Vet News & A Small Painting Project

I’ve been sitting here on the couch with Charlie staring at the wall across from me wondering if I should try to fix some paint spots.

See, the week before my first surgery, I was into fixing things around here. Like nail holes.

hosta and bloom

So I filled the nail holes (why is it I always have so many nail holes?) on the wall across from the couch and painted over them.

After this second cataract surgery, when I could see things so much clearer, I realized that I had painted matte white paint over semi gloss white paint. So now it looks all chalky across the middle.

And naturally I can’t leave it like that when I’m about to create my office area. (Yeah, there’s your hint of where I’m finding space for a little office nook.)

Purple penta flower

So today I’m debating on painting over those places on the wall and hoping it blends in. Because I know I’m kind of supposed to be resting. But how on earth can I rest when I’m looking at that wall now through clear-cataract-free eyes?

So that may happen today. I have the paint and I don’t use paint that isn’t low odor/zero VOC.

Last night Dr. Poteet, the vet, called me in regard to my question to Mary yesterday. He told me that we can’t figure out precisely what is going on with Charlie because we need a urine sample that they don’t have to catheterize him to get.

Then he said he could look at the cells and figure out the next steps. I know he said more but it was medical terminology, and I’m pretty tired and not as cogent in my thinking by evening time.

But I do recall him saying: “Guess what?” And of course I said: “What?”

He said he’d gotten his eyes checked that morning and he has to have cataract surgery. Well, he’s 75 so I’m not surprised.

He asked me where I had mine done and I told him. Again he said: “Guess what?” And naturally I again responded with: “What?” And he said that’s where he’s going to have his done too.

Then he asked me who my optometrist is and I told him Dr. Vincent and he said that’s who he went to also. It’s just down the road a few blocks from his clinic.

Dr. Poteet takes Thursday mornings off to tend to things he doesn’t have any other time to tend to, since he works long, long hours and tends to do the same on weekends. I don’t know when the man eats.

Purple morning glories

I probably just missed him at Dr. Vincent’s office, as I was getting my left eye checked out yesterday, which they always have you do the day after surgery.

So I’m at the end-in-sight stage of cataract surgery and he’s just beginning.

As for Charlie, I’m to use the syringe he gave me to draw up the urine if after the antibiotic ends there is again blood. Because he wants to see that. And then we’ll go from there.

Meanwhile Charlie and I will spend a lot of time here on this couch. He naps, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, while I am on this computer.

And I’ll decide in the next hour or so if I’m up to fixing the wall. As I can’t really can’t see doing anything else until that’s accomplished.

That, as my first husband used to say, would be like putting lipstick on a pig.


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  1. So glad your surgeries went well and you’re already tinkering again…

    Hoping you get uncomplicated news on Charlie’s condition.. or lack of one. 🙂

  2. Lipstick on a pig ,getting Charlie to pee in a cup ,and vets that make personal phone calls and ask for names of your eye surgeon .I am loving your blog today !!!
    Oh yes and I forgot about filling up the holes in the wall across from the sofa !!!!
    I love ,love, love ,your blog !!!!
    Keep up the good work !!!!
    And have a great weekend !!!!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy it. I feel like I’m really pretty darned boring and don’t have a lot of exciting news to relate, but it’s real. It’s day to day real here.

  3. It must be your first husband had a sense of humor. Lipstick on a pig cracked me up! And I do know that despite it being a very positive attribute a sense of humor isn’t enough in a marriage!

    Glad your eye surgery is behind you. Also that there is some progress in learning what’s going on with Charlie-boy.

    Yeah, that wall would bug me, too, Brenda. I’ve got some similar stuff bugging me at my house, too. Like my bathroom that I started re-decorating about ten years ago and never got the wall paper up or the woodwork painted. I may have to set myself a deadline —again!

    Have a good weekend. Hope your weather cooperates. FINALLY, it is cooler here. Don’t know how long it will last but what a relief. Even a few days of coolness lifts my spirits immensely.

    1. To tell the truth he didn’t have much of a sense of humor. He was very serious most of the time. But that lipstick on a pig comment is one of the few times he broke out and was humorous. And so I remembered it.

  4. I really had to laugh at the idea of trying to get Charlie to pee in a cup. I imagine me trying it with my yorkie. Too funny!

    It’s such a pleasure to read all the things you have planned, now that your surgery is over. Isn’t clear eyesight just fabulous. Before I had lasik surgery many moons ago, I was considered myopic. It was a miracle to actually see clearly again. I’ve never taken good eyesight for granted, knowing what it was like the other way.

    1. Now I’m trying to adjust to readers. I have one pair in my purse, one in the bedroom where I read, and one next to the couch where I work on the computer. Lately I just push them to the top of my head.

  5. I know we all look forward to seeing your new office space, but we can wait until your eye has more time to heal. You’ve come so far and the results have been so good, I would hate to see anything jeopardize that.
    Like one of the commenters above said, I too keep a small amount of touch up paint conveniently on hand in a small glass mason jar labeled according to color and the room it was used in.
    I know it won’t be easy to get the urine specimen from little Charlie. You could run with a throw away cup at just the right moment and possibly catch it midstream! Or not! lol I do hope he shows much improvement after finishing the antibiotics. He’s such a sweet looking little fur baby.

    1. Oh, I’ve tried and they’ve tried to catch him peeing and put a cup under him. He runs when he sees you coming with it.

  6. I would say go for it bc painting over a few holes isn’t that strenuous, but not all the walls yet! Lol. Have a great weekend Brenda !

    1. No, I mean optometrist. I haven’t been to an ophthalmologist in years. When I’ve needed them, I’ve gone to them. I know that ophthalmologists have to go go medical school. My ex almost became one.

      1. Sorry for the confusion – I understand that the operation is done by an ophthalmologist and glasses are dispensed by an optometrist.

      2. Both go to medical school and are physicians . The opthomologist then studied eye surgery and disease instead of orthopedics, gynecology, allergies. or other specialist. The optician dispenses glasses.

  7. I would be the same, that would drive me nuts once I noticed it and I wouldn’t be able to rest until I painted it. Of course I barely have time to sit down these days so I don’t notice anything, ha ha!

  8. I hope you are not going to do anything too strenuous after your surgery! I do look forward to seeing your new space though. Take care.

    1. I get up and do for awhile, then I sit down and get on Pinterest or answer comments like now. But I’m not one to just sit. If it’s so hard for me, I can’t imagine what it will be like for the vet. He’s worse than I am.

  9. wow. to get a personal call from a busy doctor! vet or human. that is something.
    I know how things like the wall can bother you! it’s like waiting for the other shoe to fall or whatever!
    your flower pictures just get better and better! good grief. this is a four exclamation point reply.
    they’re either too long or full of points. LOLOL. take your pick.

    1. I can call him if I want. I have his cell phone on speed dial. He’s called me plenty of times. He likes to be the one to explain things and not put it on someone who doesn’t have the knowledge he does. Thus he works long hard hours wearing himself out.

  10. Maybe you should wait for a little longer on that painting? It seemed like you waited for a long time to do anything with the first eye that was very strenuous or involved bending, and for me, painting always involves some bending, such as bending to wipe up a drop from the floor. So, I’m glad your eyes are done and hope you’ll take it easy for awhile. Just look somewhere else besides that wall.

    1. Too late. It’s already done. I talked to the optometrist and he said he didn’t think I needed to be as diligent about those rules. I bent over plenty after the first one. How can you live alone in a home and not bend over at some points during the day?

  11. Ha ha! I also always have lots of nail holes from moving pictures and decor around. And I keep a small jar of touch up paint around to use after going around and filling maybe 20 or 30 holes. And you are like me, you will not be able to rest until you touch up the paint so I know that by now you have done so LOL!

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