I have always collected vintage containers. I like to use them for decorative storage.

Above I have vertical storage for things like aluminum foil, Saran Wrap and storage bags in a box attached to a washboard on my kitchen wall. Below that is smaller wash board where I use magnets to hold various things.

An old galvanized hanging basket holds vintage rolling pins.

This odd-sized area of wall space just above my washing machine was unused, so I felt it was a perfect spot for vertical storage.

Here I use a rectangular vintage box to display books. Old boxes add such style and texture to your home. It is one of my favorite way to decorate my spaces.

Vintage boxes are great for storing cutting boards. The wooden cutting boards look great in the wooden boxes, I think.

The above photo shows various containers for decorative storage. In the shelf below my coffee table, you see an old Pepsi box where I store magazines.

On top that is a basket where I store more current magazines. And next to the chair is a vintage box filled with books.

In my bedroom, I use a vintage box for books I need to read and review.

I like to use this galvanized container to corral house plants. At Christmas time I use it to hold my Christmas tree.

This wire basket holds books as well. I no longer have bookshelves, so now I house my books in various containers around my apartment.

This galvanized tray holds vintage bottles.

And this old sewing machine drawer, that I painted gold, has small faux plants.

The way I look at it, if you need storage you might as well have decorative storage with a bit of character. Especially if you live in a small home and need extra storage.

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  1. Love your posts. In addition to the great decorating ideas, your photos are wonderfully lit. Your home is truly cozy!

  2. Such good ideas, Brenda! I love all the pretty and unique ways that you store things. Especially the washboard with vintage box attached. Vintage boxes are one of my favorite things. I haven’t employed them for storage though. But now, seeing your ideas, I might consider doing that.

    This type of post is one of my very favorites of all the different things you give us! Thanks!

  3. I think you have mastered the fine art of displaying things without it looking cluttered! Love your cozy home.

    1. I think especially in small homes, it’s nice to use this type of container that is decorative. Because we sure do need storage!

  4. Brenda,

    I love your storage containers. They make your house look even more homey and like you have small collections here and there.

    1. So much easier to have smaller containers rather than putting everything away and can’t recall where I put things.

  5. Love the floor lamp in the 7th picture from the top!!! May I ask where you got it??? Your home is so warm and cozy!!! <3

  6. This is one of my favorite posts; such clever and creative ideas. I especially love how you use everyday items for color, even boxes of baggies and Saran Wrap. What cheery vignettes you have.

    1. Well, I will try to do more posts like this. I don’t have a huge place or tons of storage to put stuff, so it’s harder for me to do posts like this that are varied. I showed pretty much everything I have in this one. Why not let your baggies and Saran Wrap show? It’s color too. Even better, I don’t have to hunt for stuff. Everything is right out in the open.

  7. I do this on occasions, put things out on display in trays and different containers which I enjoy for a while and then all of a sudden I see them as clutter so I put them away. Everything in my kitchen is put away in drawers and cupboards which I like until I want something I haven’t used in a while!

    1. Me too. I don’t have anything in my kitchen in drawers or cupboards (some excess stuff in cupboards) so everything is out where I can find it. I rather like it that way.

  8. I love the eye that you have for putting things together and repurposing stuff!!
    We have a huge antique fair up here in the summer months,might have to “borrow” a few ideas!
    My minimalism isn’t working for me any more.
    Have a great day..
    BTW, your plants are reminding me that nice weather isn’t so far away,it’s snowing pretty good here in NYS today….

    1. Minimalism never works for me long. I have too much stuff, even after purging and purging, in my closets that I want to use from time to time. I like to shop my home! “Borrow” away!

    1. I have found quite a few from there. But many I brought from TX years ago. No, I really don’t miss the bookcases. Just something else to dust. I’d rather store things in smaller containers to make them manageable.

  9. I am with you gals on using old containers for storing things. You can keep them handy where you want them & they look nice too. Also, it is easy to change them around and have a new look when you want it. Thanks Brenda!

  10. Love vintage containers for storage! I use them everywhere. I have wire storage baskets on the wall to house laptop computers, trays, magazines and whatever I need to corral. A couple of them are from Home Goods and many of them are vintage. I like old jars, baskets, metal boxes and paper hat boxes. Helps with clutter and they look great. I love all your colorful pieces, the gold, green, red all work together to create a fun happy home.

    1. Wow, never thought of putting a laptop in a wire basket on the wall. You must have heavy duty screws in the wall to hold them.

  11. Today’s post gives me yet another reason to visit the many antique stores in this city (not to mention the various thrift stores in town). I do visit these stores often but usually with no real item in mind (not that this is always a bad thing) but it will be nice to actually search for a specific type of item. Such wonderful ideas for holding books, plants, etc. You have such great creative ideas. Thank you.

  12. You have a great collection of vintage containers. Each style offers up something interesting. I love the wooden ones with the logos stamped on. But I also like how the wire baskets let you clearly see what is inside of them. And the metal containers have finishes that add color or a metal sheen. And of course, baskets add texture. I’m looking around my home and I see only a few baskets. I’ll have to be on the lookout for some other interesting containers. Thanks for the ideas.

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