Gracie Mae has now been living here with us for two weeks. The first week she didn’t come out from her hiding place very often. I don’t even know if she ate or drank water for a couple of days.

I worried about this, but what can you do? Then I read that this was normal behavior while they acclimate to new surroundings. And Vickie, who rescued her, said she was very shy with her too.

Two weeks with Gracie has been a true joy. Here she is on the gold throw on the couch

Ivy came into this apartment three years ago this month and she was not shy at all. But the two cats have different personalities.

Ivy and Gracie sometimes play. Sometimes they want nothing to do with one another.

Gracie has decided she likes Ivy’s food better than her own and edges into Ivy’s dish of canned food. Ivy has not reacted at all, which surprised me. I figured there would be a catfight over it for sure.

Gracie is very brave to be doing that when she’s so much smaller than Ivy is.

Ivy on the tall cupboard she likes to lay on to look out the front window

Ivy’s Daily Routine:

Ivy goes about her usual routine, though she didn’t the first few days with Gracie. She had to acclimate to the new circumstances as well. No cat wants another cat coming into their private sanctuary.

Gracie will now take naps on the couch, whereas before she hid somewhere to sleep.

Every night when I read in bed she likes to lay next to me. Sometimes she leans her head on my shoulder, which is very sweet. Sometimes she lays across my neck where I can barely see my book.

Two weeks with Gracie and it seems like she was always here. She's beautiful with her ocean blue eyes.

Gracie’s Favorite Toy:

Her favorite toy is Ivy’s plastic swirly toys. Sometimes I’ll see Ivy on the outside of the curtain that looks out the French doors. Gracie will bat one of those toys under the curtain from the other side. And then I’ll see Ivy’s paw edge under the curtain knocking the toy back out.

Ivy sitting on a boho table staring at the ceiling

Gracie is still at that age where she misjudges spaces and will fall off a table or bed. Once a cat reaches adulthood, they seem to have an uncanny ability to not fall off things.

Watching Gracie Grow:

It will be interesting to watch Gracie grow and see what her habits are. Because Ivy definitely has some strange habits. Or they seem so to me anyway.

I can’t even recall a time when I just had two cats living with me with no dog. It may actually be the first time.

It would be hard to imagine life without Gracie in it now. She is part of our little family.


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  1. Gracie’s a lucky kitty to have found herself in your family! It seems she’s starting to realize it, and Ivy already knows it!

  2. I just cannot get over how striking Gracie’s beautiful blue eyes are! I love seeing her sweet little face in the photos you post. Not that I am partial to her over Ivy–she is also a most beautiful cat, but in a different way. Glad they are little by little becoming “family” to each other and with you.

  3. It is heartwarming to see how quickly little Gracie has settled in and Ivy adjusting to someone new on her turf. I think they will become a tightly bonded pair. I can’t believe you have had Ivy with you for 3 yrs! It seems like it was just last year you brought her home. Our pets have a way of attaching to our hearts and round out our family. You have two beautiful and sweet furbabies!

  4. Gracie is so photogenic and those eyes just get you! Of course I love all pics of Ivy. They are a beautiful pair.

    It’s always interesting waiting to see how big our kittens will get. Our Nora is tiny. She’s Ivy’s age. But she was rescued at about a month and I’m not sure the man who rescued her fed her adequately. Actually she was four weeks old when we got her so he took her in at three. So might have made a difference.

  5. I love hearing about all the cute and funny things your cats get into, and especially all the pictures. They are both so beautiful! You are all so lucky to have found your forever homes in each other. Just like your little angel pups, these two little darlings are going to bring so much joy and love into your heart and home!

  6. Love the pictures of Ivy and Gracie. I can picture Gracie swatting the twirly toy into the curtain, and Ivy’s paw batting it back out. Sounds like they are getting along pretty good. They sure know how to make a person smile, just hearing about their silliness. I used to think Cleatus the cat was part clown, when she got goofy. Cats sure are a joy…

  7. so glad to hear that Ivy and Gracie are getting along. I used to cat sit for someone who was away a lot, she had two cats and they never got along at all, they avoided each other like the plague.

  8. Do you lie down flat in bed to read and hold the book over your face? I am trying to imagine Ivy draped over your neck while you try to read and obscuring your book. I sit up in bed to read and I am propped up by my pillows. My cat prefers to lie at the foot of the bed which I am grateful for because she is so heavy. She would smother me if she tried to lie on top of my neck.

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