1. It’s so nice to see real-life people living their values, particularly when it goes against the cultural grain. 🙂

  2. Very cute! I wonder where they keep the cats’ litter box in such a small space! Could become a smelly situation!

  3. I like the small home tours. I love pets, but I could not handle 4 in such small space.

  4. They’ve done an amazing job of making a tiny area look bright and spacious. For me, it’s not a home without a dog (or cat) and books. Just sayin’…….

  5. Such a cute space. I’d never know it was a camper. And there’s spaces for all their pets. I really enjoy these features you do.

  6. They’ve done a beautiful job, love all the accents they chose – and that they are willing to share it with pets. A good life, indeed. Smart couple!

  7. I love this! I’ve seen their camper before, maybe on Apartment Therapy, and it’s adorable. I think I could live in a camper maybe for a year, traveling around the country…..bringing my little home with me. Then I could park it back at my regular house and use it as a guest cottage!

  8. Thank you Brenda for these small home tours. I myself downsized from 2300sf to just around 1000sf and hope to go smaller in the future, so these tours are beautiful inspiration.

  9. So nice! Who would think it was a camper?
    I am just wondering how much space is left on the bed for the humans come bed time!!!!

  10. This is an awesome story and great living space for this couple. I too love that they are trying to pay down debt from school loans and not taking on more. They all look so happy living in this small space. It is done up so cute too. I am learning this living in my small home now that you utilize every inch of living space and you just have less stuff. That is the key to living small. Less is more!!!

  11. I think it’s so great that this couple is living this way in order to pay down debt rather than go into more debt buying a big house. They and their pets seem to be a good team. Hard to believe that space is less than 200 square feet. It seems pretty roomy.

  12. What a cute space and the animals sure do appear to be quite comfortable.

  13. I love how they painted all the interior white. This makes it seem so much bigger.

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