

    1. I wish you could too. We’d sit out on the patio and look at the flowers and wildlife.

  18. Sounds like you’ve thought of everything, Brenda. Will be thinking of you Monday morning and hoping this surgery will be the solution you so deserve.

  19. Good luck Brenda. Sending positive vibes your way. I wish you a speedy recovery and days without pain. Take good care

  20. We are all thinking of you and hoping for the best. 💚Are you comfortable providing an address so we can send you Happy Mail? A Post Office box or an address of a relative, perhaps. If not I certainly understand. Take good care.

  21. Sounds like your doctor has planned this surgery out well in advance. Will
    be sending positive vibes to you and your medical staff Monday morning. The third time is the charm! And how kind of Steve to take you to your daughters!! You have really lucked out in this new place and I am so happy for you❣️❣️

    1. Steve gets up really early, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for him. Otherwise, Kasi was going to have to come to get me and the scooter and drive all the way back. I’m very thankful to both of them.

  22. Brenda,
    I will think of you on monday morning.
    All is very well organised, I see.
    Amtiés de France

    1. I’ve tried to think of everything. Doing laundry today. Have my camera battery plugged in so that will be in tip-top shape when I need it. I’ve moved my medication next to my bed to make getting to it easier. I’ve changed the sheets and left off the top sheet so I don’t get tangled up in it. I’m pretty organized and constantly thinking of things that could help me after surgery.

  23. I haven’t been around the past couple of days. Spending time in a ‘funk’. I hate when that happens.
    I’ve completely caught up with you and I see you’re very prepared for Monday and days after. You got this and hopefully everything will be much better with that pesky ankle.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Sending healing hugs, as well.
    Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve been in a funk. We’ve all been there. Maybe take a nature walk and relax while listening to the birds?

  24. Good luck with your surgery Monday Brenda! I’m confident that everything will go well, but you’ll still be in my thoughts and prayers friend!
    Stay cool, it’s in the 90’s today here so summer is here! Ugh! I like it in the 70’s! Lol Well it’s shorts and tank tops now.

  25. It appears you have thought of everything possible. I pray this is the answer for your ankle, that the surgery goes well, and that your recovery is smooth and swift.

    1. I’ve almost agreed to have the surgery, then backed out. This time I’m doing it.

  26. I am an introverted homebody who for the most part, am fine with that. For me it is so much easier to communicate comments on my iPad. My husband just asked what was I doing. I answered, “checking on my friend Brenda”. Wishing you a peaceful weekend and you will be in my thoughts Monday.

  27. Hope all goes well on Monday..and your recovery goes smoothly…💕

  28. Have you thought of getting meals on wheels to help you for awhile.? The meals are very affordable.

    1. I think I’ll be fine. Usually Steve and I eat supper a couple of times a week. I told him I’d pay if he’d go fetch it. Typically he pays, then I pay, etc. He and I have keys to each other’s apartment in case of emergency, falling, etc. because we’re next-door neighbors. My girls have my keys too.

  29. Good Luck with your surgery. I lost my beloved 14 year old Maddie dog 2 weeks ago and NOW truly understand you deep-down hurting heart!

    1. We lost our 13 year old constant companion 3 months ago. Sorry for your loss, it is hard.

      1. Cindy, I’m so sorry. This morning I teared up over Charlie. It’s been one year this month since I lost him. But Ivy was right behind my chair, so I got myself together. It upsets her to see me upset.

    2. I’m so sorry! I’m glad you didn’t lose her. It’s the most terrible pain to watch them in pain. Just like with your kids.

  30. I hope it all goes well and proves to be a good fix. Take it easy, none of that “I should be doing…..” lol Wishing you a good recovery and better mobility.

    1. I’ve got plenty to do to entertain myself. And I’ll be back here in a couple of days.

  31. I do hope that everything goes well for you on Monday Brenda. It certainly seems that you have everything figured out for when you get home. You are very well organized.

    I will keep you in my thoughts on Monday.

    1. Thanks. And I’m a very detail-oriented person. Sorry I haven’t been around to comment on the comments. I’ve been so busy!

  32. Brenda, I am raising a 12 year old great grandson with mild autism. I think I will get this book for both of us to read. He definitely likes routine and boundaries. He is a bit OCD. I think that is part of it. He comes along behind me and rearranges things (how I set the table, closing cupboard doors and drawers in the kitchen, lining up the shoes left by the back door). I love it. He keeps me on my toes. He is so very, very smart and I learn so much from him. I am 75 and he always amazes me with information I knew nothing about. Thanks for the book information. Sandra

    1. You’re like my great-grandma raising me, well, until she died when I was 13. Good for you for taking care of this precious boy. I think he will enjoy the book and you as well. I cried when I read it the first time. Because it was like finally: Someone really understood. That boy will keep you organized!

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