Miriam Rieder is a baker and owns a retail bakery and custom order dessert studio. Two years ago she rented this 1920s house in West Hartford, Connecticut with her older sister, Angel. The home is 1400 square feet.

She and her older sister Angel found this 1920s rent house on Craigslist. The rental price was right, but it needed a major face-lift.

Miriam, who loves bold colors, says most of the furniture and decor was found on Craigslist, at Goodwill and at second-hand shops.

All in all, it took Miriam and Angel 18 months total to finish decorating and remodeling the place. They had to decorate slowly due to budget restraints.

She says that every room is her favorite, with the architectural details from the 1920s, the vibrant wall colors and bold patterns.

She says: “What I love most about the place is the use of color. I wanted a place to come home to that would instantly make me happy, and how can you not be when surrounded by a rainbow. …Having put so much thought and effort into each room, I catch myself walking through the rooms and looking around feeling complete happiness on the daily.”

I hope you enjoyed this colorful home tour.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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  1. Wow, that is a really nice place. I like some color but not that much; however, for them this must be such a nice place for them to come home and enjoy. Great job and some great ideas. It’s nice to see what can be done on a budget.

  2. This is a tad too much color for me but it is fun to see it in someone else’s home. I love seeing how other folks decorate even if it isn’t my style. My favorite decorating sites are those that repurpose their own old things or finds from flea markets, etc. One of my favorites in your home, Brenda, is the rake in your kitchen painted red and holding utensils. I wish I had room for one but I don’t have a lot of wall space in my kitchen.

  3. Forget the baking, this person ought to be a paid decorator. These rooms
    have such an amazing balance and proportion of color, texture, and style.
    Things are clean and crisp and yet
    warm and Happy.
    This was a great choice to share, Brenda.

  4. I really like the kitchen (love that old stove) and bathroom. A bit too much color for me but I think it’s great when people go for it and do what makes them happy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The bright colors remind me of colors you would see in tropical areas. This shows that color isn’t just for the tropics!

  6. Love this home redo. I enjoy second-hand shops and love to see how people decorate their homes with their finds. Great post. Thanks Brenda.

  7. What a cheerful, pretty home. Are there more pictures? I find I want to see what they came up with in the rest of the house! I love all those colors, but I don’t know if I would be comfortable living with them. They are a bit over-stimulating for me, I think. But maybe just certain areas or rooms in my house using bright colors would be okay. Like, maybe the entry way. Or one bedroom. What I like most about the decorating is the innovative use of second-hand and thrift store furnishings. That really speaks to my sense of wanting to salvage and give new life to things. What is that saying I’ve heard many times? I think it’s “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” A great philosophy that isn’t followed much in this day and age.

    Thanks for this post, Brenda. It was great fun to see!

  8. Wow! I don’t know if I could live in home decor like that myself (mine is very neutral – greys, whites, black with a few pops of gold here and there), but it sure is beautifully done and pulled together. Thanks for featuring this home, Brenda. I am sure going to visit the website and read up on it in more detail.

  9. This home is gourgeous ! I absolutely love everything about it…. She has used so many beautiful bright colors and they all go so well together. I would never get tired of that home – really lovely.

  10. I love this bright, colorful home! It’s amazing that it was all done on a budget. A little too much color for my taste, but the beauty and creativity sure do make me smile.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I love her use of color throughout this home. You know I am a neutral girl but really love to see people that are happy with color and go bold and beautiful. The only part I would change on this colorful home is the book shelves and the fireplace. That is such a beautiful architectual element to this room and I feel it is all covered up with the darker colors. Other than that I love this house and I am so happy it makes her feel so happy. The decor in your home should make you smile.

  12. I usually go for modern but wow this has me thinking again, I love the bright colors and to think it was done on a budget just adds to its charm.

  13. Love this bright happy home. I am so tired of blogger bland . Time to retire oatmeal ladies and serve up some color. I rarely buy magazines any more because all the homes are the same. Hooray for color!

  14. Hooo! Too much color for me but it’s beautiful to look at and admire in someone else’s home. Thanks for the tour! I love these posts!

    1. Same for me Sandy. Pretty to look at but too much color for me. I’d be bouncing off the walls and staying up all night!!! lol

  15. Isn’t that the cutest little place?!!! I love the use of color and it makes me smile. I probably would never go that bold myself but love it when someone else can and does. What a fun visit. xo Diana

  16. What a lovely home and I agree when you walk into your home, it should make you feel happy and content. I’ll take a home with that “lived in” feel over those homes that make you feel as though you can’t put your feet up on a coffee table.
    P.S. You’ve inspired me to go out this weekend and look for a “prayer” plant. I had one over 20 years and loved it. I now want another one.

    Happy Thursday! Carol

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