Vaccine #2 Day

Today Kasi and I will meet at Kendra’s house and then drive together to the clinic to get our second Moderna vaccines.

I will be so glad to have that behind me. And not be so afraid to go out and about.

Have you had yours yet?

The Patio Gardens:

It rained last night and now, I see, the bird bath is really dirty. So I’ll have to get out there and hose it out and refill it.

The geraniums are already getting leggy, so I’ll have to start trimming on them soon.

My blue raised bed is filling up fast. I planted zinnia seeds where there was a gap over next to the irises. So that will be slow going.

But the golden pennies and the hostas are looking good. I love this multi-colored hosta.

What I’m Reading:

“The Life She Left Behind” is an emotional, thought-provoking and beautifully written novel which examines the pieces of ourselves we are afraid of. As well as the secrets and impossible decisions we make when we are desperate.

New Hand Bag:

I found this small hand bag at and plan to scale down what I’m carrying around.

It is the Roulens small crossbody bag with room for your cellphone, wallet and credit card slots.

For some reason Amazon is being stubborn and won’t let me take a photo of it, so you can see it here. Sorry about that.

Physical Therapy:

Monday when I came out of PT I felt like a million bucks. Well, maybe half a million anyway.

But yesterday I hobbled out and was in great pain. That’s because Courtney (the therapist) added strengthening exercises for my back and ankle, and it really hurt afterwards.

I don’t see her again until Monday. So I plan to do the exercises and hope for the best until then.

She told me that once she has me mobile she can send me to a very good hand therapist she knows.

I asked if they could do it there. But she said therapy for the hands is really specialized and you need someone who focuses on the hands.

Wish me luck on the vaccine. I’ve heard that the second Moderna vaccine can really knock you on your butt.

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  1. I will pass along one suggestion that the nurse gave me when I received my 2nd dose of the vaccine – move your arm often during the next 24 hours. Take 2 tylenol (or something similar) before bedtime and another 1 midday the next day. I had very little pain after following her instructions. I passed along to others and they said it had helped them also.
    I hope it helps!

  2. I live in Oklahoma City and received both of my Moderna vaccines in Drumright. I had some fatigue with the second one so just took it easy the next day. I love your patio garden. I’m trying a butterfly garden on my patio this year and got some great plants at Bustani’s in Stillwater. I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of your patio and your “Cozy Home” is a real inspiration. Good Luck! Claudia

  3. I got the J & J “one and done” vaccine and other than a somewhat sore arm had no after effects. Don’t like what what we are now hearing about the J & J vaccine but since I’m WAY past age 48 and it’s been nearly a month since I got mine I’m not too concerned.

    Really like the small handbag, looks like just what I need. Will be ordering one for me and my daughter.

  4. I have been fully vaccinated for a month. I got Pfizer I am still wearing my mask. And will continue to do so as long as necessary.

  5. I also had the moderna shots . My 2nd one I was very tired, had a headache , and the chills . It started in the middle of the night I had the shot. And about 24 hours latter I was back to normal .
    Your patio is beautiful. I’m in Wisconsin it’s to cold to start planting . I’m very excited to plant a few things on my patio .

  6. After having my 2nd Moderna vaccine on February 28th, I felt a bit blah and my arm hurt for a few days. The side effects were worth it to be able to feel comfortable enough to get out a bit. I spent almost a full year at home with the few exceptions of going to pickup my groceries I ordered online.

  7. My husband and son get their 2nd Moderna shots today and I’ll get mine on Monday. I look forward to hearing how you feel tomorrow. It seems some have little to no reaction and others have more of a reaction. All I felt with my initial shot was a VERY sore arm on the 2nd day and maybe a little tired.

    I always enjoy your posts and especially pictures of your garden and Ivy and Charlie!


  8. I get my second Moderna shot tomorrow. Hubby got his 2nd last weekend ~ the only side effect he had was some mild itching near the injection site.
    Good luck!!
    That purse looks nifty ~ I can’t wait to hear your review of it.

  9. I hope the second Moderna treats you well. I was basically a zombie in pain for three days and my husband felt like he had been hit by a truck and mostly slept for five days.

  10. I’ve both shots of Moderna without any issues. Last shot was about 6 weeks ago. I’m still careful about getting out but it sure does feel good to escape my house!

  11. I had my second dose of the Moderna vaccine on 3/29. About 6 hours afterward, I started feeling a little achy across the back of my shoulders and neck. I took a 325 mg acetaminophen tablet and the pain went right away, did not come back. I had a sore arm at the injection site for a few days, and it itched too. Putting clear aloe gel on that area stopped the itch and the achy arm went away after a few days. One sister has second dose after-symptoms similar to mine, and one sister stayed in bed the day after, feeling like she had a mild case of the flu with fever and body aches, and was very tired, but was fine the next day as if it hadn’t happened. I read just the other day (not on social media) that a majority of the people who were tested before the Moderna vaccine was approved by the FDA showed little to no after-symptoms from the second shot. I think sometimes things get blown out of proportion. Anyway, I would have been willing to stay in bed with flu-like symptoms for a day just to feel the relief I felt as that second shot was going into my arm. Now I can look forward to turning 70 in 4 months with much less fear and anxiety.

  12. I got the Phizer shot about two weeks ago and had no problems but not getting the second until early July. We are in a terrible place in Canada, our PM ordered more shots than needed early on but now they are being slow to deliver. Our hospitals are filling up and more people are dying. We are on total lockdown where we are in Southern Ontario and they are thinking of imposing a
    curfew so all we can do is stay put and hope for the best.
    Glad to hear that you are getting help for your back.
    Always lovely to see pics of the pets.

  13. I got the Moderna shot and had just a sore arm like I’d been punched in the arm, no big deal. All of the friends I see have had their shots, so that is consoling. I meet weekly at the park by my house with about 9 ladies I used to paint with. We stay our distance and wear masks. Have been meeting since last April. I think it’s been a life saver for most of us.

    That light green plant stand is so cute. Now I’m on the look out for something that great!

    1. Hi Annette. I, too, really liked that plant stand. Unfortunately, she bought it from her local nursery, so there’s no way for me to buy it, but I found something similar at Lowes on their website, that I was able to order. The item # is 3651174, and the model # is 255561MGM. That is for the white one. It also comes in black. I hope that helps.

  14. I’m getting my first shot today with my husband & 28 yr old son. My daughter in law is still trying to get hers.

    Is that creeping jenny you’re calling golden pennies? I’ve never heard it called that before. You’re ahead of me. It’s still a bit cold to plant my containers just yet but goodness I am itching to do it.

    I’m reading ‘The history of Benton county’ by J Dickson Black. It’s about the county where I live from around 1930 or so back to the Civil War….so interesting & great pictures.

    My husband gave me cross body handbag for Christmas & I am so bad to forget to zip it closed when I’m out….I dropped my credit card & HSA card the last time I went shopping! Hopefully that scare was enough to stay with me.

    I’m new to following your blog & have really enjoyed it. I’ve had back injuries & been through PT as well so I understand the back & forth you go through. It’s so frustrating when you want to get out & do things.

  15. Very tired from the vaccine, both 1st and 2nd time. Sore arm of course. But much better than covid! My mother, 100 yo, passed of covid in the nursing home and I could only see through the window. Still getting over circumstances, probably forever, although she was in great shape before I realize at that age it’s a bombshell.

  16. The second Moderna vaccine sure can be a doozy, but the side effects generally last less than 24 hours. I believe you’re allowed to take Tylenol, but not Advil, after the shot. Good luck!

  17. No, I have not gotten the vaccine yet. I just found out I’m pregnant recently and am not ready to experiment on both myself or my unborn baby. I’m not and never have been anti-vax, but prefer to wait and see if there are any side effects, especially long term. It’s so interesting that a lot of people vowed they would never get the vaccine while it was being developed, because it was under a different administration. But now that the vaccines are here–same ones developed in 2020– somehow people feel it’s safer because we have a new president. I don’t get that logic.
    I also don’t care who the president would be right now…its just too soon for me to try it without knowing more about it.

    1. Totally agree on the risk, Violinista. Never having had good success with any vaccine prior to now, plus one child who was permanently damaged by them, I am in no hurry. But we are doing all we can to improve our immune systems. You are right about the lack of logic as to who was in power when this came out…silly. Logic used to be taught in schools…I did teach some of it to my kids. I think it is helpful in life to know some.

  18. With the first Moderna vaccine I only felt some soreness in the area of the injection. With the second one the localized soreness lasted longer and the area was red, a little swollen and hot to the touch. It didn’t stop me from my normal activities.

  19. Glad you’re getting your second shot today. The peace of mind is going to be worth it. If you suffer a side effect or two just focus on getting through it. As I like to say “this too, shall pass”.
    Enjoy the time with your daughters!

  20. So glad you are getting your second shot along with your daughters. My husband and I will get our second shot next week. My youngest son will get his first the beginning of May and three of my older boys have gotten both of there shots already. I have one son and his family that refuse to get any of the shots. I love the purse you shared as I have been looking to downsize also. think I may order it for myself. I can’t wait till it warms up here in my part of Indiana so I can get flowers planted. We still can get frost here till the May. Good luck to you guys today. Stay safe.

  21. It’s really strange about how people are affected differently by the same vaccine. My brother and SIL got a fever and chills, and were tired for about 12 hours. My 98 y\o Mother got nothing, not even a sore arm. Other family members nothing either.
    They all got Moderna at the same place.Moderns
    I got Pfizer in Indy -nothing.
    I have found I am more relaxed, still mask and follow guidelines though.
    I trust whatever Anthony Fauchi says.
    Your patio pictures are so lovely. You appear to be about 3 weeks ahead of us, and I love living vicariously through your photos.
    I know the physical therapy is hard on you right
    now, but I’m so glad you are getting bodywork, and will have help with your hands as well.
    Enjoy being with your girls today. No matter how old they are they’re still your girls.💖💖

  22. Your gardens are so fresh and healthy. It looks like your geranium is an ivy geranium. If so, that’s the way it naturally grows…. trailing.

  23. I had my second Moderna a week ago and had absolutely no ill effects. Hope you have the same experience!

  24. Good morning. I got my second Moderna shot yesterday. I came home and fell asleep for two hours. I am always tired but I was really tired after the shot. Today I feel tired still and a little achy in my joints but nothing I cannot push through. I was worried because I had heard the Moderna had a lot of side effects on the second one. I do not think my side effects are bad at all. Just happy to have it done. Good luck with yours today.

  25. Had my second Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I feel fine accept the injection area is hot and tender like last time.
    Good luck!

  26. I got my 2nd moderna yesterday. More aches and pains than I have ever experienced. 21 hours later, I am mobile, eating and feeling blessed I don’t have to live with that kind of pain. Stay hydrated and move your arm. Don’t know if it helps but it gives you something to do. Mary from chilly Iowa

  27. I had my second Moderna on Monday and I’m not going to lie, that night was rough. I hardly slept at all. I had a headache, chills and my arm hurt much worse than it should from a normal vaccine. It hurt all the way down to my hand and felt like it was going to fall off.
    But the next day I was fine and have been fine ever since. So glad I got it though.

  28. I had my second Pfizer yesterday!
    I feel completely fine. A touch tired, but I was up a few times to let out my dogs, so that might be why.
    Good luck today! Pick up some flowers or something to celebrate!!

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